For those that don't know, my day job is (was) loaning camera gear, and other electronic equipment to students at the college where I work.
My operation, the ELC (equipment loan Center) currently run by the information technology department, will be taken over, and run by the library I work in.
It will be strange to hand off an operation I put heart and soul into, but I guess that qualifies as progress these days.

This is a short one, I wasn't really prepared, but it was his fourth call of the day, so I figured I had to at least talk to the lonely bugger....

Ted was two days late on his avantics medication.
We use an Otom Tic tool for removal.

This is what Ted lives for.
Here is a link to the slow motion video:

The 4x4 short bed chevy rat rod has its e-brake now.
So it officially stops and drives at this point.
The truck under the bobtail is an 80’s CJ7.
This has been a really fun project, and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

It actually shut itself down on its own last year after a heavy storm clogged it with debris.
It’s Easter Sunday, and Ted and I were kicked out so Mary could get thing ready for brunch.
Apparently, we are; “always under my feet”.
So we left as soon as we could to avoid the wrath of Khan.

I had seen these ledges in one of my drone flights, and decided to check them out.
That area is pretty much inaccessible when the foliage grows back in.
In less than a month, that hill side is impassible.

What it says above.

This tree damage happened over night, so it was quite the surprise. And a 2wd 1946 Chevy turns into a 4x4 rat rod beast.

And me rambling about my back.
I’m glad to be able to get out and hike again.
Summer needs to get here quicker.

Yea, you might want to stay a bit longer...
Edit: flash forward to 2019 and it snowed again today on the 1st.

Horse, of course.....

This was the last of our FJ 40’s,

He got a bit covered with clay during his dig, I had left at that point, but Mary called me at work, and described his clay coating.
She ended up giving him a bath.

Yes, I trust Mary with a switch blade....(kinda.....)

There was about four inches of clearance (Two on each side) in the stack hallway.
The machine could do both tracks full ahead, but wasn't much for correctional changes, as it wasn't an even distribution of power with out the sticks full forward.
Pretty much the worst RC ever......
Maybe the next time a building is built with that many windows, the architect might be able to work in an access point.

Do not connect these two devices with out using a short XLR cable as an extender.
We were able to get it separated, but it was not easy.
This appears to be strictly Sony issue, as no other XLR based device we had access to had such a poorly thought out locking system.

It doesn't look like he even wants to give it a chance.
I didn't either, but now that its started

Swapped ends, still doesn't fit. It can't make the corner like the last one did. The other unit was a little shorter.

TerribleTed caught me filming him.

This brief and poorly produced video will cover about 90% of the possibilities.
Units covered:
Tascam DR-1 0:11
Tascam DR-40 0:55
Sony HDR-CX160 1:48
Sony DHR-CX580V 2:17
Canon Vixia HF R52 2:50
Sony PXW-X70 3:56
Nikon D7100 5:02
Nikon D90 5:51
Samsung HMX-W300 6:27
Removu K1 7:05
Sony HXR-NX5U 8:01
Canon Vixia HF20 9:18

Pretty much what we do every time give or take the odd step. Ted is a creature of habit.

Problem: Unit no longer charging after a fall to a carpeted floor.
Opening this thing is a bear, its mostly glued shut, so if you have a heat gun, get that out, and you will be a few steps ahead of me.
This unit is poorly designed, and the components seem to invite failure, and a one way trip to the trash.
There should be a recall on this piece of trash.
This is a $50.00 charger, so I kinda expect a little more at this price point. At the very least, make it so that if you do wish to try to service it, that you don't have to destroy it to get it open.
Others with the same issue:

Ted doesn't like invaders, so like any good club bouncer, he gives them the boot.
Also like some bouncers, he likes to follow though a bit more than required sometimes.
I did call him back from the bridge as I think thats far enough.

Remember my fall in the garage about a month back? It looks like Mary was right, I did get hurt a little worse than I thought.
It’s an L2 compression fracture, so it’s not terribly serious, mostly just annoying.
I should be fine in two more months.


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