I really like GearBest, so I was kind of bummed out at first.
Everything else I have bought from them worked.
Pilot error though, we just didn't push it in far enough.
This is the unit here:
This unit does exactly what I expected it should do, it just needed to be pushed in with a little bit more force, you know, until it clicks.

Just back dragging snow from the last storm.
I tried to use the new youtube editing tools to add audio, but it was pretty cumbersome, and didn’t add the second piece of music.

Just a bit of extra footage from a video I shot a little while ago.
Stunt camera: Nikon D40 with previously smashed lens.
This cameras lens was featured in one of my old videos called SMASHED. https://youtu.be/VjwWXUoPJxw

Ted was getting kinda sick of the really short walks, and he missed not going around the pond.

Ever wanted to just pick something up and use it with out reading the manual? Well, this video is for you.

Failures due to poor design and materials issues need to be dealt with before the end users ever make contact with the equipment.
I can spot a future failure in seconds, this comes from years of observation in an uncontrolled environment, and learning to expect the impossible.
(A Professional stunt camera was used to recreate certain scenes in this video, No operational cameras were injured during the filming of this program.)

Its amazing how good this is compared to our Casio EX FH20 from back in 2009! Note that the casio doesn't offer sound in high speed mode.
Here is the same shot from that camera: https://youtu.be/-LNCoq2wHLQ

This magnetically attached piece of wizardry defies the laws of... uh, law!
In the music world, this is one of those things thats just kind of magical, and you really don't know you need one, until you see one.
This amp uses the guitars own body to produce the sound, so you can play acoustic with effects, with no external amp.
The sound comes right out of the guitars sound hole.

Video starts at :28
Back when this camera came out, it was pretty much top of the line for consumer use. This footage was shot with one Bescor AL576K LED at 100%
The max size you see here at 1000 fps @ 224X56.
Today, its no where near as good as the phone you probably have in your pocket.
For comparison, this is the same shot taken with my iPhone, using only its internal LED for lighting:

A quick walk with Ted first, as he’s been worried about me.
This was my first time back in the garage after the accident. I guess I’ll have to put the ladder away before someone trips on it.

This lock was kind of bunged up due to poor lubrication.
I shot this video a few days before my high dive from the garage loft.

Or more accurately, that ladder fell out from under me.
It happened on the 31st, so I guess it was a year ago now. ;-)
I’ll be installing some pull down stairs now, I’m too old to do this again.
Nothing broken, but enough pulled muscles to complete the set...

The live portion of the tree snapped off, and the dead part remains. There is no justice in tree world....

This was the wood from just one branch of this huge tree. The base was pretty much just rot, but a few of the big branches looked pretty good. We split it with our electric splitter.

Not really designed for ice, but that’s how it’s going to get used.

Ted’s resting up for brunch, he’s making sure he’s got plenty of energy to eat everything known to man.

Ted’s kind of a grinch, and took one of Maggies bones to prove some kind of power dynamic. He’s not a very gracious house guest. Ted weighs 14lbs, and Maggie only weighs 60lbs. Pretty much a fair fight.

song - Kate Taylor brake job
This is the last part of the brake job.

But we all know shes not my boss....

Ok, admittedly, this is not a refined science.
Special credit to TerribleTed for playing along.

Nope, not me.

They couldn’t really tell me how this for profit organization was supposedly going to lobby for us.... For the record, I actually was a fighter fighter, but I was never an EMT.
That’s a thankless shit job that takes more selflessness and time than I possess.

Using all of the scientific knowledge our labs contain. (The internets.....) we put together this medicinal wonder.

He has more, these are just the ones we know about....

Mechanical fuel pump, only needs the battery for starting, and lights.


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