Adolf Hitler describes the Europe for which he was fighting. (1941)

Ernst Zundel details his latest judicial victories, including the big one in the Supreme Court of Canada.

video courtesy of 'The Impartial Truth'

Winter of 1940/1941

He is introduced to the audience in Flemish by former Flemish Waffen-SS veteran Andre van Hecke

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Ernst Zundel and aerial photo expert John Ball discuss the reality of the Auschwitz camp as seen in maps that Mr. Ball has drawn from Allied aerial photos.

A politically incorrect documentary about Adolf Hitler. (1988)

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Stand tall and stop apologizing!

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Zundel press conference on 4 November 1991, the day before his trial began in Munich.
German language.

On Youtube, this video was immediately removed and my account earned a strike.

Revisionist Carlos Whitlock Porter gives his sometimes humorous analysis of the holocaust hoax.

This film illustrates the achievements of the National Socialist government of Germany during its first 3 years.

Ernst Zundel explains what the Struggle was all about in the run up to what became known as 'The Great Holocaust Trial'.

German language - no subtitles

Ernst Zundel interviews author Ingrid Weckert about her book 'Flash Point' dealing with the so-called Crystal Night anti-Jewish pogrom in 1938.
A second interview with chemical engineer William Lindsey about the properties of Zyklon-B gas supposedly used to murder millions of jews during WW2.

A German documentary film about victory over the Allies in 1940; released in 1941.
English language voice-over

Dr. Joseph Goebbels opens the annual exhibition of German art in the new Haus der Deutsche Kunst in Munich in 1942.
Original German language

This Deutsche Wochenschau covers the second battle for the important industrial center of Kharkov in the Soviet Union in May 1942.

Ernst Zundel interviews author Michael Hoffman II about his book, 'They were White and They were Slaves'.

Die Deutsche Wochenschau was news made for the public. Die Frontschau was made to assist in military training.
Nr. 9 illustrated the horrendous conditions in the Soviet Union in the winter of 1941 and how to deal with them.
English language voice-over

The final part of Ernst Zundel's 1983 documentary.

Ernst Zundel's 4th video. He always said he was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and here are some of the reasons.


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