* I have to admit, I enjoyed putting together the video cover-image for this one! You gotta admit, a couple of clean-cut Jehovah's Witness fanatics promoting a copy of The Poisonous Mushroom is pretty funny stuff!

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Just listen to this retardation. This pathetic excuse for a human being (much less "Christian") deserves a place in the darkest bottom of a deep, deep bog.

Reposted from a Modern Heretic article. A fella I sincerely wish would (or could?) run for President.

Article here: http://modernheretic3000.blogspot.com/2018/07/crystal-methodism.html

Text of the article (to save clicks):

"Welcome to the cucktian church, presided over by the weakest White "man" you'll ever encounter. Just look at this p.o.s. Soy-face, prematurely receding hairline, no muscles, bloated midsection and a cargo cult blue-collar outfit. This soft and cowardly JUDEO-christian has never done an hour of honest work, lives in a delusional fantasy world and is here to tell you about how Whites are bad and the planned semitic demolition of our nation is actually a good thing. Imagine listening to this drivel and nodding along, lost in sanctimony and pathetic weakness, a future victim.

Anyway, it's time for a hymn. What if I lost everything I "worked" for, wonders a man who will be literally killed and eaten in Civil War 2. What if I had nothing expect my wife and children and my wife's children? Well, he'd still be better off than some enemygrant. I'm not sure how, considering the endless hand-outs and appeasement the foreign invader receives, but on the other hand look at how virtuous and noble I am, here in my goofy lumberjack outfit telling you how you're bad and should be destroyed by the alien outsider.

It turns out "not everybody is free" in America. For example, the White wage-slave and tax-paying sucker who is expected to toil away funding his own replacement and dispossession and is awarded for these efforts by being told by a jewish conman about all the "privilege" he enjoys.

The crooning continues. It's time to be "humble" by loudly broadcasting my Right Think in front of my dead, false satanic church. Now let's shed some tears for the non-indigenous Bering Strait pedestrians, like the innocent "Sioux" tribe which was peacefully involved in wars of extermination against their fellow savages before evil Whites put an end to it. Sorry our long-dead ancestors stopped the injun terrorism, g*d. Finally, we get to muh slavery. The tar monster stock continues to plummet, now valued less than wetbacks, moe-ham-heads and even wagon burners. Sheeeet.

What about the Japanese spies we put in camps during war? Well, not us, but more dead people. Honestly, what is even the point of this? While I ponder this and have a vivid fantasy about bludgeoning this guy to death, everything goes off the rails and we get references to "women and children" (just like the fighting age males invading Germany!) and "the lesbian and gay." Yeah, sorry about those sodomites, Mr. Creator of the Universe. Degenerates who literally eat shit and carpet munchers (so-called because they like to smash each other's faces into the carpet during their frequent incidents of domestic violence) are our mighty strength. G*d loves your sin.

More cultural marxism and pitiful debasement follows. Please forgive me for the imaginary sins committed by other people who look like me. For your atonement say ten "hail jews," don't have any children and die. Suicide is a sin, not a virtue. <b>It's time to reject this semitic evil and call it what it is.</b>

Pulled from a recent Russia Insider article by Stephen Engel: https://russia-insider.com/en/exclusive-major-russian-tv-documentary-sodom-blasts-lgbt-hd-video-eng-dub/ri16005
Given that JewTube has deleted the video a couple of times already, I thought it worth mirroring here.

Both the article at R.I. and this video are interesting, to say the least, even though I myself am non-religious. But being non-religious doesn't mean that I'm immoral. I definitely loathe homosexuality and other sexual deviancy. I just think that it's going to take a lot more than "the buy-bull" to solve (((the Pervert Question))).

"This blockbuster, 1 hour documentary, entitled 'Sodom', originally aired on Russian prime-time TV in May of 2015, causing a sensation in Russia at the time. It has never appeared anywhere in English, until now, subtitled or dubbed. This translation is dubbed." (Stephen Engel, Russia Insider)

Race-mixing for "we white people", goyim... but not for we JEWS!
How effortlessly (((they))) transition from "white people" to jews, depending on narrative, sometimes even in the same breath...
I am SSOOO frikken fatigued with these lying kikes.

Pay particular attention when she says: "For whatever reason, people still feel like it's o'kay to say 'I only want to date White people'. I mean, you would NEVER be able to say 'I only want to hire White people.'", implying that it's not only NOT o'kay for Whites to prefer dating within their own race... but that it ought to be against the law, something you should "never be able" to do.

So I see this video with an interesting title trending on the front page of JewTube and I think "Cool. I've always been curious about those big statue-heads on Easter Island. This ought to be educational." I see so much anti-White crap everywhere, it's always a welcome reprieve to just take in something that ISN'T all about how evil we "white debbils" have been throughout history.

