Many Mansions.

Secrets of life.

The way to real freedom and true life.

The living God reveals himself.

How it works.

The way to experience new life.

How to manage things.

To the Dutch people.

Words of hope.

Encouraging words for those who listen.

Very short message.

God speaks to people... asks them questions... tells them future things.

Future things.

What happened to cities, regions or nations...

Very important word to christians.

Message of GOD to the nations and Europe.

Message from Jean Schoonbroodt.

Short message from The Candle.

Message from The Candle...

Words of God in these days.

Although often the video doesn't appear, still it is possible to hear the message. Just, please, be patient, for often Bitchute doesn't load very fast. Thanks.

God's love to creation.

Bitchute sometimes doesn't work very good. Often my video's don't appear, but when you are patient, you will hear after a while my messages audible.

Een belangrijke boodschap aan de mensen van deze tijd.

God laat horen hoe HIJ dingen ziet.

God's woord toont ons de weg tot het eeuwige leven.

Zeer ernstige boodschap van God tot de verantwoordelijken en gelovigen. 31.01.2018.

Boodschap over God's liefde tot mens en schepping.


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Words of God in these last days, in the power of the Ghost/Spirit of God, in an apostolic and prophetic and revealing way... to the glory of the Living GOD of the universes... and as messages to Israel... and to the nations... and to the churches... and leaders and all people in creation.