in this episode i talk about Ricky Gervias at the golden globes, US and Iran

Maxwell Hare and John Kingsman get four years in prison! but Antifa for the last 3 years has been able to run around destroying properties and hurting citizens without any legal recourse

who is really behind Greta thunberg, and my thoughts on the impeachment of Donald Trump

Great video by Soph

i talk about Proud boys and the racism in a group that the left loves to Quote to label political enemies!

Donald Trump over the weekend called out Elijah Cummings for being in office for over 30 years, and Baltimore has improved

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in this episode i talk about how trump's tweet has caused the democratic party into chaos

Time for you to go

today I break down the Democratic debate and AOC fake news story and antifa attacking a gay Asian man

all her claims she says in her video is not anything she or her party stand for

with Taylor swift coming out and making a pro-LGTBQ video,she makes the pride parades seem like a good time to express your selves but does not talk about how children are being sexual at the parades!
the article I referenced in my video my computer did not record that part

Carlos Maza has hurt content creators on youtube

Whoopi came out after filming to talk with the proud boys

Where did free speech go in America?

We still need Trump in office for America

The Left is defending former Vice President Joe Biden’s habit of touching and groping women, claiming it’s just a harmless personality trait rather than inappropriate behavior.


here is the video I was talking about Joe groping young woman

Where is the outrage from the left with David Duke praising Omar?


with Hillary Clinton saying all black people look alike, to antifa beating up a Jewish man and 2 Latino marines., and calling black cops racial slurs. why does the left push a narrative that Trump supporters racist and ignore there own racist past and present !


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