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Following up on the video about my "feminazi family member" that threatened to shun me if I didn't let her disrespect me and get away with it, this video discusses a phrase she lives by: "the personal is political." The phrase has its roots in decades-old feminist movements. I discuss why this is nothing more than an excuse to psychologically bully others who disagree, a way to avoid seeing all detractors as human beings, thereby making it acceptable to hurt them in any way the abuser deems necessary.

How anyone sane can come up with the notion that one person is the representative of a conspiracy theory-level threat is beyond me. Maybe she is a narcissistic sociopath. I have no idea, but this kind of behavior is what the internet-o-sphere would unironically dub "Literally Hitler."

One of my family members with a huge feminist chip on her shoulder and a hard-on for her college credentials tried to bully me with the threat of shunning me entirely if I dared to disagree with her and refused to be hurt by her insults toward me. How did a post debunking a falsely attributed image spiral into an irrational and increasingly personal series of attacks, with threats of familial shunning less than ten messages in? Listen as I get this off my chest.

I think it's pretty mentally unstable to threaten to shun a family member over a political position disagreement. What do you think?

One weird trick to align layers by hand in GIMP! This technique uses the "invert" command with a half-transparent layer to create an emboss effect that goes away more as your layer alignment is more correct. There are plugins around the internet that will align layers for you, but this is a fast, easy way to do it with stock GIMP. It won't help with layers that are misaligned due to rotation or scaling, only vertical and horizontal movement, but most pictures seem to only suffer from H/V offsets, so it's a handy trick to have in your GIMP toolkit.

Watch my HDR in GIMP tutorial that was mentioned in the video:

There's a gravel road in Siler City, North Carolina called Patterson Street. No one lives there, but a couple of people used to live there a long time ago. Now it's lined by a cow pasture and woods, ultimately ending in the far end of a golf course. People drive down the road sometimes to do drugs, have sex, and eat Burger King, judging by the kinds of trash often found at the end of the road. I decided to park nearby and share my nature walk down Patterson Street with you, but what I didn't count on was a light drizzle suddenly turning into a torrential downpour! Needless to say, the last parts of this video are very different from the first. I ended up with completely soaked shoes and pretty wet legs and some spray on the camera, but it was all fine in the end.

On the way, I ran into some vultures hanging out on the chimney of a long-abandoned house and an old couple that lived in the now-burned house at the end of the road, of which only the brick foundation remains.

Tulsi Gabbard looked like an interesting political candidate, but she has officially fallen into the trap of talking about Trump instead of herself. I'm calling it: her 2020 Presidential campaign is dead. Once you become a free publicity engine for Trump, you have lost.

Go watch Emperor Lemon's MEME Theory video in full here (it's worth it!):

The 1981 arcade game Tempest was before my time, but I enjoyed it when I tried it on an emulator one day. Then I played Tempest 2000 on a PC...with no working sound. It was fun, but quiet. Then I downloaded this masterpiece, Typhoon 2001, a from-scratch enhanced remake of Tempest 2000, and I never really stopped playing it when I was itching for some fast-paced fun that might blow out my subwoofer. For best results, play in a dark room with really good bass and crank it up.

5:35 View switched from fixed to following (F2 I think)
8:05 The levels add spikes to avoid when finishing
14:28 Warp enabled! The really weird bonus stage.
15:33 Bonus stage ends
17:05 No lives left, looks like I'm gonna lose soon
26:23 I actually use the Superzapper for once
26:52 The levels have a row of spikes from the start
28:40 Level selection lets you pick any of the 99 levels
29:14 Level 98. Insane difficulty. No, I don't last long.

You can get Typhoon 2001 from here:

I don't normally post gameplay footage, but I was poking through Tempest 2000 videos on YouTube and it occurred to me that the music and sound effects sound way better in Typhoon 2001 than they do on the Atari Jaguar or the official soundtrack, so I figured I'd fill the void. Well, I ended up filling the void for a lot longer than I expected...the game is freakin' fun, what can I say?

