A million in one shot that you don't ever want to make.
Dead mice smell, a lot, and for a surprisingly long time.
Shooting though the wall was decidedly not a great idea to begin with, but 18 years ago, I was planning on getting rid of the paneling anyhow, and didn't really care about it. (As you can tell, I really haven't moved terribly quickly on this... )

It’s been worse, a lot worse.
But this was a good test of the repaired bridge.

Lots of dead fall into the pond this year, the grape vines are killing off the trees that were already in trouble.
Our birch trees were in a massive die off already, so this didn't kill them, but it didn't help either.

We opened up the trail, pretty grown in. Daniel packed in, and I walked.

Hopefully the supplies hold out, she’s been gone to her horse clinic for one full day now.

Ted had a good walk, and we spotted another Newt trying to hide pretty badly.
Red-spotted Newt, Red Eft (Notophthalmus v. viridescens)


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