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cats are feral even if domestic lol

Oklahoma, usa.....what a fucking muppet both of them, the bus driver just jumped out of the seat while it was still moving. fair enough being attacked but first thing i do is hit the anchors..

this is it smeg heads, the complete list of red dwarf released in chronological order.
hit the link or check out my playlists for more red dwarf -


smeg heads unite for red dwarf. click the link for all episodes in chronological order. -

hey you're supposed to wash and fold that shit.

rimmer you seeeeg heeed you smeeeeeg heeeed!!!!!!!
for every season of red dwarf in chronological order
go to my playlists or click the link-
cheers jestar

see ya!!!!!

number one rule. when travelling forward things come from in front of you.

almost, go again!

almost had it...

wtf meow i was studying physics!!!!

now that's a tall tale for later......

right meow I said!

look out!

get that bee away from my tits

bahahahahaahhaha fucked

for smegs sake rimmer shut the smeg up another ep of red dwarf is dropping......
for more red dwarf all in chronological order click the link or check out my playlists
for all red dwarf-

easy girl

hahahah I shouldn't laugh but if that was me I'd expect people to laugh I would....

bahahahahahahaah oh my bahahahahahaha


It's mine1!!! let go meow!!!


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