Ernst Zundel is at 11:11 and 12:22. Japanese language - no subtitles

Adolf Galland shot down more than 100 enemy aircraft on the Western Front.

German language - no subtitles

Mr. Taylor speaks in Dublin, Ireland.

To set the record straight; I know there is incorrect information in this film. It is mainstream. It cannot be otherwise. It is a study in how many people are introduced to Holocaust revisionism for the first time in the mainstream media. Keep that in mind when watching it.

A documentary about the famous "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast in 1938.

From a newsreel after the defeat of France. German language - no subtitles

The story of the greatest maritime disaster in history.

German language - no subtitles.

This is a re-up as the other one seems to have stopped working.

German language - no subtitles

The conclusion of "The Putin Interviews".


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