And the video was pretty cool... until somewhere after the 8:52 mark or thereabouts. Then comes the anti-White garbage: the video goes from talking about the statues into talking about the native population that created them, and what might have happened to those People Of Color, since the task of creating and then lugging all of those statues around the island seemed to indicate that there used to be a whole lot more of them in the distant past. After a couple of theories are mentioned, wouldn't ya know it?, those brilliant (((scientists))) have now discovered the "truth" about what probably happened: White people. Yep! We Europeans must have came along and enslaved over half of the poor things, gave em a bunch of White-people-diseases, etc. THAT'S what probably caused their population to go from such a huge number to practically a handful! Whitey, with his slavery and diseases.

Just part & parcel to the blatant anti-White agenda to "re-educate" all of us and our children, to teach us just how evil our DNA is and how much injustice we've perpetrated against all of the noble People Of Color on this planet. It's just NOT O'kay to be White, goyim!

This shit is getting OLD, ain't it?

Original location of this anti-White crap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4U5Y7MSAJc (a channel called Bright Side, with over 12 MILLION! subs)

In the channel's About it reads: "Always look on the bright side of life and stay positive!"
Hah!, what a joke. I guess they only mean that feel-good stuff for non-Whites... but that Whites should just fucking die?

The video has (at this time) 155k upvotes and only 12k downvotes. Spend a couple of seconds and go add your downvote, fam.
Maybe leave a comment for them. And for some of the anti-White jerks who've been commenting.

Little Revolution: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcAhXQl-YWTU9wzfm5R5t7g/featured


When I first began to suspect that the largest English-language Russian website in the world, Russia Insider, was courting the Alt-Right I of course had strong suspicions about their motives, especially in light of the (((Leftist))) Trump-Putin crap. And, just for the record, I know that there are many in the Alt-Right (and White Nationalist) movement who believe that Putin/Russia is "pro-Jewish", and that Putin himself is Jewish, and I understand that there's plenty of circumstantial evidence to support those claims. But, on the other side of the argument, there's also plenty of evidence that Putin/Russia is, in fact, pro-White and pro-Christian.

I'm a regular reader of Russia Insider, and have been for quite some time. I have leveled, over the course of my time as a reader, my own share of criticism at Putin, Russia, and the online news agency R.I. But, I have to be honest: I've came to realize that, when it comes to Russia as a geopolitical entity, it's a mistake to use one's Western or American frames-of-reference to form one's basis as to conclusions about Russia. The way that Russians understand the world and communicate among themselves - about everything from the J.Q. to cabbage - is totally on a different level than the way we in the West understand the world and communicate among ourselves.

While I'm not one of those Putin-philes who think that the man himself is the long-hoped-for 'Savior Of The White Race', I do strongly believe that, overall, Russia is heading on an opposite trajectory than the one that we in the West are. Ours seems to be a pro-Jewish (even Bolshevist), pro-'people-of-color' and anti-White ... while, conversely, Russia's seems to be decidedly pro-White, mature and culturally productive.

There's an honesty, directness (often brutally so) and willingness to see the world for what it actually is within the White Russian psyche that is sorely lacking in our people here in America, Europe and elsewhere.

To make a long, complicated post simpler, I've came to genuinely appreciate everything Russian on an entirely new level... and my suspicions about Russia Insider's motives in appealing to certain sensibilities within Alt-Right circles have, for the most part, abated. I find Russia Insider's willingness to "drop the Jew taboo", to openly discuss Jewish subversion without rancor ...but honestly and directly, from a White perspective ...extremely refreshing.

Anyway, enjoy this mirrored 3Fourteen video featuring the very lovely (and very married!) Lana Loktef interviewing Russia Insider's intrepid and intelligent Charles Bausman, the editor and publisher... and, hopefully, glimpse a little bit of a different perspective about what we in the West are experiencing (multi-culti) and where we seem to be heading (White genocide), as compared to where Russia has already been (Bolshevism) and appear to be heading (a stable, prosperous White population).

-- JimB

Red Ice/3Fourteen: https://redice.tv/radio-3fourteen

Russia Insider (Reality-check media) : https://russia-insider.com/en

R.I. article, It's Time To Drop The Jew Taboo: https://russia-insider.com/en/its-time-drop-jew-taboo/ri22186

Brit Girl's YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_pxrIotsW1eHFW59uD-1g

Link to the OFFICIAL EU website: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/LSU/?uri=CELEX:51995IP1463

Make of Brit Girl's summations about the Barcelona Declaration and the true intent to replace ethnic Europeans with Islamic and other non-White hordes what you will...

