Conspiracy theory? No, DARPA admits the truth.

The US government is attempting to destroy the cryptocurrency industry. Can you help? #DanteWright I'm calling systematic sexism, this woman systematically killed a man. #Systematicsexism. The majority of police shootings are of men, Therefore systematic sexism.

The Fear on Tv and Media is created to steal your rights and keep you controlled.

According to CBS, Non-vaccinated left to Burn, drown or suffocate by cruise ships.

Perverts roam freely. Truth tellers rot!

My daughter, sent a letter by the NHS to tell her bad news! MS is serious, you wouldn't think so .
Please share.

Question everything? and share

Dead people, no compensation, but it's safe.

Fact check, if you want but Pfizer has a long record.

How to deal with the Canadian Marxist/Fascist police. A Christian preacher gives the urban-stasi their marching orders.

Are women more stupid than men? Do they need more help in education?

The final straw in the fight for human rights, The people versus big tec, Big pharma, Big Gov.

How low has Britain gone, People threatened in a place of worship. Even the Vikings, etc didn't go this far(Not every time).
Pure Stalinist, Bullyboys.

Chlorine-filled pools, filled with shit!

Handwritten notes of a law enforcement interview with Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, say Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his system.

Yes, sure. The fake stream media has its tongue too far up the administration's butt.

This plandemic, can and only will end when we say no.

Alex Belfield Arrested, Bill Clinton empowering women! Peak Clownworld!!

Just as Britain is thinking of reopening the BBC has scoured the globe for something to keep you under your covers.

BBC wants more lockdowns, tracing, vaccine and government. The Oxbridge-based elite company knows no bounds and little truth.

The Chinese see the truth very clearly.

James Coates, Canadian Christian and Pastor, is in prison for preaching. Only pure evil would do this.


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