How can we really believe those who lie for a living? Prooven falsehoods flow out of their mouths and their bank accounts fill

Add any verses if you like.

Loyalty, family values and Bravery, Tommy Robinson Vs Sam smith

The country to rid the world of slavery, push democracy, lead in women's rights, health care and education and many other leaps in history.

Mark Collett in open debate with Jeremy Poole and Jason 'WakeupUK'.
Fair play the guy is up for free speech. Willing to stand by his points and dodge a little. A true politician.

Men of Harlech, for those who live in fear, stand ye steady!

In the streets, the people openly do their duty and show panic and fear. doing the governments biding and following the MSM indoctrination.

Song, Pride.

Coronavirus is far less deadly than presented in the MSM, The figures are clear, take a look for yourself. We'll soon all be back to almost normal, perhaps better than before.

Just a bit of fun.

A video from inside the isolation zone, where containment of a virus no-one has seen is taken more seriously than the second world war. And has taken away more personal liberties.

A sobering thought that anyone could believe any of this was p`lanned and prepared for. Oh the disgrace of these conspiracy theories.

Spanish government takes total control as people are begging the government to help them. Sheeple react and the government takes total control of all rights.

The ECHR and the Swedish government has once again stamped on women's rights forcing pro-life midwives out of work and only allowing pro-choice women to be midwives.

Great Britain the country thAT gave the world freedom.

The double headed snake that is the woke media.

Wokeness creates unquestioning zombies.

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The lies and deception are piled on thickly, yet people still believe this shit. It's not about women, coloured, racism, its about power.

The exclusion of women from The international women’s day

The exclusion of women from The international women’s day , Only one POV allowed.

A bit of truth telling.

Tommy Robinson thanks everyone for sharing his side of the story, Share, subscribe.


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