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Hitler is the Mashiach of the Synagogue of satan

Children of Israel


Another War Down There

Jesus Christ - Ultimate Jedi Master

billyjones Video On Stew Peters
The REAL Stew Peters is a rapper named Fokiss who hates 'White boys' & the U.S. Constitution LOOK!

Cat Discovers Plato's Cave

We Are All Palestinians - Under The Control Of Zionists

Hydrogen Fuel From Water, Aluminum and Gallium - Gallium Recovery

Hamas Paragliders

Wheat To Flour

US "President" Joe Biden

They Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else And They Look And Act Like Goblins.

Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson

Ben Shapiro

Ridiculous Documentary On The Rothschild Family.

Harry Vox Talks About RFK Jr. Prostrating Himself Before The Zionist Government Controllers.

US (& Israel) Citizen Ben Shapiro Talks About USA Problems (Homelessness, Inflation, Cost of Living)

United States, Ukraine, And Israel

Happy Thanksgiving - Joe Biden Pardons Hunter Biden

Abraham "Rami" Ungar is the founder of Ray Car, Ltd. As such he is the partial owner of the vehicle carrier Galaxy Leader, which was hijacked by Houthi militants in the Red Sea on November 19, 2023, during the 2023 Israel-Hamas war.

Richest people in Israel #
Worth $2,100,000,000
Family members: Abraham and Yael Ungar

Abraham (Rami) Ungar, an international shipping mogul and one of Israel’s largest motor-vehicle importers, among them Kia cars, has had a history of ties to local politicians. That was true right from the start of his business career, in the early 1970s. Those same ties also led to his past involvement in two major scandals, one of them connected to Ezer Weizman.

In the mid-1980s, when Weizman was a government minister, Ungar gave him $27,000 in small monthly installments. Years later, this story led to Weizman’s resignation from the presidency of the country.

The second affair relates to Shula Zaken’s wiretappings of her boss, then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, in which it was revealed that Ungar was supposed to pay Zaken $10,000 a month to refrain from testifying against Olmert. Another close friend of Ungar’s is minister Yoav Gallant (Likud), for whom Ungar purchased tickets for the World Cup finals in July 2018. His name also came up in the trial of businessman Nochi Dankner, because of a loan of 20 million shekels from Ungar. (Yael Belkin)

Reports stated a $65m hull policy on Galaxy Leader.
The Galaxy Leader is a 5,110 CEU capacity Vehicle Carrier built in 2002 with a deadweight tonnage (DWT) of 17,127. It is registered under the Bahamas flag, classified by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and insured by the West of England P&I.


Irrational jew vs Rational muslim in Australia

BlackRock Forcing Behaviors

Brother Nathanael

Zionists buy all the real assets up with fiat (fake) money and then control everyone with it. Look at BlackRock and the zionist Larry Fink


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Never forget what they did over "Covid-19" for the last three years. Never forget the manipulation of the housing markets and bank bailouts of 2008-2010. Never forget 9-11 and the lives lost over the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Never forget the Tuskegee Experiments. Never forget the USS Liberty. Never forget what these people have shown themselves capable of doing and continue to do over and over again.

We are enslaved by a fake money system. They print money out of thin air and control us with it. We are slaves to this system and until we change it we will continue to be slaves. The plandemic was a global takeover of the people of the world. The next MacGuffin is the CO2 emission scam to continue lock-downs and control of the population. The world does not have a CO2 problem, it has an oligarch "elite" problem. If we eliminated the billionaire "elite" oligarchs and their prostitute servants in politics, the people of the world would start moving towards an efficient and productive society of free people.

The CO2 "problem" is a scam used to manipulate and control the population; It is a scheme to add value to carbon fuels and control the price of energy. Bill Gates (Epstein Island patron) is involved in carbon capture schemes, vaccine schemes, and GMO food schemes; all of these are meant to control and enslave the population. All significant grants are awarded to scientists who support these schemes. We do not have a CO2 problem, we have a billionaire (fake money) problem.