Repair your skin from all the over sun exposure this summer with CryoClear and Opulence from Intraceuticals.

Experience a 5 minute face lift in a bottle everyday. Use a combination of various Retouch serums daily to lift, hydrate and illuminate your skin. Available at

The Intraceuticals infusion treatment is the celebrities go to treatment to look amazing on the red carpet. Have a treatment done at Escova Salon and walk your red carpet everyday. 248-647-1111

Many major celebrities trust in the Intraceuticals infusion treatment to make them look their ultimate best on the red carpet. This treatment plumps up the skin and hydrates it from the inside out. Book an appointment at Escova Salon and look red carpet ready everyday. 248-647-1111

Stop moisturizing and start layering. The 3 step layering system from Intraceuticals is designed to instantly hydrate your skin while trapping hydration in to prevent it from escaping. Intraceuticals uses multiple weights of Hyaluronic Acid to bind and attract moisture to your skin. Just apply these 3 steps twice a day and see your skin transform instantly. Available at

Update you're skincare with the Booster serums from Intraceuticals. These are targeted skincare serums to enhance your current skincare programs.

Check out all the glowing celebrities that used the Intraceuticals Infusion treatment at the Golden Globes 2019. This infusion treatment is the ultimate prep for perfect makeup. Make an appointment at Escova Salon and experience this treatment yourself. 248-647-1111

Color your hair without chemicals. The DOME Monofibre and Prolin hair enhancers use a 3 or 4 stem braid, braided into your natural hair. Anchored in by the heat of the C2. No glues, bonds or clamps used for these extensions. No damage to your natural hair and easy removal. Small undetectable hair enhancers. Can be worn up to 3 months.

Check out the celebrities that got their skin prepped with the Intraceuticals infusion treatment. Make an appointment at Escova Salon to experience this treatment yourself. 248-647-1111.

Blue Spirit Hair Gel and Petro White Pomade from DOME is now available on

Don't get caught looking like the crypt keeper this fall. Book and appointment for and Intraceuticals infusion treatment. Escova Salon 248-647-1111

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The Revitalash haircare system helps encourage hair growth and reduce hair fall out. Conditions the scalp and gives you thicker fuller hair. Purchase yours today at

Now get thicker fuller hair with 3 easy steps from Revitalash haircare. Available on

Now purchase Revitalash products on

Look as good as a celebrity with Intraceuticals

Sunday September 16 the Novi Bridal Expo in Novi,MI

Sun spots, dark spots? CryoClear will help fade these unsightly spots away in 30 days or less. No pain, no downtime.

Reverse the sun damage you have caused to your skin all summer. With Opulence from Intraceuticals, these products help illuminate, brighten, and tighten your skin instantly.

come visit me at the Novi Bridal Expo in Novi, MI. Sunday September 16 from noon until 5pm. come see how Intraceuticals can instantly transform your skin!

Men love the Intraceuticals infusion treatment and home skincare products. This treatment is cooling, relaxing and painless. It will instantly revive tired skin. And make it easier to shave.

Wedding season is here. To make sure you look your ultimate best, start booking your Intraceuticals infusion treatments to get your skin in tip top shape.

Choose from two different summer promos. The HydraBoost deluxe kit or the Anti-aging hydration treatment package. Both include a complementary Rejuvenate eye gel and 6 eye masks. Perfect to keep your skin glowing all summer long!

Tired of spending $300-$400 a month on a jar of moisturizer? Then take that monthly investment and purchase a Intraceuticals 6 week course kit and see and feel results instantly after on treatment!

Are you part of the A-List? The Intraceuticals infusion treatment is your ticket into the club. Major celebrities use this treatment because it works instantly. Call Escova Salon to add your face to our list. 248-647-1111


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