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American's Frontline Doctors Press Briefing (10/17/2020)
Dr Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM - Constitutional Lawyer
Dr James Todaro, MD Columbia University NY - Investigative Physician
Dr Richar Urso, Science Liason


At this very moment, you are witnessing the largest Mass Treason Event ever in our recorded History involving the attempted take-down of the United States of America & the Leader of the Free World involving many active participants in the COVID-19 Scare - The #DeepState The MSM & Corrupt State Leaders.

Who owns our news?
Who owns our politicians?
Who owns our financial system?
Who owns our essential industries?

#PatriotsFight #WakeUp #TurnThemOff

Dear friends and fellow medical professionals,

Please watch this awesome, sassy, proud, Independent Physician in Dallas TX educate a cheering crowd on how she is effectively using Hydroxychloroquine (aka HCQ, aka Quinine, aka cinchona bark tonic) to cure Coronavirus (COVID-19), and is fighting government hurdles.

And, she does not wear a mask or make her patients wear one either while in her clinic!!! She says that Fear and Panic actually exacerbate the respiratory/asthmatic symptoms, and has caused some of the deaths unnecessarily. Please like this video and share it far and wide.

Dr Ivette Lozano
Independent Physician
Dallas, TX
May 10th, 2020

- Dr. Lozano highly praises Hydrochloroquine (HCQ) + Azithromycin (AZT) as the cure for coronovirus (COVID-19) and a treatment for many other diseases.
- She credits Donald J. Trump for pointing out the treatment protocol during his COVID-19 Press conferences
- She has used it with 100% success
- Patient access to HCQ is being crippled by Big Pharma via State Pharmacy Boards
- The Pharmacy Boards are demanding she violate HIPAA, by requiring her to disclose private patient diagnoses before they will issue the medication to the patient.
- The pharmacists are trying to trap her into violating federal law, while holding her patient's health hostage in the balance.
- Pharmacy rules changed for this drug in March of this year
- Prescriptions are only $15 for a whole month supply

- She is literally BEGGING for help getting the word out about this.

She calls it:
"Candy for Lupus patients"
"A vitamin for Arthritis Patients"

HCQ is also used to treat:
High Cholesterol
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