YouTube is the second-largest website on Earth and the largest video platform by orders of magnitude. Advertisers leave YouTube and its billions of users at their own peril, so why does YouTube bend over and take it from pot-stirring sociopath fake journalists like Carlos Maza? Why does YouTube capitulate to people whose only power is temporarily chasing off advertisers that will come back as soon as the outrage mob moves on? It doesn't make sense.

An even better question: why does YouTube fail to enforce its own policies fairly and consistently? Why does Carlos Maza get to break YouTube policies without penalty while Steven Crowder is punished despite fully complying with YouTube's policies, and YouTube even publicly stating such until Maza stirred up an even bigger outrage mob?

Mister Metokur - A Bigot's Dollar:

This is not a new problem but it's becoming a much larger one. Many years ago, PayPal notoriously banned "adult" fiction book sellers (not actual pornography, just books with pornographic descriptions using words) from their service and it caused quite a stir. With the #PatreonPurge, PayPal's banning of SubscribeStar, and a wide variety of individual de-platforming by other payment processors such as Stripe, we're seeing overt actions by financial platform providers reminiscent of the days of Hollywood's anti-Communist blacklists, disrupting free exercise of speech and the ability of mutually consenting parties to engage in beneficial commerce in the age of the internet.

My solution is simple: FIPNA, the "Financial Provider Neutrality Act." This would be a law (preferably an amendment to the United States Constitution) that forces the provider of ANY financial service platform (banks, card processors, online payment processors, investment firms, etc.) to accept and retain everyone on that platform unless they have actively used that platform to break the law or are otherwise legally barred from opening a bank account with that platform. This protection extends beyond banks to all "financial services platforms" because despite allowing you to have an account in which you may deposit and they retain funds, PayPal and others somehow are "not a bank" and are able to skirt a wide variety of consumer protection laws due to "not being a bank." Imagine if every bank in your town closed any bank account you opened shortly after you opened it because they didn't like your political beliefs! That's shockingly not far from where we're heading with this behavior.

I am generally a pretty hard classical libertarian, but the immense control that near-monopoly corporations have over major aspects of the internet represent a colossal threat to our fundamental freedoms. What good is freedom of speech if you are banned from the public square? What good is freedom of speech if you can't buy dinner because a required third party can block people from giving you the money that they WANT to give you? If you can't exercise your fundamental freedoms in any effective way then you DO NOT actually have those freedoms. I understand that we have hundreds of years of case law that says corporations have the same freedoms as individuals because corporations are groups of individuals exercising their freedoms and I don't necessarily disagree with that concept. Where I draw the line is when corporate freedoms conflict with individual freedoms, and in such instances I believe that individual freedoms must take precedence and restrictions must be imposed on the corporation to preserve those individual liberties, lest society become like the worst-case example of a democracy: "three wolves and a rabbit decide what's for dinner."

I take the back plate off of a Dell Inspiron 24-3455 series all-in-one desktop computer for the first time. Bottom line: heaps of plastic clips. The good news is that removing the plastic back plate is the only hard part! Once you take off the back, all of the parts are easy to reach and removal or upgrading is super simple. The hard drive is in a metal caddy and every screw holding it down is easy to find; both RAM slots are sticking out of the motherboard and couldn't be more obvious.

I do not remove any screen parts in this video. The good news is that screen removal appears to also be both simple and easy to figure out; all screws for the metal frame are visible from the back. As cheap as these machines are, I don't feel like it's worth repairing the screen if it gets damaged anyway. Then again, I don't like all-in-one computers in general, so...take that with a grain of salt.

I recorded this short review after I got my Hubsan X4 H107C HD "drone" (it's really just a quadcopter toy with a camera) and I had intended to edit it with some other video into a fancy video review. The month after this was recorded, I shot footage of my fisheye camera mod that makes the camera images more useful and posted two videos showing it off. Since I've already made those videos and this has been sitting around for nine months (and it's nice and short and has no boring parts) it seemed like a good idea to upload it as-is.

