I went to the Welcoming Task Force Meeting of 10/16/2019. This task force is
bent on getting the immigrants special favors in the City. Since MOST of these
so called "immigrants" are ILLEGAL ALIENS and are not to even be in the United
States for various reasons like Visa fraud, document Fraud and all the other
frauds it is my attempt to stop this nonsense with my gadfly presence and
thankfully with THREE documents to prove my point...The Documents I read and presented are hopefully here to download



Joe and Jim discuss our community development department and how they protect the Adult ESL program Plus. We also talk about City Councilor Margret Shepard and how she needs to resign plus other issues, City new apartment, and the schools part in those apartments, and the opening up of a new Brazilian business at the train station De-ja-vu. Apparently the City is a glutton for punishment....Lots of topics that center around illegal aliens and the wink, wink in Framingham

The latest Political wannabees get caught in the green issues forgetting the 400 pound gorilla in the room. God forbid illegal immigration and how they come into the picture here causing real serious problems for our schools...Open your wallets people the fun is just beginning.

From the good old days when he talked the truth. Now so much now.

The Framingham Source Political Government Discussions page got leveled by crazy leftest loonies, the Rizolis discuss what happend and the WHO that brought it on....

The Massachusetts State House representatives are trying to give Illegal Aliens the right to process a drivers license. I show by virtue of our already established LAWS that they can NOT do this because they would be violating current statues dealing with US code 8 sec 1324 on "aiding and abetting illegals in their stay in America"

The Rizoli Brothers decided to talk Framingham politics and discuss the political candidates running and some issues that need to be pondered for Framinghams future.


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