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Max Igan report

This is a well-researched documentary that's been virtually wiped from the Internet. Based on Neal Gabler’s 1988 book, 'An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood'.

Gabler states:
They created their own America — an America which is not the real America… But ultimately, this shadow America became so popular and so widely disseminated that its images and its values came to devour the real America.

New World Order - Communism by backdoor is Dennis Wise's second documentary after his first documentary "Adolf Hitler: the greatest story never told." New World Order - Communism by backdoor focuses on New World Order and historical information that are related to New World Order. This includes World War 2, Boer Wars, etc.

Max Igan Report
The Truth Nobody Wants the Hear.

***Just my 2 cents on the video...I love everything about it except for the 'ARC' touting at the end. ARC, in my opinion, is just another WEF.

In 2020, G20 governments, in collusion with the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholders, discretely and undemocratically enacted a global ten-year transition to an authoritarian political system, called Stakeholder Capitalism.

After propagating a Marxist idea that black and trans people are oppressed and indoctrinating us to fear climate change, the Stakeholders are mandating their pre-planned political system, which its criminal mastermind, Klaus Schwab, alleges is better for ‘people and planet’.

Will we push back before A.I. takes our jobs, our wealth shifts to the Stakeholders and we become vulnerable to tyranny? Join tech entrepreneur, Richard Jeffs, as he investigates The Great Reset transition to Stakeholder Capitalism.

Report by Max Igan
Depopulation by Unconventional Warfare

Finally.. a film about COVID-19, vaccines and our societal response that isn’t one sided, conspiratorial or condescending. Let’s look back with 2020 vision at the largest medical intervention in human history.


Jeremy's stream on Monday April 22nd was so powerful, I decided to clip it to Animal Farm.

RPM xo

Max Igan Report:

This is the the reason the Canadian Government invoked the Emergencies Act.
This is NOT A JOKE...though the government is.


Watch as Trudeau is about to cry when mentioning Diagolon...butt hurt maximization.
BTW Pollivier did NOT visit or meet with any Diagolon members, he happened to have a photo taken beside a scribbling on a trailer door. This is what this tyrant has his knickers in a knot over.

What a bloody clown show.
There is NO such things as a Diagolon encampment.

Our ridiculous country 🇨🇦 is labelling Diagolon as a terrorist group!
There is no truth, no evidence and no proof of such retarded claims.
Our 'leaders' are cowardly liars hell bent on crushing the real opposition of their tyranny.

"Animal Farm," an enthralling animated adaptation of George Orwell's revolutionary novel, delves into themes of rebellion, treachery, and the corrosive nature of power. Spearheaded by John Halas and Joy Batchelor, this riveting film chronicles a group of farm animals who depose their human tyrant, only to find themselves trapped in a society mirroring the very despotism they initially fled. As they grapple with the harsh truths of their predicament, the animals must face the perils of unbridled authority and the all-too-human vices of avarice and domination. With its gripping narrative and visually striking imagery, "Animal Farm" stands as a powerful allegory for the human experience and a sobering reminder of the hazards of absolute power, immortalized in the iconic phrase: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Exposing the Sham: "White Girls Black Dolls" and the War on Whiteness

In this explosive exposé, Lana takes on the flawed and biased "doll test" that has been used to perpetuate the myth of inherent White racism. The test, which involves presenting children with dolls of different races, has been touted as proof that White children are born with a natural preference for their own race. But Lana argues that this is nothing more than a sham, designed to pathologize White people and break down their natural preferences.

Through a deep dive into the history of the doll test, Lana reveals the sinister forces behind its creation, including Jewish psychologists and sociologists who sought to destroy Western society. She exposes the flawed methodology, the cherry-picked data, and the outright lies that have been used to perpetuate this myth.

Lana also delves into the darker implications of this ideology, including the notion that White people must be "cured" of their racism through medication, therapy, or even brain surgery. She argues that this is nothing short of a war on Whiteness, designed to eradicate any sense of identity or pride among White people.

With her characteristic wit and candor, Lana takes on the establishment and challenges viewers to think critically about the lies they've been told. This is a must-view for anyone who wants to understand the true nature of the war on Whiteness and the sinister forces driving it.

You'll never guess who's behind it!

Thanks! Just a Dude Channel!

Carbon Zero - A Weaponized Reality

Come juice it up!
Sorry I took so long to post, it took forever to cut this video down to size for upload!

Come juice it up!
Sorry I took so long to post, it took forever to cut this video down to size for upload!

McAfee is in the news again, so let's do a refresh with this mainstream hit piece.

Max Igan's latest video.

In a dystopian world a new form of A.I. weaponry has been created.
All these drone bots need is a profile: age, sex, fitness, uniform, and ethnicity.
Nuclear is obsolete. Take out your entire enemy virtually risk free.
Just characterize him, release the swarm, and rest easy.

🇨🇦 Canada is becoming India 2.0 due to all the traitors in office!!

Soon enough all of Canada will contract e-coli & h-pylori thanks to their
disgusting 'hygiene' practices. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Max Igan- Observations on Reality


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