But in the comment section to this video by Brit Girl, on her YT channel, I posted this:

"So how does this gel with Barbara Spectre's disclosure that "Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural" and that "JEWS are going to be AT THE CENTER of" the transformation of Europe into a "multicultural society"? Have you researched into exactly who the people were that drafted this Declaration?
I know that the Islamification of Europe is certainly happening, along with all of the rapes, acid attacks, knife attacks, etc. These facts are indisputable. But I have a very strong sense that the genocide of our folk, rather than being a side-effect of economic corruption, greed, etc.... has much more to do with racially-hateful intent towards us. Hate that's not necessarily majority-Islamic or African. This Declaration may indeed be one of the large arms of the world-smothering ZOGtopus, but there are many others just as dangerous. Some more subtle than others. However, we'll never get this (((BEAST))) off our backs by simply talking about its deadly arms; we need to strike a major blow TO ITS HEAD!!"

Comments welcome.

"Living on a thin line - tell me now - what are we supposed to do?"

(song: Living On A Thin Line, by The Kinks)

Original YT Uploader's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxa1oCyi16cREZltCVedY7w

Yeah, we get it. We're tired of this twisted narrative. We're even over the false labels and name-calling. But let us not do (((them))) any favors by embracing the role of the villain.

There are better ways to be defiant and we're in no position to make light of anything. While we laugh and make jokes...and settle...and compromise...and hide in the shadows...our anti-White enemies are 100% serious... and unapologetic... about destroying us.



Not all Jew-ISH people are actually Jews. Some are merely philosemitic (people who love Jews), and some are just Jewy ass people.



This is one (of many) of Scott's videos that have been placed in jewTube purgatory, with their "Certain features have been disabled for this video: In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences." bullshit excuse for censoring raw truth.


They were "victims" then just as they are "victims" now.



Created 1 year ago.

107 videos


I'm just one among many who's trying to do what I can to help expose the Jewish-led destruction of liberty, beauty, Western civilization and my beloved race. I believe that things are reaching the critical stage, and that my people's enemies are nervous... due to an Internet full of information that they just can't seem to fully keep a lid on.

I hope we can keep them nervous, can keep them desperately reacting to the phenomenon of "goyim-knowing" (the red-pilling of White people to their machinations)... until they fatally slip up and are utterly defeated. Which WILL happen.

It's just a matter of time.

* White people are NOT a "social construct"! We Caucasians are a very real race of people, widely diverse within our own racial group, and are just as entitled to our own living spaces as are the Blacks, Mestizos, Orientals or any other race/ethnic group!

* Race itself is NOT a "social construct"! There are very real and easily provable biological differences, genetic identifiers, IQ averages, etc. between the various races on earth. To argue that "race isn't real" is of exactly the same nature as arguing that there is no such thing as different animal breeds.

* White genocide IS happening! The deliberate and calculated JEWISH PLAN to destroy the integrity of Caucasian progeny, through the promotion of race-mixing, homosexuality and feminism is an observable FACT. Likewise, the JEWISH-LED phenomenon called "replacement migration", which is mass-immigration into ALL formerly White-majority nations and ONLY formerly White-majority nations is an ADMITTED, planned out CRIME against my people; examples of JEWISH genocidal criminals who openly admit their complicity in White genocide include such scum-bag creeps as the notorious "shabbos goy" Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre, the Jewish professor Noel Ignatiev along with many, many others.

The "Bolshevik Revolution", responsible for over 100-million White deaths in the former USSR was JEWISH-LED. WW1 and WW2, wars that led to hundreds of millions of White deaths, were both JEWISH-INSTIGATED. Many of the other "revolutionary" and internecine wars throughout modern European and American history have been, to one degree or another, at the very least, if not started by, then exacerbated by, JEWS. The outright slaughter that is taking place RIGHT NOW in South Africa, where the Negro-controlled government is encouraging Blacks to dispossess the Boers of their land and to actually KILL them... is also, from behind the scenes, JEWISH-LED. The blatant anti-White propaganda behind such ideologies as "White privilege" and "White guilt" which are turning our Caucasian youth who attend university (and even k-12 regular school) into self-hating, "minority"-worshipping, suicidal lemmings is JEWISH-LED.

WAKE UP, WHITE PEOPLE!!! Our race is being SYSTEMatically destroyed, in a variety of ways, by the hateful, GLOBAL juggernaut referred to as "ZOG". This is NOT a "conspiracy theory" nor is it a "neo-Nazi antisemitic trope"... it is rather a provable, verifiable, and even ADMITTED conspiracy FACT.

I implore all of my White Caucasian extended-family to wake up! Or keep dreaming and die a slow, miserable, fool's death within the "politically-correct" confines of your Jew-induced slumber.

You have been warned. Now get educated!