How GOD looks at it.

What happens... and why ?


He is... will they accept Him ?

How it will be.

His glory.

Hij spreekt.

God's word.

His Love.

Concerning Mashiach.

God's Word.

God is the God of all.

Concerning reality.

What is going to happen at Jerusalem.

In the past, present and future.

How God looks at things.

Message of GOD to the UN.

Word of God to the leaders of Israel.

The preparation.

Future events.

Out of... the Maze of the world.

How God saves.

Wake up call.

God spreekt bemoedigend.

Gottes Werk in Menschenleben.


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Words of God in these last days, in the power of the Ghost/Spirit of God, in an apostolic and prophetic and revealing way... to the glory of the Living GOD of the universes... and as messages to Israel... and to the nations... and to the churches... and leaders and all people in creation.