Jason Boss did not address a single allegation that I made, he merely attacked me, because the allegations are probably indefensible. I don't think his intentions are good. Or maybe he was just blinded by his religious prejudice and ignorance. Either way, it does not explain how he had access to Mikey's paypal account. The FBI Pedo document is propaganda that was used for political purposes and also to mislead people in the wrong direction. The symbols may or may not be genuine, but the document was created for a specific purpose.

Jason Boss' intentions of helping kids may be genuine, but DNAJLion7's isn't, and Kappy's isn't, and Nathan's sure isn't. I don't support Vegan Mikey other than to get his life together, but I do support child rights. If you want to help children, consider donating to a reputable organization that fights human trafficking.

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I'm the red-headed step-child on YouTube. Owen says he thinks I'm a cunt. I probably am a cunt. OK, he's right, I am a cunt. I don't always agree with other creators, but I do respect and appreciate honest opinions.

I'm still assessing Jason Boss' character so my assessment in this video is rough and preliminary, it may change completely. Jason said he paid for another month's rent for Vegan Mikey to avoid eviction. Now Mikey has Jason over a barrel.

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Please go do your commitment in Nevada, so you can start a new life. You can't look forward to the future if you're dragging the past along with it. You can't be a good parent if you're not putting your kids first. Grow up Mikey, grow up and be a responsible adult for once! Do it for your kid. Do it for yourself. Because you're being incredibly selfish if you don't.

Mikey Blames Random Rants of Ryan and Open Secret for his 2nd eviction in less than a year.. He also still denies the warrant in Vegas belongs to him, and says he's being attacked by Christians and everyone else on the planet, citing imaginary "harassment" but Mikey lies about everything.

When do things stop being coincidental ? When everything is a coincidence, nothing is. The 18 year old victim was allegedly assaulted 18 days before Spacey's birthday. The mother of the victim is a mason and former news anchor. The principals are all actors. Could this just be a big hustle to get Spacey exonerated in order to bring him back into Hollywood? Spacey wasn't booked into jail or required to post bail upon his arraignment. He walked out the front door...

Sorry about the dogs..

The outrage on Twitter against Drake is hysterical. R. Kelly is a monster. Jamie Dlux returns. And I leave YouTube.

*** ALL MY OPINION **** This Spacey case could be staged theater to vindicate him and bring him back into Hollywood. The state's case is super weak, it begs the question, if this case is real, why is the DA bringing charges on a case he knows he can't win? The kid's mother is a former TV news anchor, and whenever there is a TV reporter or Mason involved, its cause for suspicion.

#Pzzagate #Donutgate TURN VOLUME DOWN AT 5:01 in video to avoid excessive clip volume. "Johnny Supertramp is a piece of shit for exposing me and my role in ongoing criminal racketeering and wire fraud!" Random Rants of Ryan exploits and throws people under the bus to avoid responsibility, shift blame away from himself, and try to distance himself from the highly illegal Donutgate scam. I have not gotten personal with Ryan, but he has with me today, calling me a faggot and other names, reflecting how angry he is at being exposed for his role in the Voodoo scam. It reflects how desperate they are to shift focus away from themselves. But I think Ryan is attacking me at the direction of Lift the Veil. They have an axe to grind, but i'm not the one involved in organized criminal activity - they are.

Fiona, Kappy, Nathan, Mikey, Ryan, Titus, Honeybee, Dnajlion, David Shurtur, all criminals who work together to hustle people out of their money. It's a mini-gay mafia with actors and con artists as the players.

Ryan came in as controlled opposition once it became apparent that the Vegas warrant would be exposed as Vegan Mikey's. He pretends to be a "Pizzagate researcher" but he is actually creating a smoke screen to obscure their activities. He is not trying to uncover anything, he in fact is trying to create that illusion. It's a clever hustle they're all running.

Mikey has serious problems that money can't fix.


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