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There's some serious voodoo in Hollywood and Government with occultists who have secret control of the country. Check out channel "Influence Freedom"

The time between George HW Bush's birthday on 6/12 until 9/22 is 103 days. 9/22 is 33 days after the anniversary of the total solar eclipse on Aug 21, 2017. It's been 1 year 33 days on 9/22 since the eclipse, and John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, allegedly, 33 days before the total solar eclipse in 2017. Bush is 94, and the moon is 94% visible on 9/22. George HW's Death on 9/22 would come 33 days after the total solar eclipse anniversary this year which is 9/22/18. The moon points to George HW Bush passing away tomorrow on 9/22/18. If he doesn't die tomorrow, its likely they'll announce his death on 9/22/20 which would make him 96 years of age. 96 is a masonic symbol that means 7-33 in numerology and 7-33 is a freemason symbol.

This video is 4 minutes 3 seconds long (a TOTAL coincidence!) by sheer coincidence, showing number synchronicity with all people. If Bush dies tomorrow, it's a possible he died at an earlier date and the announcement would come on 9/22, because they need to work according to precise time to reflect the "as above so below" synchronization with the sun, moon, and stars.

I forgot the facial animation but its good to go as is. Enjoy.



Parody of Isaac Kappy's latest livestream saying he is having fun playing games falsely accusing innocent people of being pedophiles. It is now 55 days since Kappy's allegations, and they're all ignoring the paypal issue.

Since Nathan and Kappy have threatened to sue me for defamation, this is how I envision a defamation trial playing out. Enjoy.


The Ongoing saga of the defamation lawsuit that Nathan Stolpman has filed against me.

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Modern Satanists from The Satanic Temple are non-theist. But Is there anything more ridiculous than watching Nathan Stolpman recite bible verses? The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple are fundamentally the same in that they are non-theistic, but that's where the similiarities end. The Church of Satan fetishizes Authoritarianism whereas The Satanic Temple rejects tyrannical authority. The TST is opposed to NWO rule, while the Church of Satan is for it.

Earlier this week Kappy and Mikey said they would release an email from Paypal disclosing why the account was suspended, but nothing so far. Also, LTV and Kappy threaten me with a lawsuit

Brief intro followed by the full 7 minutes Bush sat in the classroom on 9/11/01. Notice how tense Bush appears in the classroom before he's notified WTC had been hit.

You can Skip to 11:09 for a Surprise


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