This is a mirror.
Another We Are Number One parody by Moon Man.

RIP Stefán Karl Stefánsson
(This is a mirror. I didn't make the song in this video)

This is a mirror.
I didn't create this song.


Yes, I know George Zimmerman isn't white.
I didn't make this.



Yet ANOTHER song deleted by (((YouTube))) very recently.

This video got deleted by (((YouTube))) a day or two ago. Here it is again!

Not really sure who the person in this song is.

Moonman gives answer to questions women have for men.
Note: Not mine. Made by Mike.

This song is also in the "The Good Old South" album.

Moon Man #1488 #KKK

Not all his songs actually, but most of them along with other musicians from his time that shared his ideals

0:00 Looking For A Handout- Johnny Rebel
3:54 Still Looking For A Handout- Johnny Rebel
7:10 Nigger Hatin' Me- Johnny Rebel
9:20 Coon Town- Johnny Rebel
11:51 Who Likes A Nigger?- Johnny Rebel
14:04 Move Them Niggers North- Johnny Rebel
16:02 Nigger Nigger- Johnny Rebel
17:56 Federal Aid- Johnny Rebel
21:00 Stay Away From Dixie- Johnny Rebel
23:28 Keep A Workin' Big Jim- Johnny Rebel
26:18 Kajun Ku Klux Klan- Johnny Rebel
29:18 Cowboys And Niggers- Johnny Rebel
31:48 Some Niggers Never Die- Johnny Rebel
34:52 Johnny Rebel- Unknown
36:44 She Ran Off With A Nigger- Texas BS Band
39:21 Ship Those Niggers Back- Odis & The Three Bigots
43:44 We's Non-Violent Niggers- Odis & The Three Bigots
47:01 We Don't Want Niggers In Our Schools- Coon Hunters
48:44 That's The Way A Nigger Goes- Unknown
50:20 Marty & His Beatnik Band- Son Of Mississippi
52:23 The South Shall Rise Again- The Confederates
54:03 The South's Gonna Rise Again- Jessie James
56:03 The Great Society- Ski King
58:32 Segregation Wagon- Colonel Sharecropper
1:00:45 Move Them Niggers North- Colonel Sharecropper
1:02:51 Move Them Niggers North 2- Colonel Sharecropper
1:04:57 Nigger Hatin' Me- Big Reb
1:06:59 Dixie- White Riders
1:08:46 NAACP Prayer- Colonel Lou
1:10:58 Stand Up And Be Counted- White Riders

NOTE: This is a mirror. I didn't create the song.

This is a mirror. I didn't make the song.


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