"The Enchanted Quest is so deemed because never in the history of the world has a more sophisticated social hierarchical structure ever been devised than my Knights of the Round Table concept which has been designed in specific purpose of inspiring as well as extolling the inherent virtuous nature of the individual Aryan man and Aryan woman in concert with the rest of humanity.

An enchanted quest that even though it is soon to enter its seventh year as of New Year's Eve 2020 it is still very much in its infancy despite its already astonishing accomplishments these past six years.

The following simple analogy may help you better understand the intrinsic nuanced complexity of this enchanted quest:

The Olympic 100 metre sprint since the inception in 1896 of the modern games has always been decided by which sprinter crossed the finish line first as it is an event designed to extol human physical speed.

So what do you think would happen if the International Olympic Committee decided the 100 metre sprint will no longer be decided by which sprinter crosses the finish line first as they now intend to randomly select the winner from amongst the final qualifying competitors who participated in the sprint regardless of where they actually finished in the race?

What would happen is the 100 metre sprint would gradually devolve into being the 100 metre stroll after which it would further devolve into being the 100 metre shuffle because no longer was the definitive measure of human speed for which the event had been originally conceived to showcase being extolled and hailed.

Subsequently, by the simple application of altering a commonly accepted and approved logical determining factor of Olympic track events is it possible to change the entire fabric of society because now athletes would no longer have the incentive of maintaining exceptional health and fitness in the pursuit of their quest for speed which would most assuredly cause a ripple effect throughout all of society whereby the health and fitness levels of all members of society would gradually deteriorate.

The surreptitious altering of various societal determining factors has always been a common ploy of the Jews in purpose of undermining Western society, which they've always deceptively done whilst banging their progressive drum when in actuality societal regression is usually all that eventuates.

Of course, altering societal determining factors could only be achieved with the complicity of the established intellectual class, which is exactly what has occurred due to the gradual infiltration by the Jews over the past 100 years of this once highly esteemed social class in Western society.

A perfect example of this infiltration and degradation of the intellectual class is the Orwellian slogan 'Diversity is Our Strength' which also serves as a perfect example of how altering a societal determining factor coupled with progressive doublespeak actually results in societal regression for the native white people.

As a member of the intellectual class myself who has played amateur golf for a few years I've always loved the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance as golf is a highly nuanced game requiring an enormous amount of cognitive computational processing of seemingly incalculable variables, which need to be applied to every stroke.

My enjoyment and interest in golf gradually subsided when I had reached the peak of my natural abilities in applying the mechanics of the game whereby my best chance of winning a game became more reliant on the sexy attire I wore in purpose of causing my fellow competitors an irresistible visual distraction rather than any marked improvement in my own personal skill level due to the fact I lacked the dedication, devotion and discipline I would need to commit to the game if I expected to improve my game play.

Something I was reluctant to do because it is only a sports game and I had other interests in life for which I wished to develop and improve my skills, which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had allocated all my time to just golf.

These other interests for which I had I wished to have improved my skills being essential to me doing better in the game of life.

It's for this reason the author wisely chose the game of golf as being a reflection of the dynamics of life as a golf course - the field - is a living and breathing organism susceptible to subtle momentary change requiring a developed sensitivity to detect, which is the true essence of the game of golf.

Just as it is with real life.

Whereas a person's developed sensitivity can be determined by their consistent golf score in golf a similar comparable metric in real life never really existed which is why I've chosen a menacing avarice dragon - International Financial System - to have slain because if a person doesn't possess sufficient developed sensitivity challenging this system they'll simply die."--Penelope

Many are learning the truth

Warning, Stefan Molyneux speaks in this documentary but the rest of the speakers did the doc justice.

Please check her out because she's one of our greatest activists in fighting the Chosen people of a far-out stretched tentacle that evolves themselves in everyone's business daily.

About the vast Pornography campaign against the American and European people's, to destroy the family unit



Due to videos not wanting to upload with certain words in sentences, I will sometimes put "Something" in place of that terrible word that hurts "Someone's" feelings

A researched Project Documentary by Matthew North

Video by the Jewish group Acheinu Venezuela, This is not a parody, well without my little edits of course.
they are really serious about this. can you believe the audacity?
Doesn't this shit look familiar? 6,000,000 jews are starving,
6,000,000 jews were dying and need help, in 15 newspapers dating from 1915-1938.
latest one, 6,000 jews need help in Venezuela. my fellow goyim cattle, I beg of you to dig deep into your heart and help these poor 6,000 jews, with no food, water, medicine,
they have to stand in line for hours for flour. I already sent them my middle finger, what will you send? Source F_Zion

Why isn't the true genocide of the Armenians, Germans, and Christians in Russia and Ukraine taught? Instead children are forced to learn something that isn't true

The music sucks but the information is worth it lol

This book has brought calamity upon the whole world and hopefully this book and it's Kabbalah teachings will sink into a fiery pit, never to be heard from or seen again.
Source: F-ZION

Jews have hated goyim for no reason for centuries because every time we took action, they totally deserved it. They didn't want our kindness, and we tried so hard to befriend them in vain.




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