older film from the Fuji camera

and reflections on shall we say...the Results?


Note: this was filmed with a GoPro and I think the white balance is a

an evening in white satin

new cam

I do not usually do baby. The diaper fetish is not mine. But occasionally ... I do have a few baby dresses and this one is by far the most prissy.

-old video I never released---

my red baby Xmas dress....on a cold rainy day

what better for the start of spring then innocences?


(new cam)

my newest "Aunt Debbie" dress.

Springtime in my yellow dress and bonnet

this will not be released on Youtube for about a week

An example of a typical 1960s vintage baby doll nightie in pastel pink with a matching bed jacket and peignoir. This is modified to retain the PG status; Nightgowns of this era were quite sheer.
Oh Come on! you did it too!

new camera

as it were :)
a lovely day in lavender

-old video. scrubbing the cache

old camera getting rid of these older videos


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Just to show that Bitchute is NOT JUST politically conservative content....
Hello, My name is Joan Cairo. I am a Cross dresser. I know I know, in today's world there are a dozen new terms for it. CIS GENDER BENDER, transitioning, and whatever the LGBTMICKEYMOUSE corp can think of. Me, I am an old Cross dresser, AKA a transvestite. Shameful I know, but hey! We are out there and not as rare as many would like to believe. I have had a youtube channel for a number of years and thought I would post to this alternative as well. I like Bitchute but the trolls who comment from Disqus , not so much. One thing I wanted to see was: is this a place where "other" thinkers...could post? Not exactly what you would find down at the Antioch Baptist Church, but not a San Francisco bath house either. Politically I am rather conservative but my lifestyle is somewhat "different". I am not gay, heck I am BLESSEDLY Single and love it that way. Basically, I'm both the boy and girl in my own life. Screw Loose, yeah yeah I know, but it works for me. Here, I display my various fashions, and occasionally my thoughts on life. If Interested, enjoy, if you are a troll, please find something more productive to do with your time. and mine.
BTW, politically, I am very conservative.