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Love from Mary. 25 5 24.
(Note: Don't forget Jesus fought the devil by saying "It is written".)

Compilation from Martyn Iles

Mary sings her melody to Psalm 19 KJV.
Sing with me beloveds.

David Pawson

David Pawson

Mary sings her melody to Psalm 145 KJV.
Sing with me beloveds.

Be informed but don't fear. If you are born again keep your faith to the finish. God is not a feeling. Our feelings can change in the course of the day, but our decision to trust in him is our choice. We know who belong to God by their fruit. All shall be revealed in the end.

KJV scriptures. Melody by Mary.
Sing with me beloveds.

It's your choice. Love from Mary 22 5 24.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Ask God for wisdom. Sit back and relax and listen and you shall be blessed. Love Mitch and Mary.
Scourby YouBible Channel

KJV verses inspired song. Melody by Mary.
Sing with me beloveds.

Re-upload in case we need it one day:)

Be encouraged beloveds.
Love from Mary 21 5 24
(The hat is pushing down my ear - I'm not an ewok:)
Thankyou brothers and sisters and Karenthethird

This is to help others to have hope and repent. I was compelled to put this together.
I am not trying to start teaching bible again but this is a important subject that may help the beloveds. Men, just know a woman put this together and if you arn't comfortable, don't watch.
Love Mary.

Sing with me beloveds.
Melody by Mary to Psalm 19 KJV.


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