The crisis of the German farmers and what the National Socialist government was doing about it.
original German language.

On 21 May 1935, Adolf Hitler spoke to the German Reichstag once again about his disarmament proposals to the other powers. As all other important speeches, it was broadcast live over short wave radio and once again was ignored by the so-called peace loving allies.
His talk actually begins at about 3:30

A movie about Frederick the Great, King of Prussia in the 18th century.
original German language - no subtitles

In color with original English narration.


Historian David Irving discusses the life of legendary German General Erwin Rommel, the 'Desert Fox'.

Dr. Alexander Jacob explains the political thought of Werner Sombart and Oswald Spengler.

German language with some English sections (1991)

German soldiers building positions and bivouacs during winter of 1941-42.

Waffen-SS non-com officer training.
English language voice-over

This video shows clips of some of the revisionist speakers at the 9th Institute for Historical Review conference in 1990, including Prof. Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter and David Irving.

A specialized school of the Third Reich to train young women who intend to emigrate to German areas in other countries. From clothes making to blacksmithing, they received a thorough education for their trip ahead, including the language of the country chosen.
Original German language.

German chemist and revisionist Germar Rudolf gives a slide show presentation on what facts makes him a revisionist. This was presented at David Irvings Real History conference.

English language voice-over

Bradley Smith was Director of CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust). At this appearance at the 12th international conference of the Institute for Historical Review, he talks about CODOH's work in bringing Holocaust Revisionism to the attention of the public.


German language

On April 15, 1939, Adolf Hitler received an impertinent, politically inflammatory telegram from American president FDR. On 28 April, Adolf Hitler replied in his usual way. Important political speeches such as this one were broadcast live to the world over short wave while being delivered in the Reichstag. This is so that people could listen to what he said without the filter of the fake news of his time, which he alludes to in the speech. He also alludes to the 1938 broadcast of 'War of the Worlds'.

Original German language - 1945

War hero and Canadian journalist Doug Collins talks about Ernst Zundel's Great Holocaust Trial of 1985 and his involvement in it as a defence witness for freedom of speech.
This was his presentation at the 10th conference of the Institute for Historical Review in 1990.

Ernst Zundel interviews Swiss revisionist Jurgen Graf.
German Language

Ernst Zundel speaks in Bregenz, Austria and is arrested!
German language - 1988

Gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter, Prof. Robert Faurisson and historian Mark Weber travel to Dachau, Mauthausen and Hartheim Castle to subject them to the same scrutiny that was given to Auschwitz.


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