My favorite red polka dot dress. And yes, it is a Barbara Tam

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a pink Mz Glamour number. Sorry, no longer available.
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Think of this as an out-take. I did this video a few days earlier then today's but decided on the other one as a release. This one well I could have deleted it but I dump it here for your disapproval.

I love these prissy white dresses! this one is by my lady Barbara:

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I bough this off eBay for $18.95 yes THAT cheap! and unlike most Chinese dresses this one is not bad.

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Another Mz Glamour Number so alas, no catalog reference; She has had medical issues and is no longer producing.

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This was an old (about a year ago) video I just found. I reference Mz Glamour, who made this lovely dress. Sorry folks, it is not available nor are any of hers. Alas she has had some medical issues and is no longer advertising. I treasure all of hers I own. As you can see, she has a skill in making very sissy dresses.
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After all tis the end of the warm months. Might as well wear a dress specific to Summer. It is by Aunt Debbie and is in her catalog:

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Well, it was Recorded on Sunday....

Remember Mother saying "Don't get your clothes dirty before church"?

(note: a video I forgot about

Another beautiful creation from Barbara Tam

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a Barbara Tam Dress. Sorry folks it is out of stock

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yes I was right, this one is out of stock. sorry.

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and to any trolls out there: remember what Dave Chappelle said: "YOU CLICKED ON IT!"

another lovely Barbara Tam number

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This is an older video I had lost. Just re-found it.
I would post the catalog page but sorry any MzGlmour number is a one of a kind and she is no longer producing (health issues)

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Barbara's catalog go ahead; it is in there! :)

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and be sure to remember your Ruby Slippers
This is a Barbara Tam
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Note to trolls: If you don't like it, as Dave Chappelle said: You Clicked On It!

Yet another Barbara Tam creation

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-for those who are curious to know about me, I posted a brief bio here.

This is a brand new fashion creation by Barbara Tam M'Goi Barbara!
here is Barbara's catalog page

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Barbara Tam's Catalog;
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its a Barbara Tam number -do some digging (oh come on! you love doing it) its in there. -If you buy one of Barbara's dresses, tell her "Joan Sent Me" :)

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Note: as a test, I am releasing this a night earlier then Youtube.

my qipao or cheomgsam. qipao is Mandarin, cheongsam is Cantonese but both mean a tight fiting Oriental style traditional dress.
it is by Barbara Tam
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joy geen!

This is what I call my Princess Dress. It is a one of a kind by Aunt Debbie:

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A short rant about femininity and the lack of it in modern female apparel.

Barbara Tam's catalog:
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Just to show that Bitchute is NOT JUST politically conservative content....
Hello, My name is Joan Cairo. I am a Cross dresser. I know I know, in today's world there are a dozen new terms for it. CIS GENDER BENDER, transitioning, and whatever the LGBTMICKEYMOUSE corp can think of. Me, I am an old Cross dresser, AKA a transvestite. Shameful I know, but hey! We are out there and not as rare as many would like to believe. I have had a youtube channel for a number of years and thought I would post to this alternative as well. I like Bitchute but the trolls who comment from Disqus , not so much. One thing I wanted to see was: is this a place where "other" thinkers...could post? Not exactly what you would find down at the Antioch Baptist Church, but not a San Francisco bath house either. Politically I am rather conservative but my lifestyle is somewhat "different". I am not gay, heck I am BLESSEDLY Single and love it that way. Basically, I'm both the boy and girl in my own life. Screw Loose, yeah yeah I know, but it works for me. Here, I display my various fashions, and occasionally my thoughts on life. If Interested, enjoy, if you are a troll, please find something more productive to do with your time. and mine.
BTW, politically, I am very conservative. Just becasue we do one thing differently does NOT mean we are all leftist twits.