Taken from The Greatest Story Never told part 17

Winners write the history books. The losers are written down in history as the aggressor.

Blonde Caucasian Mummies and their Pyramids in today's China Tarim Basin (Scene of the biblical localized flood) kept hidden from the main stream as they do not want us to know who ALL civilization and mankind's advancements stem from. The pyramid builders who built pyramids around the entire earth are ALL of the same racial stock.

The Aryan race has been taught they robbed everything from everyone else to knock the pride out of them, it is one of many active measures against our peoples to leave us defenseless spiritually and historically so the never ending hordes pouring into our nations can wipe us off the face of the earth without us even giving a whimper.

It is essential we spread our peoples real history to awaken them and fill them with pride, the disingenuous anti-white propaganda MUST be destroyed!



And said the phrase "We are with you" in Hebrew.

"My Jewish ancestry is relatively limited but I do feel just some sense of connection. From the lexicon of my great, great grandfather Emile Levita, (big financier) a Jewish man who came from Germany to Britain 150 years ago to the story of my forefather Elijah Levita who wrote what is thought to have been the first ever Yiddish novel," he said. ~ David Cameron.

The KJV Bible has many misinterpretations rendering the original meaning useless, a correct translation using the original Hebrew has many hidden secrets.


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Truth is like the spokes of a wheel, they start out in many directions, but the truth like the spokes will always meet in the middle.