Flying the Hubsan X4 H107C With a Cell Phone Fisheye Adapter:

Drone Footage is Better With Lindsey Stirling's Crystallize feat. Hubsan X4 H107C HD:

I disassemble a brand new Dell Inspiron 3470 desktop computer and upgrade the hard drive to an SSD. You'll need one fine-thread screw meant for a CD/DVD drive or floppy drive; if you have an old desktop PC lying around, you can probably steal one from it.

These little machines are very simple and easy to get into, plus they're upgradable! The CPU, RAM, and hard drive upgrade capabilities are better than most compact desktops I've seen lately. There is one empty RAM slot and an extra SATA connector, though you'll need a SATA power splitter and a little creativity to mount a third drive somewhere. I got this machine for $450 new and it's a good value at that price; throw in a $50 SSD and you have a super snappy compact desktop PC for $500. I like it.

Noise reduction can increase the apparent quality of an image where noise is a big problem such as with a smartphone camera, but there is a major problem with noise reduction: computers can't distinguish noise from fine detail. One reason you might want to shoot RAW on your cameras is that a RAW image preserves all the noise and detail as the camera really captured it, so you get to choose whether or not to smooth out the fine detail to lower the apparent noise. I prefer to accept the noise and keep the detail in almost all cases.

Companion article for this video:

One of the major benefits of shooting video with Panasonic mirrorless cameras is that the picture profiles have a noise reduction setting which I love to turn all the way down. It's amazing how much better the video quality gets with noise reduction disabled.

Photo taken on a Panasonic LX3 in macro focus mode.

I shot some footage in April 2017 when I was cleaning out my business to move into a much smaller and cheaper place. The two years I spent working out of that old bank built in the 1950s were when some of the greatest events and changes in my life happened. This short film is a tribute to that old bank and all the good times that we shared. It will be missed.

If you clone a bad hard drive to a good hard drive, you'll probably have some damaged files. Here's how I found out which files were damaged by the bad drive so I could replace them and get the existing Windows 10 installation booting again on the good drive WITHOUT reinstalling.

I shot pictures and video for this in late 2017 based on a vague concept of a spirit coming out of the bathroom and down the hallway to a face jump scare. It's a combination of light painting photos and long-shutter video, originally intended to be used for some Halloween 2018 videos that never materialized, so I never edited it together. Last night, I noticed it still incomplete and just threw it together. I like it.

If I ever do a Halloween-themed video this year, you can probably expect this to be part of the opening sequence.

I needed to test my Elgato HD60 PRO setup in OBS, especially the streaming and recording simultaneously. It worked. Bonus: I whine about a Sony camcorder I bought and immediately returned, the Sony FDR-AX33.

B&H had a couple of crazy cheapo items running at the same time, so I bought some of them, specifically two Intova DUB action cameras and a Tascam TM-60 battery-powered condenser microphone. Even though they were insanely cheap, I'm quite happy with them. The TM-60 and Intova DUB plus an XLR to 1/8" adapter and your existing cell phone for recording makes a very nice dirt cheap portable vlogging setup! (Well, unless you have an iPhone with no headphone jack.)

I fully support the intent behind Gab's Dissenter platform. The ability to comment on any website is a wonderful move for free speech. What I can't get behind is the major privacy problem it poses, a problem which unfortunately is very hard to avoid in any "comment on any site" concept.

Gab's Dissenter stores and retrieves comments by URL. This requires Dissenter to send EVERY URL YOU VISIT out to the Dissenter platform to check for user comments for that URL, and obviously to submit your own comments as well. Since you'll probably be logged in to Gab to use Dissenter, these URLs may also be sent with your Gab user ID which easily ties them all together. Regardless of what the Terms of Service may say about their data collection and retention policies, there is the possibility that Gab is effectively collecting and storing your entire browsing history while using the Dissenter extensions or app.

