Probably one of the more interesting dungeons in the game. Shade fills us in on the Mana Stone of Darkness, and the vanished God-Beast.

Meeting Hawk, and learning about Isabella. Why did she change her name to Bigieu?

From what I've seen, the French name puns aren't used in the official translation. I wonder if this fan translation is more accurate in that regard?

There's a lot of detail on the dancer's sprites that I hadn't noticed.

Cannon travel is less of an exact science than we wanted.

Watts makes his third appearance in the series, and helps us with the gunpowder we need.

It actually makes sense that magical girl troops use mechanical golems as physical attackers.

Angela has some taunts. I wonder how the other characters free your party?

Lise and Carlie go to Wendel, where we learn the legends behind the world and mana.

I had the right idea, but you have to make sure you sleep at the inn.

Fan translated back in 2000, now released officially as Trials of Mana. Also remade as Trials of Mana. I want to play the OG fan translation to experience what everyone else has for the last 20 years.

I like that they brought a lot of the enemy designs from the first Mana game into this one.

We get to the Mana Tree and can now go to the Mana Fortress. I like that they continue the origin of the Mana Tree from the first game.

We need to find the Mana Tree to fully power the sword, now that all the seals on the seeds have been broken.

You know the previous civilization was advanced when there's a working monorail. This is by far the longest dungeon in the game.

You know the previous civilization was advanced when there's a working monorail. This is by far the longest dungeon in the game.

The first part of this is kinda a mini review, then we head to the Tree Palace and fight Aegagropilon.

After getting Luna at the Moon Palace and going to Tasnica, Sage Joch finally is available.

The second four temples suffer the most from Nintendo's cancelled CD add on.

Sage Joch is out. I'm his apprentice, Jehk.

I'm totally sure this is not merely a ruse to draw the Resistance out of hiding. We also find some "veedios" that mention news reports and missile launches.

Why the ruins, anyway? More ruins of an earlier civilization?

For some reason I'm reminded of the palm tree puzzle from Final Fantasy Adventure.

We also get run into a torch puzzle, but we'll worry about that next time.

The Scorpion Army makes its return, with a suspicious stove they're guarding.


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