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I let some of these clips play too long so don't be surprised if they throw an ad on this one or take it down.

Original link:
Look for a livestream within the week. Thank you.
Discussing Buddha, Anxiety, Anti-Christ:

Can you find the part of the truth community I mean???

Astral 7ight's original compilation:
Check out his uploads too.

Paul Stobbs and Meegs B discuss experiences listening to Targeted Individuals, Cloning Centers, Monarch MK Ultra, UFO abductees, Flat Earth, Mandela Effect, Super Soldiers, and so on.

Memory suppression, astral manipulation, human rights, group think, clarity, focus, & purpose.

Paul, Jesse, & Meegs! LIVE! 8:40PM EST

An email sent to Mark Dice about Bill Hicks, May 2017.

This might have been spliced just so I could tweet it at Alex Jones minutes before he goes on air.


Reported by CBS Austin just a few moments ago. Chief Manly smiles from ear to ear.

Guess who...

I'm not stating my opinion on RichieFromBoston's censorship scandal. I am withholding my opinion FOR NOW and there are some much bigger news stories we could be addressing perhaps? Soon? Any month now?

Yes, I had ONE previous call go through on InfoWars:
Topic: JMWAVE & Zenith Technical Enterprises
Bradley Ayers:
Here's that Ayers book I recommend. Fast read:

My last video covers the Sylvia Duran statements & Oswald in Mexico. Alex jokes about the Austin Chronicle & I say "Janet Pierson owes me a paycheck" to acknowledge SXSW Film Festival operating on the backs of its volunteers.

ORIG "Sinking Ship" Clip:
37 minutes within Original Clip:


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