Even if they say that they don't do this sort of collection and retention, you must choose whether or not to trust them. Consider a similar privacy-protecting service: VPNs. Several VPN service providers that claimed to be "no-log VPNs" (meaning they don't store any information about your activities on their services) have been caught storing logs once police subpoenaed them for logs and they were forced to comply. It's even possible for data to be retained in places not specifically meant to retain that data; for example, a server debugging log may contain all user requests made during the time period that the debug data was enabled, and that log is then readable to computer hackers/crackers or to law enforcement through a lawful subpoena.

How far are you willing to trust Gab with the data they necessarily must receive from you to keep their service working? It's your choice. All I want is for you to make an informed choice, not an ignorant one.

Sorry about the garbage angle, red spot on my forehead, bad voice, and lack of enthusiasm. I've been both sick and under all..

So many creators have audio that's too quiet, or audio that jumps between being quiet and being loud. Quiet videos are hard to hear on laptops and phones while videos that change levels are a major pain for people wearing headphones. In this video, I show how to use dynamic range compression on your audio to normalize your audio levels in your video with Premiere Pro, though any video editor should have an audio compressor that works the same way.

I'd like to grow my channel. It's fun posting random things, but I need to focus my efforts moving forward. Since I have over 300 subscribers, I thought it'd be best to ask you what you're interested in seeing. Please leave a comment and let me know.

In which I discuss the reasons that the minimum wage needs to be abolished rather than ratcheted up to $15/hr. Actual video starts at 0:50.

The movement for a $15/hr minimum wage has received a lot of attention. Amazon recently "enacted a company-wide $15/hr minimum wage" which sparked a discussion full of people sorely lacking in common sense, math skills, and basic critical/analytical thinking. It also resulted in Whole Foods (a subsidiary of Amazon) employees that were already on the bottom of their pay scale taking a pay cut through reduced hours despite a higher nominal wage.

I recorded this many, many months ago, and while I was not satisfied with it at first, I managed to cut it to where i was happy with it. It's much more technical and detailed than my other "don't shoot flat" video. Watch both and tell me what you think of each!

Yes, CineStyle sucks. It's not made for what you think it's made for. Stop using it.

More of my blog posts and videos with information on this topic:

Shooting log, shooting flat, using LUTs, turning down the contrast...stop doing these things! Unless you have a 10-bit capable camera, shooting with log profiles like Cine-D, V-Log, C-Log, S-log, or Technicolor CineStyle will only damage your footage and limit what you can do with it in post-production. I usually explain this in mathematical terms, but that can be hard to grasp, so this video serves as a short overview of the things that you should avoid in the realm of picture profiles and saturation/contrast settings.

For a lot more information about this subject, this article will satisfy most of your curiosities:

Is it Gaiden? Is it Gay-den? Decades after the game comes out and everyone in America is obsessed with Pokémon and Pocky sticks, Ford still doesn't get it right. I argue with these voice response things all the time. Earlier I asked for AOA Cream's "I'm Jelly BABY" and it gave me Andrew W.K.'s "Party Till You Puke."


Sony's 4K camcorders aren't cheap, yet they only let you set one manual setting at a time. You can't lock the iris (aperture) AND lock the shutter at the same time! The same restriction applies to focus as well. Especially for the AX100 that retailed at $1700 for a very long time, this just seems insane. A couple of years ago I wanted an AX100 so bad I could taste it, but then I discovered this bombshell and felt like I dodged a big bullet.

I was in a Best Buy a couple of weeks ago and wanted to show off this major reason I'll never ever buy the FDR-AX33, AX53, AX100, and even the AX700 if it suffers from the same fatal flaw as the others. What was Sony thinking?

Sorry about the muffled audio at the end, I accidentally covered the mic hole on the phone.


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