The inventor of the par tests currently being used to enforce lockdown worldwide, discusses that there was no link between what they were calling HIV and Aids. He "conveniently" died last year before his invention was to be used against the whole world. A fighter for truth, he fought the big pharma over the Aids plandemic and he would have fought this one too.

Andy Heasman faces charges for because he didn’t wear a mask. “We’re in a legal free fall and the laws which are supposed to protect have been slipped away by this Covid legislation

Learn about the evils of the world by an expert

Is this guy Zuck a robot?

Understand what the 179 countries agreed at the UN UNCED Summit in Brazil 1992. George Bush, John Major, Carl Bildt and more all agreed to an undemocratic take over of all the worlds citizens.

turns out the fact checkers are being paid by the very people / organisations they are supposed to be checking

Find out what is planned for us all. Please share

Unfortunately this is already too late to stop UK governments continuation of Coronavirus act, but this is good information to know all the criminals are doing to vaccinate all in UK which will be coming to all countries

How they tricked the world into using the "invisible enemy" as an excuse for lockdowns and to crash the economy and force control and vaccines onto to us

To take back control of the country and bring back laws that both protect the people from corrupt governments and authorities and give them rights as free citizens. The Magna Carta 2020 is our chance to both survive Agenda 21/2030 and to put our government in jail for the crimes they've committed. Michael O'Bernicia is a true hero for what he's

This is a compilation of Gates and his wish for everyone to have his vaccines. A summary of Agenda 21 and what is really behind the sustainability trojan horse. Also includes Amazing Polly and Rosa Koire, 2 important truth speakers.

Tests give cases, cases give excuses for lockdown, lockdown means businesses and jobs lost, which soon means the whole economy will crash!! And the army is brought in against its own people

Viruses aren't contagious, so what are they actually testing for. Its our own DNA our Chromosome 8

Viruses are part of our dna and being sick is a natural detox process we do during certain times of the year and usually in the winter months

Worst crimes against humanity in all history

Find out the story about Greta Thunberg, who her family are and what was behind her sudden rise to fame. Was she really trying to do good or just a front for a much darker and more sinister group of powerful people with their own agenda for making the world believe that humans C02 emissions were behind the last 200 years of warming?


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Finding and spreading the truth. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many more are controlled by a higher power. This power are also behind the agenda we’re witnessing where lockdown is used to crash the economy and force control and vaccines onto us, so are censoring the truth, deleting accounts to try stop the masses knowing.
If people know the truth and refuse to go along with this, we will one day be able to take back control of our countries and lives.

So Free Speech and information needs to be defended with everything we have.

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Love to all