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July 12, 2021, Canada- "World Health Organization Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan has warned people away from combining different Covid-19 vaccines... a number of countries – among them the UK, Canada and Italy – allow citizens to receive shots from multiple manufacturers."

"“I really want to caution folks,” Swaminathan said during a World Health Organization (WHO) press briefing. “There are people who are thinking about mixing and matching … so it’s a little bit of a dangerous trend here. We’re in a data-free, evidence-free zone. There is limited data on mix and match.”- Dr. Swaminathan

Despite this direct statement by the WHO's Chief Scientist, Canadian Officials have decided to ignore the warning, and are continuing to encourage the multiple vaccine approach. So much for "follow the science". So much for "Trust the experts". So, much for following the advice of the World Health Organization. Instead these idiot murdering officials decided to pull a Nancy Pelosi, and ignore all of that, after campaigning for those exact things, just like Pelosi did when she refused to drop the mask mandates, even though the CDC had said it was okay............... They must have the same handlers. I'm just kidding, of course they work for the same people.

Anyways, I've edited a few videos together so you can see them trying to do damage control, and to say that the remark from Dr. Swaminathan was taken out of context. I have then added a later video where it seems they just basically gave up on that "out of context angle", and instead just say that they are going to listen to a different Health Organization instead, and that mixing and matching will continue, and is encouraged.

BTW don't begin to think too highly of Dr. Swaminathan either. I see another article that says:

"Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO), was apparently served a legal notice by Indian Bar Association (IBA) on May 25, 2021, for her alleged act of spreading disinformation and thus misleading the people of India, in order to fulfill her own agenda, so the plaintiff’s action declares. It is reported that Dr. Soumya Swaminathan deliberately ignored and suppressed the FLCCC and BIRD Panel’s data regarding the effectiveness of the drug Ivermectin, with an intent to dissuade the people of India from using Ivermectin. Moreover, the nation of India has included ivermectin in their national protocol and, as TrialSite recently reported, in states where the treatment is in wide use an unprecedented reduction of cases is now reported. Of course, it’s difficult to prove a direct correlation without a designed study but the turnaround in cases in Uttar Pradesh, one of the states with a population-wide ivermectin regimen, is indeed striking."

video links the clips were derived from:

Article link about Dr. Swaminathan being served:

July 16, 2021- Joe Biden is confronted by someone asking about Facebook. Basically it's a campaign to promote censorship. Seems they have a new campaign to try to blame this all on anti-vaxxxers. I've seen like 20 videos over the past couple of days. As well as one showing that it's about half and half dying, either with or without the vaccine. Of course that doesn't even take into consideration the massive amount of confirmed vaccine deaths as reported by the official websites Vaers and EudraVigillance. But this is all about censorship. They are trying to legitimize censorship with this current campaign, as well as demonizing anyone who resists the narrative. That's my opinion.

You could also speculate that they are trying to seize control of these social media platforms. I mean both political parties have been hitting them back and forth. Both political parties have even demanded that they censor more information at different times. Then both parties have gotten mad at them when they do censor and when they don't. So that's another possibility, as well.

July 16, 2021, Washington- Jen Psaki finally being asked some serious questions.

repost from BitChute Dinesh D'Souza:

England (BBC)- A reporter reading the statistics about the Delta-variant and the percentage of deaths of those vaccinated, gets confused as hell. She basically says the exact opposite of what she was supposed to say.

She says 42 total deaths. 23 unvaccinated, 7 had their first dose, 12 had their second dose. It's almost exactly half and half. Apparently they wanted her to say that 2/3 had been unvaccinated. Her reaction is priceless.

These slip ups are happening more and more often. I guess that's what happens when reality occasionally rears its ugly head.

(no affiliation with the embedded comments. He actually seems as confused as she does. Still she speaks for herself. I'd remove the embedded comments because I do feel they add confusion to what is actually happening, but I'd need to get a different video editor.)

July 14, 2021- A very short video of the covid protest in Greece. It's the only one I could find. But, I did want to show my support for our Greek brothers and sisters.

"Thousands took to the streets in two of Greece’s largest cities to protest new health mandates, which bar the unvaccinated from many public spaces and require medical staff to take the shot, as well as plans to immunize teenagers."

"Large crowds of demonstrators were seen in Athens and Thessaloniki on Wednesday, numbered in the thousands according to the Associated Press, some reportedly chanting “Hands off our kids!” while others hoisted banners reading “We say no to vaccine poison.”"

