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"It's all a lie!" ~ Wernher von Braun
Dr Carol Rosin #Whistleblower

Who on Earth would want this absolute c**t anywhere near British Politics or dignitaries from other, respected, nations?
Here Boris insults the people of Myanmar.

What you are about to hear is testimony from 'Luke', a former US intelligence officer. Luke #whistleblows staggering detail to Seth Rich's murder and points to evidence relating to the, still officially unsolved case, a case that Police are reluctant to call what it is..., murder. To this day Wshington PD still claim that the murder of Seth Rich was a 'street crime'
None of this is testimony you will hear has been verified as yet, although it was only broadcast for the first time a few hours ago.
You are urged to watch, listen, and draw your own conclusions...

Donald J Trump would never have made it to the oval office without WIKILEAKS. You know it, I know it... but what happens when the man whom you aid in his efforts to enter the White House, betrays you?.
Wikileaks went from "What a great organisation!"... to "Hostile Intelligence Agency" over night.
Palestine, Trade embargos, walls, immigration bans, all good reasons to protest Trump here in the Divided Kingdom on the 13th...
But this ranks highly. The betrayal of real journalism and a real journalist that secured Trump the White house.

A powerful, passionate, and persuasive presentation by Kimdotcom regarding political prisoner, Julian Assange, during the 07/07/18 on line vigil hosted by Suzi Dawson and Elizabeth Vos with special guest speakers.
Full, still on going, Live stream can be found here

Ciaron O'Reilly delivers a speech to Australians entering Auustralua House about Julian Assage's arbitrary detention at the Ecuadorian Embassy on 3rd July 2018 part 2

Supporters take turns in reading the UN report into Julian Assange's continued detention in the UK, outside the gates to No.10 Downing Street on the 19th June 2018. 6 years to the day since entering the Ecuadorian embassy to apply for, and eventually be granted, diplomatic asylum, and asylum that he is still not permitted to quietly, thanks to this UK government.

A Hunter sting team confront an alleged on line child abuser in what should have been a routine sting. But things start to go badly wrong towards the end of the sting resulting in the target being left unattended and unsupervised and able to self harm..
What errors were made here, that allowed this situation to spiral out of control like this, and what lessons can be learned to make sure it doesn't happen again?.
This outcome, or outcomes similar, to any sting, attempted on an alleged on line child groomer, could result in legislation outlawing on line Hunter teams and sting operations all together.

A call to supporters far and wide.
19th June 2018 outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, Hans Crescent, Knightsbrige, London.
Rally and Vigil for Julian Assange, publisher and political prisoner, 'arbitrarily detained' for 6 yrs now by the UK government and currently being held incommunicado with no visits, other than legal visits, no phone calls and no internet access basically, no contact with the outside world. That is sensory deprivation and that is, Torture
Are you kidding me?. In this day and age?. In Great Britain?. the Bastion of 'democracy'...
It's time that something be done about this nonsense, once and for all. This is about BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.
Even those jailed through the courts in this country, are entitled to phone calls and visitation rights. It's a basic human right for God's sake!!
.. Please, I encourage you to attend and encourage you to encourage others to attend this Vigil and Rally in support of Julian Assange. The real battle for free speech and freedom of expression is being fought in Hans Cresecent
Nearest tube 150 yards. Knightsbridge. Brompton exit, walk straight ahead 100 yards.

#solidarity with the Truth and the publishing of the Truth...

ON THIS DAY in 1984, Dunnes Stores workers began a strike that would last almost three years.

"Shop steward Karen Gearon gave a union instruction to her colleagues not to handle any South African goods, in protest against the apartheid regime in the country at the time.

When 21-year-old cashier Mary Manning refused to put some fruit through the till, she was suspended and nine of her colleagues walked out the door with her." and the rest, as they say, is history folks.
Mary Manning.... Anti Apartheid campaigner. Ireland.

You could not make this shit up. I can assure you that this is legit. The irony, wrapped in fuzzy logic here, leaves your head swimming.

Having now grasped the basics of #Qanon and who he may be, as well as what his/their goals are, it was time tor me to find out just who is doing their level best to contain, control the narrative but more importantly, why.
Who profits, and from whom?... Here, we have to question, Alex Jones's agenda.

Footage compiled from these Youtube Content Creators, All credit and rights belong to them.
Bill Smith YT channel link:
Lift the Veil YT channel link:
BPEarthwatch YT channel link:

Comiplation edited and presented by Joe Public, Rngland.

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Nottingham's World Famous Running Horse Public House and Live music venue, showcases The Kiwi Pips, an acoustic act originally from the East Coast of England.
A mixture of up-beat guitar riffs, energetic percussion and soulful vocals. (@thekiwipips)

Venue: The Running Horse
16 Alfreton Road,
Canning Circus,
Nottingham City, NG7 3NG
Open: Thursday 17.00 - 23.00 hrs
Friday/Saturday 17.00 - 00.00 hrs
[email protected]

Just for the lulz...

You might remember RBS as the bank that was 'too big to fail'....highlighted back in 2011 via the Occupy London campaign. The bank was bailed out, by us, the tax payer... effectively we own, or owned, RBS....
Well now RBS is closing well over half of it's branches in England and Wales, and it is redirecting that capital into Nat West.... which we don't own.
Let that sink in. Take as long as you need.

This happens.......After every Voicing CSA meeting, the founder of Voicing CSA, Phillip Lafferty, donates all left over food, via the #proactiveteam, to the homeless community in the area of the meeting.
The sandwiches, cakes and drinks, are distributed directly to those living on the streets of the UK.
Little things like this matter a great deal.
This small gesture happens quietly, all over the county, every time there is a Voicing CSA meeting, and can only be attributed to the generosity and kindness of Phil and his team of volunteers.
So, our thanks go to Phil and the volunteers that make the sandwiches and cakes, for continuing to enable us to provide this left over food to some of the most vulnerable in our society.

A short recorded performance in Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge for Julian Assange

Syria... you know because you need to know.

With grateful thanks tto those who sponsored, funded and supported the making of this video and a special thanks to Syrian Girl and Blackstone Intelligence for their acute observations and attempts to bring us the truth.

#FreeJulianAssange #Assangevists
Join the #staticsustainedvigil for Julian Assange outside the Ecuadorian Embassy from Tuesday onwards.
The most basic of human rights, that to be able to communicate with your loved ones, MUST be upheld.

KimDotcom breaks down exactly why Julian Assange has lost, not only all access to the Internet, but also all personal visits at the hands of the Ecuadorian president.

Taken from the live stream by KimDotcom on Suzi Dawson's channel and condensed. Please consider watching the entire live stream linked below. Suzi's live stream is almost 10 hrs long and what is presented here is but a small fraction of the broadcast with 10 or so guest speakers including KimDotcom himself Cassandra, and H. A Goodman to name but a few. The reason for this breakdown, of Kim's analysis, is that the Vigil, due to it's length, may not play on mobile devices.
Full stream can be found here. #Reconnectjulian

Questions surrounding the 'poisoning' of Sergie Skripal and his daughter are being avoided by this government. Questions that maybe we should be asking. Here the Russian Ambassador to London lays out some key questions, and one acute observation which leaves me begging the question, "Why so silent Mrs May?."

Full address by the Russian Ambassador can be found here.

A documentary of footage shot on the day of Tommy Robinson's 'free speech' speech at Hyde Park. This documentary is presented in such a way as to try and explain, the necessity of fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of speech, and the fine line between that free speech, and hate speech...

Does Trump know something we don't know?.... Could this be the major event he alludes to? Tiangong 1 8 tones of space Chinese space station hurtling towards an impact on Earth.


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