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Patents on this gene jab on record since the 90s …. When are some of this govt criminals and gene jab makers going to be put on trial for murder ?

They want you dead and they want you to WANT to be dead - this is the technique of depopulation

So basically they are making life very very hard and expensive. They are lying constantly to manipulate your feelings and get you isolated confused depressed and suicidal asap

World war 3 is here but YOU are their enemy … don’t let them stand refuse resist

When are these killers of innocent people going to be arrested and charged with genocide and murder and fraud ? When is a single person on bbc or any mainstream channel or radio going to call genocide what it is - mass murder of a nation of largely innocent people and children is genocide. ?

Wtf has happened to moral integrity and human decency ??

Where is the independent journalism ??

How can energy be so expensive and food and tax and water ? 💦

Netanyahu and his mate Biden and Sunak and the EU cronies

All the assholes responsible for the bioweapon jabs didn’t have to have them …

It’s hilarious..

9 billion world population divided by 17 million deaths = small % of the human population likely murdered by the DOD clotshot

Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Geneticist & Director of Research in France explains

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi Microbiologist and Immunologist Author explains what they are doing to us all

This is a summary of Dr Bhakdi’s presentation. I have already posted the whole interview and Q&A with the Doctors for Medical Ethics Group below

‘We are in world war three, where the public are the target..”

Here we all are in 2024 the height of morality, human development and evolution ? The cradle of civilisation .. here we are … It’s really unbelievable what these Israelis are doing and saying. I have to pinch myself daily to remind myself this is reality in a developed first world country

Have you seen the miles and miles of bombed out husks and the depressing stench of their psychopathic rhetoric ? Just listen to this insane murderous rant …

YOUR genome YOUR children’s genome YOUR elderly parents genome not THEIR genome as they were EXEMPTED ‘from ALL mandates.

Ofcourse they famously have sex with each other keeping it “‘in the family” said Jacob Rothschild https://www.bitchute.com/video/NV0RId1sqC9W/ Keeping their “”love”” ie sexual abuse inside the family. These perverts are disgusting …

Big pharma and its super rich globalist banker owners think they are God, they want to “modify” nature - these insane perverts should be put up against their wailing wall and shot up with their own crap

This was on Doc Malik’s website the ex surgeon kicked out of his job for revealing facts and the interviewee is Karen Kingston an independent journalist

“mRNA technology is a good fit for gene editing. We want to make these editing proteins for just a short period of time to modify the genome”
Seng Cheng, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Rare Disease Research Unit at Pfizer.

You can find this in this pfizer document

Who’s behind all this bullshit ?? Wars, covid plandemics climate bs kalergi plan etc

Interview is by the ex-surgeon Dr Malik from his private pay per view channel.

Dolores thinks we are run by super wealthy families for the last 3000 years who have set themselves up as a criminal mafia. Covid is just another scam from this mafia…

Yep whoopee theres more DOD / Pentagon made liquid hope on the way for the dumb, sick and pregnant … 💉 ☠️ 🪦

She says the mrna jab is not a vaccine it sets up auto immune disease antibody dependent enhancement - which is a SELF ATTACK and “ATTACKS YOUR OWN ORGANS “ “heart attack”

Calls the jab a “DEATH SWITCH”

Injecting babies who can’t make antibodies …

Prof Dolores Cahill was one of the first to criticise the MRNA countermeasure DOD shots before they were rolled out to combat something she said was easily treatable by Nobel prize winning and very very cheap hydroxychloroquine and vitamins C and D.

She famously said she wouldn’t take the mRNA shots if they paid her 10 million euros per shot as the technology has never been safe and said they cause cytokinestorm and auto-immune problems in the jabbed

At the end she clearly says the mRNA jabs are deadly …


An unlawful undermining of human freedoms

This interview was recorded September 2021

Everything happening today was written about in public magazines in 1997 .. watch and read about the impending WEF depopulation and digital slavery

The Labour Party like the Tory party is full of bought off cronys working for the US proxy illegal state of Israel - George Galloway explains

As we should all know the mRNA jab depopulation programme was run by the USA DOD and Israel is a US state recreated in the Middle East in 1940’s to control the petrodollar

When we have MPs like Andrew Bridgen saying things like this you NEED to start paying it some attention ….

The new world order - depopulation, financial, spiritual and technocratic control and culling of human beings all known and followed by many over the years

‘‘Half will be exterminated …”

This is Katherine Watt who has put together all the legal acts used to run an intentional killing programme by the US Pentagon since 1969 -2023


Katherine works with Sasha Latypova to call out this intentional premeditated killing programme.

‘i have stated numerous times that DOD makes synthetic chemical-biological toxins to "seed" unusual illness in key locations, and the rest is fakery: fake PCR diagnosis, capture of people in hospitals where they are murdered and fear mongering propaganda to drive people to inject themselves with poison.
US Gov, NIH has contracted with Wuhan to do R&D and testing for this poisoning program. They are an official participant of the attack that is lead and orchestrated by the US Government, DOD, HHS and other federal agencies”

And they lied about their intentional killing programme and made the govts push it into people

The Pentagon has made many laws since 1969 to carry it all out this latest covid MRNA injection premeditated “intentional killing”. Katherine watt and Sasha work together they have substacks. I have listened the addresses below for detailed referenced legal Acts.

Katherine said “ ‘My view is that the US illegal chemical and biological military warfare program has been conducted since 1969 as a whole-of-government program under the joint leadership of the US DoD and the HHS”

Sasha said “ I have stated numerous times that DOD makes synthetic chemical-biological toxins to
"seed" unusual illness in key locations, and the rest is fakery: fake PCR diagnosis, capture of people in hospitals where they are murdered and fear mongering propaganda to drive people to inject themselves with poison.”

Katherine Watt - very detailed legal referenced substack of ALL the evidence of DoD pentagon legal acts since 1969 -2020 https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/p/on-whole-of-government-criminal-conspiracies

Sasha Latypova Substack - https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/memo-re-eua-countermeasures-to-send?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2

This is probably for those who know who Mattias Desmet is and who may have read some of his book ‘the psychology of totalitarianism’

Dr Heiko Schoning - German medical doctor and author of Game Over - predicts the new fake plandemic will be a bacteria bioweapon - The solution “the organised criminals” will offer will be an ‘antibiotic’ bioweapon you don't need.

The criminals push dangerous and risky bioweapons, unnecessary lockups and govt run shock trauma events using digital surveillance, fear and other totalitarian techniques. The “antibiotics” are likely to be in fact more disguised mRNA Gene editing poisonous bioweapons.

It’s all about total control over all human life on earth by the owners of financial institutions vanguard blackrock and state street and big pharms like pfizer, Moderna, emergent biosolutions and novavax

Heiko predicted the covid scam was coming in 2018 before it happened in 2020. He is like the German version of Dr Mike Yeadon.


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We are fighting totalitarianism. Ther super rich are trying to take full control. Totalitarianism is a form of government and a political system that prohibits all opposition parties, outlaws individual and group opposition to the state and its claims, and exercises an extremely high if not complete degree of control and regulation over public and private life. It is regarded as the most extreme and complete form of authoritarianism. In totalitarian states, political power is often held by autocrats, such as dictators (totalitarian dictatorship) and absolute monarchs, who employ all-encompassing campaigns in which propaganda is broadcast by state-controlled mass media in order to control the people, REFUSE RESIST DO NOT COMPLY

This totalitarian regime is trying to control all aspects of life, including the economy, the education system, arts, science, and the private lives and morals of citizens through the use of an elaborate ideology and nonsensical narratives.

The answer is MASS NON COMPLIANCE question everything