Chat about grooming gangs violence and more

August 2018 me and 4 others where attacked in Piccadilly Manchester 3 of us ended getting stabbed

Welcome to Oldham


why cant she do her job

on trial for buggery and rape charges with a past of antisemitism allegations of rape all ffing sorts

Early 2020 it came out that Grt Manchester Police had failed on child safe guarding as well as the social services the council and every other labour dominated service in Manchester so spurned on by this we held a protest around Manchester #RIPvictoriaagoglia

chatting about this and that

more from Manchester during the Tory 2019 conference

Watch this space more on these child kidnappers and abusers soon

August 29th our 2 day trip down did the EXIT THE UN REFUGEE CONVENTION around 2ish then went to the Marina for a recon

Media City ITV headquarters we arrived after they had started but as usual the police well aware we was going to turn up

Ellie Williams in court

chat with my mate Katie about Politics and more

Failure at the highest lvl we can deport this lad who has done nothing but cant deport Rapists Murderers and a whole bunch of other people

LGBT agenda new hate speech laws

Jarel Robinson Brown slagging of White British people and Sir Tom Moore

During the meet 200 masked men and youths escorted down to the mainly white area then missiles thrown at the crowds containing women and children
Featuring James Goddard Mo Fyaz Joel Goodman and more

another trip down to Abbey hey for more sink holes

The evening of the count with James Goddard Jim Edwards featuring the FAT Twat Mathew Collins and more

Speeches and How they rule ya

some guy being really obnoxious and down right rude so i told him then another geezer starts ranting

last day of trial VERDICT Manslaughter through diminished responsibility

chat and catch up with two mates of mine


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