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We don't have elections.. We have the illusion of elections. Pete Davidson's bad joke clues us in that the elections are a joke. Dan Crenshaw was announced as the winner the day after the election day, which is 8,888 days after the release of Forest Gump. SNL is mocking the election before it takes place to reflect that the election is a joke.

All the divide and conquer and the media bashing of Trump is fake, but it creates the illusion our political system is real. Trump will be re-elected, or re-selected. Next 9/11 on the way so fasten your seat belts and hang on because it could be a bumpy ride :)

So after I made this video, which won't stay up, because it changes things, I discovered Vegan Mikey is a transgender man. It came as a surprise I wasn't expecting.. But I am very sympathetic to transgender people because my sister is a transgender man. So this definitely changes things. It must be incredibly difficult to be a transgender person in the United States. But I approached this video with no prior knowledge that Mikey is transgender.. I'm treating him no different than I would any other man. BUT, there may be some truth to his story with the revelation that he is transgender.. Now, finally, the pieces of his story begin to fit together..

Mikey looks desperate and I'm sorry for his problems, but he needs to take control of his life. Vegan Mikey being a transgender man, explains how he is a single parent with sole custody, given his problematic history, It also explains his story about being molested by a step father, If he were born a female.

Mikey is in fact a transgender man, who may have raised money to complete the bottom half of his sex change, or who may find it difficult to cope in a world hostile to him. It would explain most everything. It explains his reluctance to be public. It explains his membership in the Satanic Temple, who are comprised mostly of gay and transgender folks in Portland. It also explains why Kappy and Nathan are shilling for him so hard. It explains a lot about what is actually going on here.

It explains so much, and I am sympathetic to him, because of my personal connection. But I still hold him to the truth, because I always uncover the truth. Just be honest for God's sake.

But this changes things for me, because I feel empathy and a deeper understanding of who Vegan Mikey is, and it does shed light on and lend legitimacy to his childhood abuse and explain his lesbianism and subsequent transformation. It makes him credible.

This revelation of Mikey, born a woman, changes everything.


33 People shot, 13 dead, 13 is the master of time number and the key to the gun control propaganda.

Kappy thinks the public should financially support Vegan Mikey for the rest of his life, for having saved nobody and for doing nothing to help anybody. These professional victims on YouTube prey upon the sympathy and naiveté of good hearted people.

We are all Americans who want the same thing. But the Atheistic Satanic media wants Hunger Games. The Media and Satanic Government wants totalitarian control over a slave labor tax force. With every event, they spew the same rhetoric "this will not change our way of life" but in fact every event does, because we lose freedom and rights every time one of these events happen in America. They are stealing everyone's rights away, and they are stealing everyone's freedom. Billionaire politicians keep getting richer, and Americans keep getting poorer. The police state of America wants you in JAIL where the labor costs are practically zero. Stealing freedom in America is like taking candy from a baby.

13 is the Master of Time.

The overly sensationalized suspicious package bomber and 24/7 wall to wall news coverage clues us in that this is all propaganda intended to sway the elections.

Vegan Mikey now says he DID call the cops after witnessing child abuse at a party he was at.

The most obvious culprit is CNN themselves. Package bombs found two weeks (13 Days exactly) before the midterm election.... Since the Dems were the targets, are they behind it? Who else but CNN would want to disrupt the midterm elections?

Media Matters, especially to YouTubers trying to make a buck. Who could've guessed Media Matters was behind Pizzagate, Donutgate, Kappy, Sather, LTV, Honeybee, Titus, Ryan, and Kam? I think it's classic, this psyop they ran is classic trolling and I can't help but admire Kappy for his role in exposing the public for the retards they are. But, many people were conned and scammed out of money, and this exposes Vegan Mikey and Nathan as con artists, and Jordan Sather as a shill. Kappy exposed people, and in an incredible plot twist, he exposed the LARPS on YouTube for what they are. Liars. This psyop should go down in history as one of the best, and we can learn much from it. I'm sorry for the people who believed it and who lost money, but there's lessons to be learned from it. Kappy was just an actor playing a role, a liberal, portraying a conservative MAGA QTard.

Jordan Sather exposes himself by defending the photograph of Isaac Kappy and David Brock.


Global Agenda "Kappy Admits to Trolling Brock"

Yes, I told you months ago this whole thing with Kappy was just a complex trolling of the public!! This video is inspired by John Brennan's videos about Ryan and Kam, Subscribe to John Brennan

I literally put this animated film together in 30 minutes after watching Unirock's Livestream and seeing John Brennan's videos on Kam and Ryan, which are hilarious (and revealing, dun dun dun!!) Anyway, looks like I was RIGHT again, no surprise :) Much Love everyone.

Lloyd Kaufman is a champion for the 1st amendment, a HERO and Film Legend. So why are the Satanic Temple members now targeting him? I Because he is a champion for Free Speech (and a Democratic Party Donor). Or Because he made a joke in response to James Gunn's tweet. Or because they want clicks and views. Selfish!! You can bet that Nathan Stolpman is behind this salacious conspiracy to defame public figures and defraud subscribers. It's very clear that the Satanic Temple is trying to undermine free speech the 1st and 2nd amendments.

This is my official response to the controversy caused by my "This is Where We Keep the Children" video today.


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