dress by Barbara Tam
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I released this on Youtube so I might as well release it here
On Youtube I just got 400 subscribers; only 57 on Bitchute but they seem quite active here
a Barbara Tam dress
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a Barbara Tam dress (and petticoat)
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A custom dress by Aunt Debbie or Debbie's Dresser
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OK I take the hint. Comments on my red dress were honest.. well here is a white one.
By Barbara Tam
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I'm sorry, I forgot where I got this. Goodwill probably


My first Barbara Tam yellow dress ( I have two)
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dress by Sunny Creations
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dress by Sunny Creation
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recorded a bit earlier last month.
dress by Barbra Tam
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Dress by Barbara Tam
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epilogue: I finally figured out the problem; my Camera stopped re-charging batteries. I bought an external battery charger (and 2 new batteries) and now it again works fine.

Sorry I forgot to mention it in the video. this dress is by Debbie's Dresser on Etsy or "Aunt D, or Aunt Debbie" on eBay this is her etsy store (highly recomended):
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dress by MzGlamour
shoes by -note: it says "out of stock" but if you email him he might be able to dig up a few pairs.

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a MzGlamour dress from eBay
shoes from the SISTER MARY AGNES collection:
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and this is a link to the dress I mentioned

with a return to frilly....
and not a tuffet in sight
Dress Barbara Tam
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Dress by eBay and Chinese in construction (sorry)
Shoes also eBay
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Dress by Debbie's Dresser
shoes: eBay
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OK , I was making a video, the phone rang and I went to answer it, turned off the camera. Then after the call went to “Take 2” and…instead of starting a new .mov file, the darn thing appended the second take to the first. Because of this, I repeat myself a few times but, as I have said, I am no expert at video editing; I know nothing about it. So, I left it as is. Here is my “Swish Dress” and me prattling…..

DRESS: I think by Sunny Creations -look for sissy dress on eBay
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A tease video....
dress by Barbara Tam
shoes are Funtasia (eBay seller)
accessories from Dollar General
Panties from Ruffles4you on etsy

a short look at a tease. -Released early on Bitchute.
I prefer Bitchute to the Silicon Mafia that Youtube has become.
dress Barbara Tam
Shoes: Funtasmia
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Dress and petti: Barbara Tam
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NOTE: My Apologies: I mentioned Victor Hugo here. I MEANT Alexandre Dumas.
Dumas was a very flamboyant character; author of the Three Musketeers and many many other serials. When once told "You have Raped History", He replied: "Yes but we had such Beautiful Offspring"


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Just to show that Bitchute is NOT JUST politically conservative content....
Hello, My name is Joan Cairo. I am a Cross dresser. I know I know, in today's world there are a dozen new terms for it. CIS GENDER BENDER, transitioning, and whatever the LGBTMICKEYMOUSE corp can think of. Me, I am an old Cross dresser, AKA a transvestite. Shameful I know, but hey! We are out there and not as rare as many would like to believe. I have had a youtube channel for a number of years and thought I would post to this alternative as well. I like Bitchute but the trolls who comment from Disqus , not so much.
If you look on Youtube, and a few other places you can find me if you really need to comment. Most trolls just want to deposit fecal matter and run so ...

One thing I wanted to see was: is this a place where "other" thinkers...could post? Not exactly what you would find down at the Antioch Baptist Church, but not a San Francisco bath house either. Politically I am rather conservative but my lifestyle is somewhat "different". I am not gay, heck I am BLESSEDLY Single and love it that way. Basically, I'm both the boy and girl in my own life. Screw Loose, yeah yeah I know, but it works for me. Here, I display my various fashions, and occasionally my thoughts on life. If Interested, enjoy, if you are a troll, please find something more productive to do with your time. and mine.