Wake up call.

God spreekt bemoedigend.

Gottes Werk in Menschenleben.

Gods love calls...

God's love.

Ways of communication.

Words of God.

Gods call... in these last days...

In deze laatste dagen verlaten, vallen velen weg van God.

Gaat uit van haar Mijn volk ; spreekt de Here YHVH, de Almachtige, de Vader der schepping.

Gods anger...

Return to God...

Things from above.

Aangaande de terugkeer van de Zoon van God.

Gott spricht zu den Christlichen Gemeinden.

Hört das Wort...

Gerechtigkeit kommt.

Eine Weissagung Gottes.

Gottes Ruf...

Why things happen.

How ? Listen...

God's love...

In times of need there has to be a faithfull one.

Confrontation between them.

Several things are revealed, some will be revealed.


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Words of God in these last days, in the power of the Ghost/Spirit of God, in an apostolic and prophetic and revealing way... to the glory of the Living GOD of the universes... and as messages to Israel... and to the nations... and to the churches... and leaders and all people in creation.