Optimus, Sideswipe, and Bumblebee get captured in order to rescue Zeta Prime. Will they succeed?

The final mission of the DLC is a contender for best mission in all of Shadow of Mordor. Seriously.

Even though everything is orange and red and covered in ash, I still like the look.

A young Autobot named Optimus takes temporary command of the Autobots...

Now we REALLY fight against Omega Supreme.

I'm not sure Celebrimbor is a good guy... Is it the influence of the ring, or is it who he really is inside?

Celebrimbor is the protagonist in this DLC for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Let's fight against Sauron for control of Mordor!

Megatron and Omega Supreme go against each other! Who will win?

Soundwave is one of the coolest transformers, and he doesn't even turn into a boombox in this one!

It just kind of ends, but was still a lot of fun! Branding all the creatures is the way to go!

Chapter 2 has us take control of Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker in a mission to activate the energon bridge for Megatron.

Sounds like Ra's al Ghul from the Batman universe... Kinda. Even though WB made both this game and the Batman ones, the pun is a bit of a stretch.

War for Cybertron is a different version of the original story, but still has a lot of references to the comics and other Transformers media.

According to Torvin, "redundant" means "poisonous". I'm okay with that.

It's always good to see more of Torvin. This time he left some of his journals around. Let's see what they say...

January 2018 saw the loss of the Transformers license by Activision, and so the only way to purchase this game is to get a physical copy. I worry that more and more games will be lost as we become more of a digital society. This is my part in ensuring our art and culture is preserved.

How different is the DLC going to be from the main campaign? There's bound to be some new things added.


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