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Jim Winkelman

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Work from yesterday

I think this is a 5 or 10 lb hang snatch below the knee PR. I'm not sure how much of a PR the clean complex is, but I'm pretty sure it is one.

255 lb, 345 lb, 365 lb, 295 lbs. 5 lb clean and jerk PR and 10 lb pause front squat PR.

The push press matches my personal best.

Work from last two days

Powers went poorly, so I waved down to do full lifts. My camera settings also got changed, but I managed to fix them for my front squats.

I had no misses on snatches until 265 lbs. I wanted to attempt 330 lbs, but I couldn't find the 2.5 lb plates, so I threw on 335 lb for my last complex attempt.

I did a PR in the beltless backsquat. The deadlift is the most I have done in my weightlifting shoes.

Work from today

Top sets from yesterday.

Putting in the work

First time doing bottom up OHS. They are very "fun."

Cleans went well today.

Pause snatch PR and top sets

Work from yesterday.

top sets

Strength work from today. I decided to pulls a bit.

Heavy single from today's workout.

I managed hit another snatch double PR today.

I missed 255 lb and 265 lb after this snatch double. This is a 5 lb snatch double PR. I didn't record the pulls I did, since it's boring to look at easy pulls.

PR in this movement.

Work from today.

Work from yesterday.

Work from yesterday.

Last set from my clean/jerks today.


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