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At the Capitol of Conformity, everything is taken care of for you. And all it costs you... is your soul.
This filmmaker has done a great job with this COMPLETELY AI-generated film. It's creepy... well done... and it hits the mark. Bravo!

I don't mean "fake" as in HOLOGRAPHIC or non-existent, as Flat Earther's believe, (sorry guys). I have spoken with and know people who have actually been to the moon. I also filmed a press conference at the National Press Club many years back where people from JPL (Jet Propulsion Labs) and Richard Hoagland shared un-touched NASA images from the dark side of the moon which clearly showed buildings and structures. The moon is real. But, is it a natural planet or an artificial satellite that was brought here eons ago to serve some hidden agendas?

This short documentary answered these questions for me, and I feel is important viewing. Many of us are discovering we've been lied to about many, many things. And if they can lie to us about the Titanic story – that broke my heart -- they can probably lie about the true nature of the moon, too.

Moving TikTok'r.

This is a mind-bending show from this year's JTT Secret Space Program conference. If you resonate with what you are seeing here, please sign up for the Journey To Truth Patreon Channel and support these guys. They are doing important work by bringing this all to our awareness.

For my Turkish friends. I am honored to have been the co-producer for this important film. With over 20 million views in 2021, I would say we hit our mark. :)

Go to PlanetLockdownFilm.com for more languages and media clips.

Just sharing this for anyone interested. Best part... it's easy to follow.

I love how Bashar -- who I will simply call a more evolved version of ourselves -- answers this girl's concerns about death. Is what he is saying correct? That in the end, it's simply like waking up from a dream? Well, for me, I have personally experienced that and can recollect that. It blew my mind! Now I know for sure that death is merely a transition back to our "regular" life. :))

Put together by a British Voiceover artist. A "Must See."

From the archives, a historical perspective from a credible insider that helps explain the (WTF!) current tyranny and world takeover attempt by the global elite. While most of us were unaware, this has been in play for not just decades, but centuries.

Sasha has also put links to all the documents on her Substack page, Due Diligence and Art. Not much more to add. This interview speaks for itself... and loudly.

I think this was removed from YouTube and I wanted to save and share it. Cool documentary and pretty accurate as far as I can tell. Enjoy! Jim

Cool short which gets right to the point. Nice work, Mark Atwood!

Very cute. She's got the right idea. :)

I think this was from some law class - and very funny.

It just takes about one enlightening minute to see how we've been duped by this "GREEN" approach.

Very funny.

Health Choice Maryland president Emily Tarsell welcomes attendees, recaps their successes, and introduces the first speaker who then follows -- Investigative reporter Aharon Hertzberg. Aharon came down from New York to share his insightful and disturbing findings regarding the COVID-19 "scamdemic."

A briefing on the status of our lawsuit (www.coalitionforfutureMD.org) against Maryland’s university system, and how the mandates have caused tremendous harm to both students and faculty.

Finally! People have been waiting a long time for this. Looks authentic to me -- not to mention the first reporters on the scene said there were no piece of airplane wreckage around. What do you think? Have we all been scammed? Was this an inside job?

Eugenia and Barbara share excellent advice on all things home schooling related.

Good talk by Kirby Bowling at the Maryland Health Freedom Empowerment Event in Annapolis in August. Well organized and great CORE points to be aware of and live by. To learn more about and/or support Maryland Health Freedom, please visit www.coalitionforfutureMD.org and www.healthchoicemaryland.org.

An enlightening, witty, and sobering talk by (COVID-vaccinated) Dr. Andy Lazris -- at the Maryland Health Freedom Empowerment Event in August. Andy is a physician, author and musician, and recounts some of his own experiences after the jab, and those of the elderly he cares for.

Event sponsors: www.coalitionforfutureMD.org and www.healthchoicemaryland.org. Your support and contributions are welcomed. They work for us -- against these mandates in Maryland and in the University system in particular. (Lawsuits have been filed.)

Very informative talk - under half an hour. Please share. Linda was a presenter at the Maryland Health Freedom Community Empowerment Event (8-18-22) in Annapolis. For more information or to support Maryland Health Freedom, visit www.coalitionforfutureMD.org and www.healthchoicemaryland.org.


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