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Block snatch from today

Highlights from today

I deadlifted heavy yesterday as well. I can do a lot more pulling now that my competition is over.

I hit a competition total PR of 21 kg.

The snatch was a 6 kg competition PR.
I ended up hitting 157 kg after the 151 kg on video, so that was a 14 kg competition PR and a 1 kg lifetime PR in that movement.

1st 300 lb snatch in a snatch specific complex.

Squat from today

I'm still training everyday. I just am too lazy to edit every day.

I did a very light session today because of the fatigue from yesterday and from the heat index today.

Shoulder felt good! reupload from failed upload attempt yesterday

I'll stick with the series, but I will most likely focus on the top set of each exercise in order to limit the time I spend editing.

I tried to rerack the OHS but I was in a weird position to do it, so I threw it down.

Some heavy singles followed by a lot of strength work.

I'm pretty sure this is the best I have done in this movement.

I did some heavy block work, which didn't result in any PRs.

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/thejimwpodcast/episodes/Train-Everyday-2---Heavy-high-block-misses-e15h4oo

This episode starts a new series of podcasts and videos where I will be talking about my training that I do each day. I may talk about other things that are going on that impact training such as my job as a teacher.

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/thejimwpodcast/episodes/Train-Everyday-Day-1-e15f7o9

5 lb PR

Charles the beagle was contemplating running in before the lift.

My current best back squat is 515 lb / 234 kg

277 kg training total from today.

Solid work.

Friday work

PR Clean

I think this is a beltless back squat PR.

Tuesday work

I did a lot of snatch volume yesterday.


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