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Interview done in 1987, between Ernst Zundel's history-making 'Holocaust Trials'.

This interview was done in 1987 for Dr. Poinsett's 'Race and Reason' Public Access TV show.

Richard Butler was the founder of 'Aryan Nations', headquartered in Idaho, USA.


Ernst Zundel on a well known Canadian TV show at that time called 'Under Attack'. Not sure of the date but it was before we had video so it is the soundtrack of that show plus Mr. Zundel's commentary. Made from the audio tape. It could possibly have been around the early to mid-1970s.

Jürgen Rieger was Ernst Zundel's lawyer in Germany for many years.
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English and Spanish languages.

German language - no subtitles

After his press conference the day before his Munich trial, Ernst Zundel was interviewed by a Danish film crew for a documentary titled 'Die Juden wurden nicht Vergassed' (The Jews were not gassed). The interview was in English.

While in Munich as a potential witness in Ernst Zundel's trial in 1991, Fred Leuchter was interviewed by a Danish film crew for a documentary titled 'Die Juden wurden nicht Vergast' in German or 'The Jews were not gassed' in English.

An Italian newsreel about the rescue of Benito Mussolini from atop Gran Sasso by Skorzeny's commandos.
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I created this video from an old audio tape. This is excerpts of Ernst Zündel on radio talk shows in Montreal, Canada in 1967-68.

Canadian journalist Doug Collins is introduced by David Irving at a Real History conference.

Ernst Zundel's last talk to a live audience at an Identitarian conference in Mexico.
English language with Spanish subtitles.

The role of the horse in the Wehrmacht. I do not have a date for this.

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Ing. Emil Lachout im Gespräch

German language - no subtitles

Eric Thomson and John Sears analyze Zyklon-B, the gas said to have been used in the alleged Holocaust during WW2.

Australian Revisionist Fredrick Toben passed away on 29th June of this year. This is a talk he gave in Toronto, Canada in 1997 explaining how he was forced out of his teaching position for having unauthorized thoughts and opinions.


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