From what the story and lore tell us, the mountain should be crystal. Too bad it's made of ice. Also, we're never going to that radio/cell tower. Starting to get really upset with the game.

The "boss fight" isn't bad, but the novelty of the movement is starting to wear off.

So... How do they get up onto the platforms without a grapple?

I think I got this in a Humble Bundle a LONG time ago, and I've been curious about it forever.

I still have the music playing in my head sometimes. The characters feel like real people, and the pixel art is fantastic.

I really like the epilogue. It's always nice to see what happens to the characters.

We've been meeting this guy's ex girlfriends throughout the whole game, and now here's one more. ;)

Also there's a lot of story in this one.

The dwarves we met at the beginning are back in the game. I love it when they revisit earlier characters.

The last of the bounties, and most likely a superboss, the Star Witch is REALLY tough.

No wonder Tarim is so good at archery, dude lives by himself in one of the hardest areas in the game.

The game feels like it's really ramping up. Maybe it WAS a good idea to put most of the side quests at the beginning.

Faeries are known to be tricksters, even in this game. Maybe we can trust these...

The old man wanted us to find this place. While we're here, let's look for treasure!

Rest at the Inn... Of course nothing bad will happen.

Is it weird the bears we're fighting are super adorable? I'm a fan of cute animals. :(

Not a surprising outcome. After the Cave of Life it's a snow area.

They could've just made the top part. It's a really neat little detail!

I really like the setting of Ara Fell. It's really creative, and really beautiful.

I don't feel bad for her at all. Team up with people that betray others, only to be surprised when you're betrayed?

I swear we just get one of the legendary artifacts from a random boss. Why?

I was a little surprised they went there, but something like torture (or worse) is what would have happened.

We're not really storming, and it's an ambush, but yeah.

Was it just a random book? Lucky for us, I suppose.

Wasps are still dangerous, but doable now that we're stronger.

I finally put some of the items I've been hoarding to use.


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