...I know. Not quite a Dad Joke, but pretty close.

An indie puzzle game made by one person that puts us on a quest to solve puzzles. In Hell. To form a harem of demon girls.

The last three Extra chapters brings the Corpse Party LP to a close.

The first of the Extra chapters.

We finally get the last of the main game endings. Onto the Extra chapters!

Seems some of the endings require letting characters die. Let's see what happens.

Finally got all the name tags. Now to finish the rest of the endings.

Some of the wrong ends show you scenes of the other characters.

I'm going back through the game with the help of a spoiler-free guide to get all the endings I missed.

Even the best ending isn't a happy one.

I'm not super thrilled about the puzzles, but at least they're not too bad.

So is it like Silent Hill, where the power existed and then was corrupted?

We get a two-for-one on the puns today!

I'm happy we finally get to see it.

I like how scenes have more or less depending on the path you're on.

Finally Satoshi finds his little sister.

We're trying to go for the good ending this time...if there is one.

Unexpected, and a lot of stuff seems to be missing.

The paper scraps are the lifeline to the real world.

There's so many different paths, it's almost too much.

Or maybe I'm the crazy one.

Seems even the villains are victims.

I'm not sure if that's a terrible pun or secretly genius. Either way there's some brutal wrong ends here.

There was foreshadowing of missing body parts.


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