" NEW 🚨 Plan to vaccinate teenagers in Greece sparks huge protests today in Athens and Thessaloniki."
— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) July 14, 2021

" Διαδήλωση τώρα στην Αθήνα, κατά των μέτρων και της απαράδεκτης τακτικής που ακολουθεί η κυβέρνηση. Δεν τον λες και λίγο τον κόσμο που συγκεντρώθηκε... Δεν θα το δείτε βέβαια στα δελτία ειδήσεων!"
— Apostolos Pavlos (@ApostolosPavlos) July 14, 2021

"The protests come on the heels of several new pandemic measures, one of which effectively closes all indoor public places to the unvaccinated, including bars, restaurants, theaters and other entertainment venues. The policy takes effect on Friday and will remain at least until the end of August, part of an effort to curb transmission at crowded bars and clubs, which the government has blamed for a recent surge in cases."

“After a year and a half, no one can claim ignorance about the coronavirus anymore,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said earlier this week. “The country will not shut down again due to attitudes adopted by certain people... It’s not Greece that’s a danger, but unvaccinated Greeks.”

"We stand with our brothers in Greece who are against compulsory vaccines and Vaccine passports.Are you waking up people to what is happening. You wont see this on the news.Σύνταγμα! Επιτέλους, χιλιάδες Έλληνες αντιστέκονται!"

— Shaun K (@skbytes) July 14, 2021

Article found at:

July 15,2021- Jews are freaking out. Seems they have lost control of the narrative. I guess they are getting pretty worried that they are being exposed, as well as concerns over not making their investment back from pharmaceutical companies. Here Jen Psaki admits that the government has taken an active role in information suppression on Facebook.

Well II guess I probably should say that it's not all Jews, doing this, censoring, and colluding with the government to censor information. So yes, it's not every Jew that is doing this. But......every single person who is doing this is a Jew. Every single MSM outlet, every tech company owned by Google, including Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc.., most other tech companies, almost every vaccine company. So, I guess I don't have enough specific evidence to say that it's a "Jewish plot". But every single company involved is owned and run by Jews. I don't have any "racial shame", so I really don't have any reason not to notice that obvious fact. And since my 20 year Youtube got deleted for "covid misinformation", as well as everyone I know being banned from multiple sites as well, I've got alot of reason to be pissed off. And I don't have any issue with China or Chinese people. I like em. So.....I've got to aim my sights somewhere.

Besides, I'd rather have Israel as an enemy of the US, than to go to war with China, which seems to me to be what is being set up, for the future. I'd way rather have that. It's be the best fucking thing that ever happened to this country if Jews and the US were no longer allies, providing we survived it.

repost from Dinesh D'Souza here at BitChute:

July 14, 2021- White House Press Secretary Jew Psaki announced today that the vaccine might kill you. Was this intentional?

July 14, 2021, France (Bastille Day)- This is the calm before the storm, at the beginning of the protests today. They took a big turn later on as mass violence by police and protesters happens then, as seen in my previous video. This came after French President Macron announce new compulsory vaccinations and passports. I'm showing this peaceful march to contrast the later situation.

other videos of the protest here at bit chute:

July 14, 2021- Protests erupt accross France after French President Macron announced new covid measures.

From Daily Mail July 14, 2021 (Bastille Day): "Protesters in Paris were met with volleys of tear gas after vehicles were set ablaze during demonstrations against President Macron's new Covid laws making jabs compulsory for health workers and demanding vaccine passports for people wanting to go to bars and restaurants."

"Hundreds of cafe owners, hospital workers and parents, some chanting 'Liberty! Liberty!', took to the French capital on Bastille Day to rebel against President Macron's controversial plans that were introduced this week in an attempt to tackle the nation's surging coronavirus cases."

"Large crowds were confronted by riot police, who fired tear gas to try to disperse the advancing group. Protesters and police kicked the tear gas canisters at each other, and cyclists calmly weaved through the crowd."

"Some of those protesting set a mechanical digger alight and flipped rubbish containers, while others wore badges that refuted the new measures: 'No to health passes'."

"In April, President Macron has promised vaccine passports would 'never be used to divide' the French. But, by mid-July, the French premier is demanding concerts, hospitality venues and more to check for proof of vaccination status or a negative PCR test in a bid to boost the nation's vaccination rates. "

"Restrictions will expand by August, meaning those wanting a beer in a bar, families going out for dinner, public transport passengers and visiting relatives in care homes will all require proof of a negative test or vaccine. "

"On September 15, it will become mandatory for healthcare workers and carers to receive a coronavirus vaccine - with threats of termination of employment should they refuse."

France- "French Government spokesman, Gabriel Attal said the vaccine is vital to keeping shops and restaurants operating. “The vaccine is what allows us to live as normally as possible, we cannot do without it. We refuse to close shops and restaurants again because some people have not been vaccinated.” Macron also mandated the vaccination for healthcare workers, age care workers, care home employees, and those who work with vulnerable patients, saying they must take the vaccination by September 15. Those who refuse to be vaccinated before the deadline will be banned from work and denied pay, according to Health Minister Olivier Véran. The president also said, to “encourage vaccinations” the unvaccinated will have to pay for their mandatory COVID tests from September."

