German language - no subtitles

Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at his best.

German language - no subtitles

A short documentary about life aboard a merchant raider during WW2. Original German language with English subtitles.

The USA-Mexican border has been a problem for decades and getting worse.

German language - no subtitles

This is a re-up. The previous upload has stopped working.

German language - no subtitles.

A documentary by Carlos Porter based on his book of the same title.

In honour of the late Doug Christie, Canada's greatest warrior for Freedom of Speech

Part of a documentary series on African countries made by South African Broadcasting.

German language - no subtitles

A short documentary about the German forces in East Africa during WW 1.

German language - no subtitles

Ernst Zundel educates a couple of high school students.

American activist Jack Wikoff interviews Ernst Zundel for a Public Access TV presentation.


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