"Saving Kids" is a big business on YouTube. It's a Gold Mine. As much as i want to hate this guy, and his methods of pushing agenda, I think he has a good heart. I'm still creating a new cartoon series about Jason Boss and his misguided attempts to "save kids" while getting rich at the same time. Kappy did nothing about his knowledge of Hollywood pedophilia until his career ran dry and he was forced to move to a low rent mobile home in Arizona.

Cicada 3301 fingerprints all over this...


I'm the red-headed step-child on YouTube. Owen says he thinks I'm a cunt. I probably am a cunt. OK, he's right, I am a cunt. I don't always agree with other creators, but I do respect and appreciate honest opinions.

The outrage on Twitter against Drake is hysterical. R. Kelly is a monster. Jamie Dlux returns. And I leave YouTube.

*** ALL MY OPINION **** This Spacey case could be staged theater to vindicate him and bring him back into Hollywood. The state's case is super weak, it begs the question, if this case is real, why is the DA bringing charges on a case he knows he can't win? The kid's mother is a former TV news anchor, and whenever there is a TV reporter or Mason involved, its cause for suspicion.

This is a documentary that leads up to an investigative piece that I'm doing about JFK Jr. He allegedly dies 133 days before his birthday, 2 years 2 months before 9/11.

Link to ExiT TiMe Bush Video

I didn't get to cover JFK Jr completely because that's a separate video entirely. But i found some dots that the masons left for us to connect.

November 27 was the 331st day of the year. The label is punking the public to promote the album Dummy Boy.

Look at what I found! Is this proof Tekashi69's arrest is part of a masonic Hollywood staged hoax? Or a cover for witness protection? Tekashi69 is an artist, performer, but gangster also?? The time between the Barclays Center shooting and his birthday is 17 days. I believe this entire story is fake - the shootings, the robberies, the drug dealing, and the federal racketeering charges, are all faked. I've caught TMZ Lying about Tekashi before, during his alleged kidnapping.

Not a single gang tattoo on Tekashi69, only masonic illuminati tattoos of rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. He was arrested 170 days before his birthday, and his indictment is 17 pages long. 1717 is the year the grand lodge freemasons first met in London, England. One week prior to his alleged arrest, Tekashi said he only fears God and the FBI. Gangsters state they fear the FBI in a dramatic public arena? why would he say that? It sounds like scripted FBI propaganda. He allegedly was convicted of sex with a 13 year old but was only given probation? In what universe?? He is also not required to register as a sex offender, again, in what universe? I think the whole backstory and the charges and the arrest are staged to create the illusion he's a gangster, and I think there will be a surprise twist ending will result in his release.


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