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Dress by Barbara Tam
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Amazing how the only comments I get are from trolls with a sense of disgust with what I present. No One seems to listen to what I say: I AM NOT YOUR TYPICAL TRANS TYPE!!!! This channel is about a perspective the MSM, Groomers, and the crap left does not share. There are some crossdressers out here who are honest folks, raise families, and are just plain normal in all respects but one. I do not advocate what I do for kids and would vote to hang teachers who promote such. Please try to accept people like me. We are NOT all Dark side Disney Dastards.....

Dress by Unikaren:
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an article of the 1873 Trapdoor Springfield:

Dress by Barbara Tam
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for any interested:
note to those leaving such potty mouthed comments: Have you ever LISTENED TO WHAT I SAY?

Dress by MzGlamour
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Dress by I am not sure; purchased off eBay
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but a different silver white; this is my newest white dress
Dress (and Bonnet) by Barbra Tam:
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Note: a write-up with more information on the rifle shown:

dress by MzGlamour (sorry, no longer in business)
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Dress by Sunny Creations (alas, no longer advertising)
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Dress (and bonnet) by Barbara Tam of Hong Kong
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Dress (and Bonnet) by Barbara Tam
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two pistols shown:
Frank Wesson 1869 22 Short single shot
Iver Johnson 1888 22 short revolver

Dress by Barbara Tam
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displayed firearm: Mossberg 500 Pump

as I am not sure how to hold these for later, released early on Bitchute

dress by MzGlamour (sorry no longer making dresses sadly
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for more information on Mouse Guns might I suggest:

released early on Bitchute
dress by Barbara Tam
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for more info on the revolvers I show see:

Dress by Debbie's Dresser:
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rifle 22LR Savage-Stevens Sears Roebuck child's rifle from the 1950s

dress by MzGlamour of eBay Sorry no longer in business
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Two revolvers shown (both Single Action Army):
Armi San Marcos 32-20
Heritage Arms 22LR

I have an ancient VHS tape. This is about Dr Richard Feynman a brilliant man and Nobel Laureate for developing the theory of quantum electrodynamics. He also had used his intellect on many other areas. I once met him.

dress by Aunt Debbie:
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Guns shown: 1851 Colt Navy, Spiller and Burr, Dance, Griswold and Gunnison


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Just to show that Bitchute is NOT JUST politically conservative content....
Hello, My name is Joan Cairo. I am a Conservative Cross Dresser. I know I know, in today's world there are a dozen new terms for it but I am an older Cross dresser, AKA a transvestite. Shameful I know, but hey! We are out there and not as rare as many would like to believe. I have had a youtube channel for a number of years and thought I would post to this alternative as well. I

One thing I wanted to see was: is this a place where "other" thinkers...could post? Not exactly what you would find down at the Antioch Baptist Church, but not a San Francisco bath house either. Politically I am rather conservative but my lifestyle is somewhat "different". I am not gay, heck I am BLESSEDLY Single and love it that way. Basically, I'm both the boy and girl in my own life. Screw Loose, yeah yeah I know, but it works for me. Here, I display my various fashions, and occasionally my thoughts on life. If Interested, enjoy, if you are a troll, please find something more productive to do with your time. and mine.
If you wish to know more about me I did post a brief bio at Subscribestar -shameless plug :)