First storm of the year.....

Standard rate lowering scammer, nothing new here.
I just try to keep these scum bags tied up for a little while if I can.

I'm not really sure why people use these cameras for video, but when they do, this is one of the most important settings to check before shooting.

All fired up.

Supposedly, snow by Monday.....I should probably put my snow tires on....

TerribleTed is always my best friend during lunch. Interesting....

raw footage - three hours - Connected to USB power.

Nice little camera for personal use, but not so handy for the Equipment Loan Center. (ELC)
On the bright side, you can just change the file extension from "MOD" to "MPG" and the raw files will upload directly to YOUTUBE.
Everything in this video, and audio segment (Except for the stop action overlay map in the background) was recorded using only this camera.
The files were then edited in FCP on a Mac. I shot myself in front of our portable blue screen.

The REMOVU K1 will allow you to determine specific points for the camera to start , and to end at.
The operator can choose the duration of the pan in advance, then it will automate the action.
This effect is simular what they do on the discovery channel to illustrate the passage of time. (But this is about $50k cheaper....)
Picture this video being twelve hours long, with boats coming in and out of a harbor from day to night.

We decided to split up some fallen birch, and see if the splitter still worked.
We’ve had split firewood for years, so we haven’t had to split any in quite a while.
Daniels last time using the splitter.
Daniel and the electric log splitter. https://youtu.be/VWlFv9ZHIlg

Pinto wanted to play, as we can see at about 2:01, Belle says NO!
No Audio - security camera footage

It seems like a lot of steps, and there are other ways to do it, but I find this the most streamlined.

This is the unlisted uploaded file - https://youtu.be/0nFcoLEYL8g

There are many ways to shoot bad video, these are just a few of them. So feel free, not to do any of these, and you will better for it.

The Oral history project equipment was a little user fierce when you first saw it, but it actually worked very well. Our people designed the system for the best clarity and ease of use at the time for a tape to CD conversion.
I did this video before the official turn over to use as a video manual on its operation.

Youtube dings is for perceived issues, like my sloth video that is apparently offensive to someone.
And they can catch it if you use one chord from any song in the BMI portfolio.
And they can catch it if you try to iPad a duplicate of your own video by mistake.
But they can’t catch, or allow you to report these rip off artists?

It’s sad to see Big Blue go, but it’s nice to see her headed off to a good home.
Rich looked just as excited as I was when big blue came home with us.

This is when Blue arrived:
Big Blue #1 - My new 1970 FJ40 being delivered by Wes from TWB.

My diagnostics didn't even involve a test meter, in this case I suspected a loose board that was noticed during the last battery change out.
The retaining screws had fallen out causing the board to swing around in the case Un-tethered.
Oddly enough, after poking and prodding with a pencil, I determined that it wasn't loose joining connectors, but instead the mosfet have been taken out by its overly loose heat sink. The connections on the board were cracked, giving an intermittent fault.
It was assumed that the fault was just with the LED's as it was at one point still charging. (eventually it stopped charging.)
So this turned into a simple re-solder job.

Yea, not kidding, right in the middle of the road.
The truck in front of me hit it, then I did, then the car behind me, each time, it flipped up in the air, so I figured it needed to leave the road before someone ended up getting a spot on; "You got killed by what??"
My miata was fine, but it made quite the noise driving over it.

An FJ40 traffic jam in Williamstown.
Blue is gone this weekend, so I just wanted to get it out one last time for a shake down, and to make sure its ok for its new owner.
I saw Daryle in his FJ40 leaving the office, and ended up getting distracted and following him for a bit. (I was supposed to take a left.)

The camera I was using is a stabilizing gimble unit that broke the file up into two pieces on its own. The REMOVU K1 seemed to be locked in, so I might not have released the gimble completely, I'm going to try this again on the ride home.

Just a couple of answers to a few questions from the new owner.

This video is just directly related to me no longer shooting through my walls of my house to kill mice.
Link to that video here: https://youtu.be/l6pkUAjqjq4

Normally, you would just take the entire top off in one piece and not break it down.
But as we didn’t have a large enough inclosed storage space for it in that form, it had to be broken down into smaller parts.
While not a huge problem, it’s much more time consuming than a one piece install.

Well, it looks like Big Blue is sold, so I’m rounding up the extras and putting the top back on.
TerribleTed wasn’t a lot of help other than moral support.
I’d almost forgotten what a pain in the arse putting the top and doors on are.
This is why I hunted down soft doors and half top.

Sure, my definition of “cooking” is a little thin, but this is as good as it gets with me. ;-)


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