Again thank you for all your prayers.

Thanks for your comments, yes its true.

Owen Bejnamin, Sam Tripoli, Sandy Hook, and Comedy Store podcasts

Response to Lift the Veil video Trump Pushes Regulation of Social Media

DMT. Stranger Things. Sensory Depravation Tanks. The Dumbest People in All of Human History.

(note: the above video can be seen 100% commercial free)

featuring the music of Walt Ribeiro, courtesy of him (I hope).

I let some of these clips play too long so don't be surprised if they throw an ad on this one or take it down.

Original link:
Look for a livestream within the week. Thank you.
Discussing Buddha, Anxiety, Anti-Christ:

Can you find the part of the truth community I mean???

Astral 7ight's original compilation:
Check out his uploads too.


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