Down to eighteen possible survivors...

Draws a lot of inspiration from different forms of media. It may be a walking simulator, but it's worth playing. Also thanks to the underwater hamster guy, I would have skipped it if he didn't have it on a list.

A remake of Earth Defense Force 2025, this game brings Japanese Campiness to the PC. Having only played Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, it takes some getting used to.

Reminds me of those old monster movies, or Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues. I had a blast playing this co-op, and single player is fun too!

The final dungeon! We meet some old friends...

Kinda sad to see it end, but hey, Cosmic Star Heroine looks fun!

Another Eldritch horror...

Maybe re-learning is more accurate. :)

Into the volcano to fight the Demon Dragon! Surely THIS will make Cthulhu a true hero!

Still trying to become a true hero, Cthulhu sails North.

I feel like there's another tentacle joke in here somewhere, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

I was thinking of putting all the names into this description, but there's WAY TOO MANY. Plus, I don't know if they're backers, famous people, or random names.

Flashbacks to Invader Zim and Destroy All Humans!

The game doesn't have much of a story, but it's still really fun. And funny!

What do they think this is, Metal Gear Solid V?

I feel like I should be making more tentacle jokes.

Maybe I should make the title a double entendre.

It's weird - this RPG has battles that feel really intense. Good job, Zeboyd Games.

Before they made Penny Arcade Adventures, they made Cthulhu Saves the World!

Delilah Copperspoon's plan is almost complete! Time to take care of things...

The last mission! Adventure awaits!

This man is very sick and needs help.

Kinda like the Dark Chips from Mega Man Battle Network?

The first mission was short, but fun. I hope the next are just as good!

We're gonna need a bigger boat.


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