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We all know who the real terrorist is... and once the ADL has you on their list, you can't even buy yourself off of it. I'm sure PewDiePie really wants to get the ADL off his back.

This video about sums up Gun Control.

My first video spun off the wheels and into conspiracy when I didn't intend that to happen. Here's a redo of that awful video, that Glow Too thankfully saved, to underscore my ignorance lol. Phoenix Enigma appears to be connected to Law Enforcement. I have a hard time following the drama between these LARPS but I finally understand a bit more.

Vegan Mikey is Accident Prone. Twitter followers flee by the thousands during his Ban. Long time fans turning against the once popular satanist.

VM Periscope tanks, after his Twitter ban, but was already tanking before that inevitable outcome. And, for some reason, VM still denies he's a transgender man, which is so bizarre, because it's now obvious, but he lies on Periscope and tells viewers he isn't, and it's not like he's ashamed or closeted, so why the continuing lie? Might be pathological. I don't care that Mikey is a trans... it's the lie that reveals his true character. At any rate, I have treated VM no different that I would any other man. Your Welcome!

Can we please stop pretending that Vegan Dikey, Isaac Kappy, and Nathan Stolpman are doing anything except extorting money because all of them are too lazy and useless to actually work for a living.

Some people just really hate Garlic Breath. Fuck the Haters!!

The road to redemption begins with being honest with oneself... Mikey wants to "improve his life" but really, he just wants to improve his social standing in life and find a way stream pay for his partying lifestyle.

TheGarlic Festival Shooting is ridiculously absurd. But even more so, is just how many Americans are totally clueless about what's really happening. People are absolutely clueless. These two hoaxes were created for gun control, and to provide the 2020 candidates with rhetoric. Gun Control makes Americans FAR LESS SAFE! Its downright un-American.

Mikey introduces Sidekick Beer, a gay born-again Christian whose no longer gay, and his new girlfriend & sober life coach. Mikey also explores Vegans and Transgenders.

Yet ANOTHER Transgender Mass Shooter actor (FTM) They like to mock the public with their obvious deception because the sheep are too programmed to know anything. Its really sickening how the 2020 democratic candidates are all crying for gun control and preying on people's emotions. Our politicians are tricking people out of their God-given rights, and freedoms. How disgusting is that? This is the 250th Mass Shooting PSYOP in America this year!

This is a preview of Vegan Mikey's new Periscope show, and his new album drop.

Yes that's right, 3 weeks and 3 days (33) after Kappy's phony suicide, Robert fakes his suicide.

Jason Boss as Pappy McHogg


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