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Profetie/woorden van GOD via de Stem in de Wind.


Created by Jean Schoonbroodt. NL.

Message by God's grace.

Boodschap door God's genade via Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.

Botschaft durch Jean Schoonbroodt. NL.

Clip created by Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.

Bijbelsgerelateerde boodschap, die de Ware Bron van het leven openbaart.

Boodschap in God's genade in Jezus Christus' naam.

CLIP created by God's grace by Jean Schoonbroodt. NL

Message of grace.

Message by God's grace.

Created by God's grace through Jean Schoonbroodt. NL.

Gruss und Botschaft des Glaubens.

CLIP-music and photo's and short video's . Created by Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.

Botschaft in Gottes Gnade durch Jean Schoonbroodt.Nl.

Boodschap in God's genade via Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.

Message by Jean Schoonbroodt.NL.


Prophecy/Message of GOD.



Created 5 years, 11 months ago.

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Words of God in these last days, in the power of the Ghost/Spirit of God, in an apostolic and prophetic and revealing way... to the glory of the Living GOD of the universes... and as messages to Israel... and to the nations... and to the churches... and leaders and all people in creation.