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Stephen Mitford Goodson died of a "heart attack" in 2018, but I'd like to think he'd approve of this narration. I've hated fractional reserve central banking since watching The Money Masters nearly 10 years ago, but this book took my hatred to new levels—especially because I'm of mostly German descent. I bought 10 copies to spread the word, but most people will listen to a 3 hour podcast before reading a single sentence in a book, so I decided to make this.

I own no rights to this book and will never try to make a single penny from it. At first, I just wanted a clean recording. Then I wanted to include the text...and the footnotes...and the images...and then I figured every slide should have an image...and soon this project consumed five months of my free time. When I couldn't find an image that represented a given slide, I tried to find a beautiful photo of that country's scenery or its currency, political cartoons from the era, or relevant images from my meme folder. When all else fails, you get the wall of text.

I'll be the first to admit that Stephen Mitford Goodson didn't get everything right (particularly nukes), but on balance, I believe his book is hugely important and needs to be understood by more people. Yes, this is dense, and arguably too fast. But I hope you, dear reader, investigate every single claim in this book for yourself. I hope you make some nutritious food (no seed oils!) while showing this to friends. I hope you become a beacon of remoralization for everyone in your circle. It's not going to be easy, but we ARE are going to make it.
0:00 Chapter 1 - How Usury Destroyed the Roman Empire
15:57 Chapter 2 - The Hidden Origins of the Bank of England
45:58 Chapter 3 - Napoléon and the Banque de France
1:02:28 Chapter 4 - A Century of Struggle: Rothschild versus the People
1:54:48 Chapter 5 - The Great Depression
2:25:23 Chapter 6 - The Rise and Fall of State Banking (1932-1945)
2:56:11 Chapter 7 - Modern Forms of State Banking
3:07:43 Chapter 8 - The Banking Crisis

"Christ is King - NOT the Globalists.
I'm Father James Mawdsley...about to get kicked off YouTube"
Best video opening so far this year 😂

" ethnically cleansing 750,000 people."
as you can see, this is the REAL reason
Jew-controlled congress wants to ban TikTok

AI generated video & English translated voice audio

More noise than music, your ears will curse you.
Note: Bitchute downgrades audio quality on ALL uploads, YT link is it's original 320kbs HD audio quality:
☠️The Mangler☠️ bootleg fan remix of the 1997 Italian Hardcore/Gabber classic 'Old Passion' by DJ 8Mix (Ottorino Menardi), which appeared on the very first CD compilation I ever heard of this style of music back in 1998 called "Gabber Box Compilation".
I used the AI track-separator MOISES to sample all the original synths, kicks, bass & sounds, then distorted the hell out of them.

I love docs on Christian & European history
as they are synonymous and inseparable.

I love docs on Christian & European history
as they are synonymous and inseparable.

The Jewish Question from a Trad-Catholic theological perspective.
by The Traditional Thomist

by Prof. Ryan Reeves
from the original upload:
Why did Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches split in 1054 A.D.? This video explores the political, cultural and theological issues between Eastern and Catholic faiths. For example, what is filioque and why was it important? What caused the Eastern Patriarch and the pope to fight? All of this is covered in this video in the Great Schism of 1054.

Really good honest non-propaganda true-life story of Hitler
by 'Zoomer Historian'

Really good honest non-propaganda true-life story of Hitler
by 'Zoomer Historian'

Really good honest non-propaganda true-life story of Hitler
by 'Zoomer Historian'

open title theme song to the proto-slasher suspense thriller:
Born For Hell (1976) (aka Naked Massacre)

work-in-progress bootleg remix of:
DJ 8Mix - Old Passion (1997)

by 'Kings and Generals'

Christianity is a Western Hellenistic Monotheistic Faith
Interpreted Through The Lens Of Greek Philosophy
NOT a Jewish Satanic Talmudic Cult
After 70 AD and the Destruction of the 2nd Temple
Jews Created a NEW Mystery Cult and NEW Bible called The Babylonian Talmud, This New cult was called 'Rabbinical Judaism' and was based on the perverse worldview of the Pharisees as a kind of anti-Culture, anti-Philosophy in a degenerated fraudulent attempt to duplicate superior Greek and Roman Western high-culture & philosophy.

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