Russians begging the US and UK to stop sending weapons to Ukraine that kills and injures Russian invaders

The most telling part of this video is when the girl in the second clip gives a crude but correct answer, implying that "woman" means "biologically female adult human," and then instantly corrects herself by claiming that she is "only joking" and didn't mean to "exclude" anyone (i.e. transgender people).

The girls in this video clearly don't understand or sincerely believe what they're saying but are too scared and confused to admit it. They're walking on eggshells.

The issue here isn't that they're dumb, but that they've been psychologically abused into embracing this insane worldview.

They've been gaslit by the media and educational institutions and are clearly terrified to disagree because they know that they would face potentially life ruining social and legal repercussions. The UK has incredibly harsh and ill-defined "hate speech" laws

A couple of ratchet LA thots are offended that normal and sane people might wear an American flag T-shirt.

Peterson wants Cuckservative to pick a more moderate candidate

Never forget that for months, Fox News ran Pfizer and vaccine propaganda ads for profit.

The Moderna CEO says you should get repetitive shots for Covid just like you upgrade your iPhone every year

And he giggles most of the way through it because he knows the absurdity of what he’s saying

67 year old Arizona man punched to death by a "Wendy's employee" after he complained about his drink. We cannot co-exist with these people.

“There is no chance, no military way, that Ukraine can win this war. We have to be honest about it,” says retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis.

In Belgrade, Serbia demonstration against the global homo occupation parade or (LGBT parade) that is being planned by US/EU/NGO in September. Few other countries are left to bring this many people out in the open against this disgrace


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