Doesn't the character art look like it's from the early Persona games?

To be fair, they mention he takes "body parts". I imagine it'll be more than eyes soon...

Already the game is starting to go off the rails, and I imagine we've only just begun.

The first game from SUDA51, The Silver Case is a murder mystery that may also be a visual novel.

Kraekan Dragon Skourzh and The Nameless God are challenged. The Still Palace is pretty cool, and feels like a good last area. I feel like I missed a lot, though.

Where the rain is upside down and the burning legion from Warcraft stand guard. Also the Ruin Sentinels, kinda.

I really expected The Architect to be harder. After all, I struggled to beat her sister at the lake.

I also fall down that big hole to see where it goes. It goes somewhere I can't go yet. :(

I swear I'm going through the game backwards at this point. Did I sequence break by accident?

The Witch is probably the hardest boss so far. Is she guarding the end of the game?

We also come across this game's version of Ash Lake. I don't even care that it's so similar, because it's awesome.

The unicorn narwhals are the worst. Just the worst.

I'm really curious if all these choices are going to lead to something.

I don't think I've staggered a boss before. I need to try it on the next one!

I finally figured out what those sword tombstones were. Not the corpse scarecrow after all.

So the Dome of the Forgotten has TWO bosses, huh?

The Dome of the Forgotten is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to finding out why everything is on this island.

Wow that was intense! I feel like that was the hardest boss so far!

A bit more forgiving than the platforms in Megaman, at least.

Finishing Decoyman and starting a side story? I'm not sure what Yume is, but it feels important.

Mints is pretty cool too. Stay icy! ;)

Another cool boss, though I really want to survive the fall into that pit!

We die a lot, usually related to falling or getting knocked off ledges. This area is very deep!

Back from vacation (three weeks between this recording and the previous) and ready to get back into the Red Hall of Cages.

There are bodies everywhere. We move on to the Red Hall of Cages!


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