i'm not gonna be uploading for a little while so here's a video before i take a break

6 days till Christmas!


Bring it! What?
We White here
We're not goin anywhere
We White here
This is ours and we don't share
We White here
Hate us Jews cuz we don't care
We White here
Uh, uh, uh

[Verse 1]
One mo' time!
I gots to right my mistakes
of being nice
and put these kikes in their place
This gon' be
The last time they ever pull this shit, the world will be finally free
And y'all gon' see
That the Übermensch out there, was, is, and will be me
Just like that
They try to pull me down but I shrug em off like a fly on my back
And when it's on
You'll be a cloud and your ashes my cat litter that's where you belong
And when you gone
Nobody will mourn you rats
The planet will celebrate you vermin are gone!
That's for real
gas the kikes make em squeal
like they just caught a bargain on a deal
"Oy gevalt!"
Will be the last words that you say when I push you in that oven on a tray


[Verse 2]
Here we go again
How many million did the last one kill? Fuck it, I'm goin times ten!
This never gon' stop
we're out there loaded and locked, cruising the block removing kebab!
The Aryan
I'm a thoroughbred, my blood is strong
And I march 'til you done
Cross the line
And ain't no more swindling after that, straight up, Hebrews is dyin
Yo, what the fuck
a hundred and nine times and you still haven't realized enough is enough
Yo, that's my word
I stay warning these Heebs, and I stay not really being heard
But, y'all gon' see
That the same things thou did to them, will be done to thee
And then you'll know
what's in me, though I let you in through the front, you leavin out the chimney!
Come on!


[Verse 3]
Bring the noise
You're used to us fighting your wars and you don't care if we lose our boys
But we don't play
for your team no mo, blow every circumcised cocksucker away
White for life
I gotta ask do you feel in control
you little manlet kike
Click click boom! {*gunshot*}
...turn your remains into brooms and lampshades for my room
Still waters run deep
But when you fuck with the lion long enough he's gon put you to sleep
And I keep goin, goin
marching across the globe taking over with the swastika flowing
The White gone live
without you fucks who take for granted and depend on the charity we give
The White is good
but if you come to my hood we'll fuck with you
like the dog fuck with the wood


Couldn't find a video of this song anywhere so I'm deciding to upload it here because I know (((YouTube))) will end up deleting it if I uploaded it there...

This is a mirror.
Another We Are Number One parody by Moon Man.

RIP Stefán Karl Stefánsson
(This is a mirror. I didn't make the song in this video)

gas em

This is a mirror.
I didn't create this song.


Yes, I know George Zimmerman isn't white.
I didn't make this.




Yet ANOTHER song deleted by (((YouTube))) very recently.

This video got deleted by (((YouTube))) a day or two ago. Here it is again!

Not really sure who the person in this song is.

Moonman gives answer to questions women have for men.
Note: Not mine. Made by Mike.

This song is also in the "The Good Old South" album.


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