A look at some alternative facts about Sandy Hook

This was a yt vid that was flagged off yt, mirroring it here. its from The Ralph Retort

An additional look at the star of David, touching on the creating of Israel

Did you know that the star of David has no biblical reference and cannot be found anywhere in the Torah? that's right, there is no reference to the star or shield of David at all. In fact, the earliest archaeological finds, can be found on the wall of a 6th-century synagogue within the borders of ancient Israel.

One of the reasons its called the star of David, is because King Solomon adopted it as a main symbol when he was building pagan temples for some of his pagan wives. Former Satanists adamantly state that King Solomon actually became one of the most powerful Shamans in world history, having slipped deeply into the practice of the occult.


A documentary by Aaron Russo that takes a look at how the creating of currency and debt is being used against the American people to oppress and enslave them

A documentary on the reasons for the chemicals being sprayed in chemtrails

A documentary of what is in the compounds used in aerosols for geo-manipulation of the climate

A documentary on Monsanto's activities, policies and how they affect you


The third and final Zeitgeist movie

The 2nd film in the Zeitgeist series


A look at one of the most recent violent abuses of power at the hands of the US government against its own citizens

Michael Wynn's commentary about Soul Travelers

Michael Wynn's last documentary, and his masterpiece. All his investigation into the symbolism in movies, the stories they were conveying, and the beliefs of the people who were putting them there led to one place, the occult. In an attempt to understand them, the symbolism and the occult, he delved into it, and this is what he found. This is a documentary of the beliefs of those practice old magik, and its theology, uses and implications. This documentary is not for those that don't believe that magik is being used as a force against the masses, nor is it easy to watch. This is his last documentary. He hasn't been seen or heard of online since its release, and mirrors of it continue to disappear.

Michael Wynn's 5th full length documentary. Beneath the Surface discussed the Jedi, and body transformation, and symbolism in movies such as: The lady in red, water symbolism, and the purple/red color combination. This is him starting to tie all the symbolism seen in movies back to its sources, the occult, and the ideologies the symbolism represents

Michael Wynn's 4th dull length documentary, starts delving into the origins of some of the occult messages behind the imagery noticed in media. This documentary takes a practical look at black magic and the forces behind it, starting with a look at the Necrinomicon, and showing its symbolism and meaning re-interpreted and put into media

Michael Wynn documentary illustrating some of the techniques used by the (((NWO))) such as predictive programming and Hidden In Plain Sight/Symbolism

Michael Wynn's 2nd full length documentary from his Hollywood Insiders series. This video takes an even closer look at Illuminati symbolism, and its meaning, in Hollywood. Discussing how much of the movies you watch root back to Christian, Islamic, and Egyptian traditions.

Michael Wynn first full length documentary from his Hollywood Insiders series. Explores hidden and re-occurring themes in modern movies and the messages intended by them

A documentary covering the truth about UN resolution Agenda 21

A talk given by Ken O'Keefe on zionism and his opinion and experience as a retired serviceman and his interactions with the Zionist agenda

David Icke goes over Agenda 21, a non-binding UN action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. He explains how its really flowery rhetoric for depopulation.
Before u skip this, put aside the crazy shit Icke has said. Yeah, he goes a little out there when he starts talking about shape-shifting reptilian entities from another dimension replacing ppl, but the vast majority of the things he talks about he is spot on


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Collection of docos from around the web that are hard to find and a red pill IV. Majority of videos contain no graphic or sexual content, however, i list them as such so that nobody can complain about the content being unsuitable for children, also, these video are not for minors, they are for adults