German language - no subtitles

from 'The Island' (2005)

German language - no subtitles.

from 'Conan the Barbarian' (1982)

from 'Zulu' (1964)

Made from an audio recording.

from "Lawrence of Arabia" - 1962

from 'The Time Machine' - 1960

Curious Israeli's get an eye-opening interview from Ernst Zundel.

Students from Barrie find facts and words of wisdom from Ernst Zundel.

A documentary about the world's first operational jet fighter aircraft.

Ernst Zundel and supporters go to Court on 9 August 1984 to receive the verdict of the preliminary hearing. A date has been set for what has become known as The Great Holocaust Trial.
Ernst Zundel explains all to his comrades at the debriefing.

This documentary discusses things that will be ignored by anything in this century.

Made from an audio recording.

German language - no subtitles.
none needed.

A documentary about the late Prof. Robert Faurisson. French language with English subtitles.

German language - no subtitles

Zundelists taking it to the streets.

Great early meeting, lots of good practical advice but the video quality leaves much to be desired.

German language - no subtitles

Hans Schmidt explains.

Ernst Zundel interviews German-American author, activist and Waffen-SS veteran Hans Schmidt.

A former British officer remembers an honourable foe.


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