my qipao or cheomgsam. qipao is Mandarin, cheongsam is Cantonese but both mean a tight fiting Oriental style traditional dress.
it is by Barbara Tam
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joy geen!

This is what I call my Princess Dress. It is a one of a kind by Aunt Debbie:

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A short rant about femininity and the lack of it in modern female apparel.

Barbara Tam's catalog:
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As Promised, Barbara Tam's Catalog -have fun :)
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The dress is by Mz Glamour and is a one of a kind designer sort of thing.
The Rant is by Joan Cairo
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Sorry, this is a one of a kind Mz Glamour dress...

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If you want one like this try Barbara's catalog:
Tell her "Joan sent me" :)

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I would include the catalog page but alas this one is no longer available. Here is the catalog though if you want to look for another:
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Here is Barbara's catalog page on this dresss:

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this is an Aunt Debbie. here is her shoppe:

Here is her store:
As you have seen my other offerings by her I am sure you can appreciate the quality.
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As I say in the video, this is a Barbara Tam dress. For those who do not know Barbara makes extremely beautiful sissy dresses catering to the cross dresser market Here is her web page if interested.

Barbara is in Hong Kong and offers some of the most beautiful creations you will ever see. If you have followed my page for any time you will notice that I own many of her dresses and model them. The following is a email exchange I had with Barbara when I received this beauty:

To Barbara:

neih hou (hello in Cantonese) dear lady

Your latest amazing creation arrived and I think it quite lovely

mhgoi (thank you) for your efforts.

I have watched with concern your circumstance in Hong Kong and just wish to so say I wish you, your family, your employees
and all the people of Hong Kong: Jūk néih hóuwahn (Good luck/fortune)

I salute you dear lady.

To which she replied:

Dear Joan

Thank you for your kind words and all of your support.
On business. our creations were robbed by them. We can't stop it.
In life, the air of freedom survival will soon be drained.
For our local Hong Kong people, we are exhausting our last breath for our free life .
I am very touched by your support and concern. I will cherish my space to keep continuous creating for you all.
Desire to be like you, to live under free.

Thank you again.


If you are not aware of the circumstance in Hong Kong please watch this video by a ex-pat South African who lives in China and... pray for hong Kong -Joan Cairo :


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Just to show that Bitchute is NOT JUST politically conservative content....
Hello, My name is Joan Cairo. I am a Cross dresser. I know I know, in today's world there are a dozen new terms for it. CIS GENDER BENDER, transitioning, and whatever the LGBTMICKEYMOUSE corp can think of. Me, I am an old Cross dresser, AKA a transvestite. Shameful I know, but hey! We are out there and not as rare as many would like to believe. I have had a youtube channel for a number of years and thought I would post to this alternative as well. I like Bitchute but the trolls who comment from Disqus , not so much. One thing I wanted to see was: is this a place where "other" thinkers...could post? Not exactly what you would find down at the Antioch Baptist Church, but not a San Francisco bath house either. Politically I am rather conservative but my lifestyle is somewhat "different". I am not gay, heck I am BLESSEDLY Single and love it that way. Basically, I'm both the boy and girl in my own life. Screw Loose, yeah yeah I know, but it works for me. Here, I display my various fashions, and occasionally my thoughts on life. If Interested, enjoy, if you are a troll, please find something more productive to do with your time. and mine.
BTW, politically, I am very conservative. Just becasue we do one thing differently does NOT mean we are all leftist twits.