Nothing speaks more to our "leaders" than what we all pay for. We paid for the shit discount life so now we have the shit discount government.

When your service provider can drop you because of your politics it's not longer about the rights of "private companies." What about the rights of private citizens?

He was a great influence on many of us.

Now maybe I can afford luxuries like deodorant thanks to our "benevolent elected officials."

It's easy to get caught up in the uncertainty of life (especially now), but winter has a lot of insight we can draw from.
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I went to walk my dog and found food just sitting on my door step...

Update: I made it to 2 neighbor's houses (where they both said it wasn't theirs) before Door Dash answered the call and told us to keep the food. It might have been outside for a while because it was pretty cold heehee

We need to be self reliant to prepare for ANYTHING!

Someone gifted my toddler a toothbrush that blinks and flashes and it is NOT as "fun" as you'd think haha

I have no interest in watching more media propaganda on every commercial break. We need to play backyard sports and say fuck the media instead.

Poem parody time

Run away to the woods with me
So we can find some peace...
and a little serenity

I hope everyone's enjoying the holiday season!
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New exclusive videos will be more frequent here because indie media matters.

I don't want to have to write about transgender eggplants to get published, kids don't want to read these political nods.

I made some yummies and had to sing about it

Success in any field isn't found. You gotta look for it

Sometimes fate gives you what you need. Especially reading material.

Some writing advice out there, and advice in general, is just plain garbage haha

I finally got my big break!

Singing about one of my fav classic creature features

You gotta learn to trust yourself

I haddddd to do this song

Covid connections?


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