An Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Intellectual and Political Movements

How Jews created the Hollywood propaganda industry, but contrary to what the ending suggests, they still totally control it.


The battle for the island of Crete (Kreta) 1941
German language - no subtitles


Fred Leuchter (author of 'The Leuchter Report') and Revisionist Bradley Smith on their classic appearance on the Jerry Williams show.

The unbelievable treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israelis on an everyday basis.



The late Robert Faurisson speaks to an audience about Revisionism at Ernst Zündel's HQ in 1984.

The Allied operation to send all anti-communist people who had fled their communist 'paradises' back to their dark fate, usually death, at the end of WW2.

Ein NAPOLA film.

David Irving takes on the thorny issue of holocaust revisionism

James Bacque on CBC's 'The Journal' to discuss his controversial book about the deliberate murder of almost one million German POWs after WW2 by General Eisenhower.

German language - no subtitles

Dr. Countess talks Revisionism

Ernst Zündel interviews former Australian POW Alexander McClelland



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