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This is amazing

The Fun Never Ends in a state where gun control is the biggest agenda on the books. For some reason, BItchute truncates my videos on the left and right margins. YouTube and Liveleak don't do this, not sure what it happens. Sorry for the truncated video!

Just when things couldn't get more weird with the deceptive media, it gets more weird. If the Earthquake is real, then why are they using crisis actors?


Is Louis CK doing a skit to divert attention away from the coup taking place worldwide?

Because a satanic cult is behind these hoaxes, false flags, and terrorist events, their activities are easily identified, through the math they use to plan and execute them.

Nothing screams Drill or Psyop, when its backed with a government driven agenda. Three "terrorism" events in a row are a windfall for the zionist occupied government, you might say the government is on a "winning streak" with 3 big shooting events in a row, each one breaking state and federal records as the worst mass shooting in history. California passed 6 gun control laws in 2017 with more expected to pass in 2018, and gun control laws are being passed into law every year in every state. The many agendas, from gun control, to increased security, to the loss of privacy and civil liberties, make these mass shooting events highly beneficial to the federal and state governments, but disempower the people, disempower democracy, and they serve to push the country into a police state where everyone is a potential terrorist, and everyone a potential "soft target." Why are so many people willing to help demolish the United States? Are they doing it out of some false perception of a higher purpose of good? I don't think so, considering all the people participating in the demolition of our country are profiting handsomely. It's an industry, this demolition business, and its a growing industry. From requiring armed guards and police in Churches, to labeling everyone mentally ill and a potential threat, the sky's the limit for those who are in the business of security.

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