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Jim W

Jim W.


I sprained my other wrist the other day, so now both my wrists are limiting me. They are feeling better, but I need to be more conservative until my competition to make sure I recover fully.

10 lb PR

5 lbs under my best

I did this yesterday. Upload didn't go through.

Wrist is feeling a bit better.

25 lb Snatch Balance PR. I sprained my wrist attempting a 375 lb clean the other day, so I'm very surprised I was able to do this today.

5 lb PR

35 lb PR. I'm not really sure how I did this, but I did.

Solid workout today.

Heavy work from yesterday

Hang work from today

Work from today with a push press PR of 5 lb.

I'm competing at the end of next month. The first 3 snatch attempts are going to be my 3 at my competition. The three clean/jerks are going to be my attempts as well.

Power snatch and power clean/jerk work

Some block work from today

Front squat, jerks, and snatch pulls

Work from today

Work from today

Heavier training from today

Probably a PR

Work from yesterday


272 kg Training. I'm 99% sure this is a PR training total. These heavy lifts were followed by some volume work in the OHP and some German volume squats. My jerk technique looked like trash today, but I didn't have any misses in the snatch until my PR attempt.

PR in this snatch complex. I'm not sure what my best double in the clean/jerk is, but this is probably my best double with the smallest about of time between repetitions or close to it.


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