(repost from here at bitchute xAndrewX:

Canada- Present Day, Present Time

July 10, 2021- Australia- And they said we were crazy and conspiracy theorists.

I found a cache of these. Not sure of the were or when. More vaccination center reactions.

I just found a cache of these. Not sure where or when. (It's pretty bad. This is almost starting to be a thing.)

Just found a cache of these. Not sure the where or when.

I just found a chache of videos of vaccination center reactions to the vaccine. Not sure of the where or when.

July 8, 2021, (AwakenWithJP)- Funny comedy clip from Awaken With JP

July 8, 2021- According to the news, Missouri is now leading the nation for covid cases. They are blaming this on low vaccination rates. Only, I am here, There is no new surge in cases. I've still never even met someone who even knows someone who has had a covid case. To me this is just further proving this is a scam.

news clips: "Rural Missouri is contending with surges in COVID cases that are afflicting counties with some of the lowest vaccination rates in the state, worrying health officials who are closely watching the spread of new forms of the virus, including the virulent Delta variant. The spikes are occurring as summer travel picks up and after most communities have dispensed with mask orders and other mandatory precautions. Missouri now leads the nation in new cases per capita, according to calculations by The New York Times."- KY3 news

"On July 4, the Chief Administrative Officer tweeted, “Spent the night looking for ventilators because we ran out. 47 patients on vents. A lot of those are COVID but not all,” said Frederick.

"116 COVID+ @MercySGF. New day, new record. Spent the night looking for ventilators because we ran out. 47 patients on vents. A lot of those are COVID but not all. We’re blessed to be part of a large health ministry @FollowMercy. Vents coming from @mercysaintlouis and @MercyNWA
— Erik Frederick (@CAOMercySGF) July 4, 2021"

Sounds bad right? Well I am here, in this exact area. We had huge fireworks celebrations. Tons of other mass events are happening every day. The city of Springfield just hosted a huge job fair, as seen on the same news broadcast as this one, same day. I've still never even seen anyone who has seen a covid case. More BS.

"SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3/Edited News Release) - The Missouri Job Center and American Legion Goad-Ballinger Post 69 are teaming up to host a veteran-focused hiring event and resource fair on Thursday, July 8. It will run from 10 am – 2 pm at Post 69, which is located at 149 Memorial Plaza, next to Jordan Valley Ice Park. The event is open to the public."- KY3

I usually don't post local news but my mom just texted me freaking out, that she saw this on the news and worried about me. I decided that it was time to address the scamdemic locally. There is no covid here. idk where they are getting the numbers from. But if Missouri is highest in the nation, then the nation can truly rest assured, because there is actually no covid here. Despite what the reports are saying.

Sorry if the sound quality is wierd. My editing skills are very very basic.

June 21, 2021- World Economic Forum- "Start-up EON creates online digital passports for garments, allowing brands to re-sell their clothing and creating more sustainable business models. " What the fuck does this have to do with sustainability? Oh of course, jack shit. It has to do with tracking people. The same way that all their ideas do. (Notice how the cover image shows, who wore it and to were, when it was shared with someone else, when it was sold, etc..)

June 26, 2021- (Nick Fuentes) America First- "Why Is It Always JEWISH Groups Trying to SHUT DOWN Free Speech?" Nick lays it out in his usual no-nonsense manner.

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June 26, 2021, England- (It was actually millions) "Tens of thousands of anti-lockdown protesters march on London in biggest demo yet - with signs demanding 'arrest Matt Hancock' after he was caught cheating while preaching Covid rules to the rest of UK

-Tens of thousands of anti-lockdown protesters marched through central London today calling for 'freedom'

-Crowds demanded an end to all Covid-19 lockdown regulations after Freedom Day was delayed from June 21
- People held signs reading 'freedom is not for trade' and 'mask wearing zombies wake up or comply and die'

-Protesters held placards calling for police to 'arrest Matt Hancock' after he was caught breaching Covid rules

-Health Secretary was accused of hypocrisy over a video showing him kissing married aide Gina Coladangelo

-Crowds threw tennis balls at Parliament before descending on Downing Street, where they started booing"

Original Link:

June 23, 2021, Canada, Rebel News- More mayhem from Canada. You know, if Trudeau and other Canadian officials were to get in a plane crash and die, I think that would be best for everyone. :D

Link mentioned in article:

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June 21, 2021, London England- During a recent anti-lockdown protest in London things became violent. 14 arrested. 3 police officers listed as injured.

Original Link:

June 2018- Older video (but new to me). A good video to see. Still totally relevant.


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