World Economic Forum Truth on Covid 19 Vaccine Gene Editing
Remember when they said they were Gene Editing, well that was a lie here it's being admitted. Don't be the guinea pig.

FDA defending Genocide through Covid Shot phone call.
A swine flu shot was taken off the market after 25 deaths. Covid Shot deaths are in the many thousands. FDA is supposed to be overseeing the CDC and stop deadly vaccines. They admit the CDC is calling the shots. It's time to defund the FDA,, CDC, NIH. Call your Politicians and demand actions against these agencies. Stop the murders! Real Covid Vaccine Data Disclosed. Demand actions and call your representatives.

Confirmed 45,000 people have died from the COVID Vaccine within 3 days and they have covered it up. Attorney Thom Renz has filed the paperwork and lawsuit and is suing the Federal Government.

The cure can’t be worse than the disease.

The Difference between academia "science" and real life science
Allan Savory

Tania The Herbalist on Saying No to Lethal Covid Vaccine

Pharmacist in Georgia that Doesn't Care about Children.
Someone explain what the Hippocratic Oath was for again. This is why you don't blindly trust Doctors.

Biden Stops money saving policies and screws families


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