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Douglas talks about whiteness and how we should feel about that if we are white

She is anxious to talk with all of you about what she saw and what that portends for humanity and our world. She has some very interesting observations to share.

Rev Christine talks about the video coverage of Biden at the supposed White House which is really a movie set at Castle Rock, Culver City CA. She explains how you can tell it is all a set by comparing the video with a live feed from the real White House, and what to look for to prove it is all a set.

An interesting video in which Rudy has a lot to say about Biden and his China connections

A good scientific discussion of the covid vaccine, what it really is, why it is the wrong thing to do, how dangerous it is and in what ways. Also a good discussion of
the PCR testing and the fact that it was never intended for clinical use, is totally unreliable and inaccurate and why.

Rev Christine goes thru her seeds for the coming summer garden. Decides not to grow hot peppers because the don't turn out hot. Also discusses the new green house she is getting which will be bigger than the home made one that needs repairs.

Rev Christine speaking from her new office. Discusses the fake President in the fake Whitehouse when it was really a movie set in Culver City. And some other interesting observations.

A short tour of the geenhouse that needs some repairs and the outside land to be tilled and prepared for the 2021 season
Alexandra Richardson P O Box 313 Port Orford OR 97465

Rev Christine baked a nice Moose Pile Pie and in tis video eats a big piece of the delicious pie. "It was really good the more I ate the better it tasted". So in this video you can actually see a Moose Pile Pie and see that it is very tasty

Rev Christine talks about Biden's Oval Office Fake Movies and other political subjects

riot in Tacoma, surrounds police car. Police car drives over the rioters to escape. Rioters get what they had coming


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Some videos made by a friend and grabbed from other sites. And interesting collection I hope.