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Meloo remembers the past, from before time rewound.

Now that we know what's going to happen, maybe we can do things better.

Time itself has rewound, but how? And can we do things better? Can we reach an actual happy ending?

We're in The Cave of Phantom Mist, it seems.

Before all else, the accord must be fulfilled.

These must be bosses that were designed, but never used until now.

It looks like Legion from Castlevania, but what is it? I'm not sure it's totally explained...

There's a Goddess hiding out inside a painting in a locked house. What happens if we beat her?

Don't look. This isn't me.

Rather than success, it put him on the wanted list.

A heroic sacrifice. He'll choose to believe in the future we're trying to create.

Actually, the killer robots seem to work pretty well.

To the place where the one who calls herself Anulis waits.

The Great Sage promised to help, and maybe it's foolish to keep going.

Now we have to go look for Karon. Are we still able to save everyone?

Changing the past always comes with a cost.

Assuming it's her, who killed her and why?

Melee may have finally found the location of our hometown. Let's go see!

The "Princess" was Anulis, but how could that be?

There's even a flying ship we have to fight on!

The Rispadar Soldiers are really tough. Relic Soldiers are really tough. Hopefully the boss isn't as bad.

There's some really beautiful landscapes in this game. Elysium may be the prettiest.

I wonder if Kaizo originally intended to use weight in more aspects of the game.

I know it's a trope, but I'm pretty sure drinking water when you're unconscious is basically impossible.


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