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How do we escape the the grips of the 1%?

Mom was able to get to the Russian National Guard, where the girl was given first aid and taken to a field hospital. There she was given full assistance, her life is not in danger.

He surrendered, said that the Azov regiment seized power in Mariupol and shot not only civilians, but also other military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Trials can't come soon enough!

The head of Chechnya noted that the national battalions are suffering significant losses in all areas.

“Most of the Bandera gang is hiding in residential areas. The militants who have settled in apartments are in an extremely deplorable state. They are trying, hiding behind civilians, to delay the inevitable end,” writes Kadyrov.

You won't see this on the mainstream news.
On the Azov Battalion:
"Scum basically. This Azov Battalion needs to be destroyed. Not a single one should be taken alive. Not a single one. And Zelensky should go first, dammit....look what he's done to people."
H/T @themeitryx. Confirmed the subtitles are accurate.

"Then again a Prime Minister who openly admires the Chinese basic dictatorship...who tramples on fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists just because they dared to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy...should not be allowed to speak in this house at all.
Mr Trudeau: You are a disgrace to democracy. Please spare us your presence."

Apparently, they were trained by British instructors, they also fled from Afghanistan. True, more successful.

The Russian Marine Corps of the Russian Federation, the 9th Regiment and the 107th Battalion of the NM DPR Mob Reserve, with the support of the Somali Battalion and Chechen security forces, reached the perimeter of the neo-Nazi fortified area at the industrial zone of the Azov-Stal plant.

Thus, our attack aircraft cut off the Azov forces that settled there from groups of other militants remaining in the hotel quarters of the central part of Mariupol and the port.

Courtesy: 🔗 Wargonzo

State Duma deputy Artyom Turov made a statement in which he stated the need to create a military tribunal that would investigate cases of using civilians as a "human shield".

The deputy himself was able to personally hear about examples of the use of such tactics by neo-Nazis from people who are now being evacuated from Mariupol. Of course, it is assumed that a specially created commission will also collect materials on other war crimes of the Kiev regime.

Servicemen from the newly formed unit of the 90th battalion of the 81st brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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