Jesse Steele

My 10 year horror story in Taiwan. I love the country and the people, so I want to tell the world and solve this problem for myself, for other ESL teachers, and for the Taiwanese.

People stonewall because they don't want to hear what they already know because they don't want to change their lives. The depth of problems caused by neglect is a heavy load to accept. Governments must value good deeds done when no one is looking, whether one's own deeds or others'. We all make a difference and we need to give justice in our own spheres of influence, no matter how small.

I am still being patient, hoping for the best, but I can't be quiet forever

The government hurts people, bad place for ESL, even after 10 years they don't want to change, US Congress knows and doesn't help either.

How the number 522 keeps showing up in my life and God's command to not oppress the foreigner

Visiting Cape Manzamo, just happened to be a great day and the last day of the Japanese enperor. Tomorrow his son will take over. A great and beautiful day for a last day.


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