Nearest train station for George Square is Glasgow Queen Street and the nearest subway station is Buchanan Street. Plenty of buses also go into Glasgow so do check where they go before you choose the route that will take you closest to George Square.

As Brexit finally approaches, I have ended up hitting quite a cross section on whether to actually support the next independence referendum for Scotland to become an actual country (then go in the EU automatically) or abstain from the vote completely.

Alyn Smith Tweet -
Cameron McNeish Tweet -
The Scottish Parliament voted in favour of a 2nd Independence Referendum by 64-54 votes.
SNP MPs cry outside EU Plenary -

The video clips and images I share have been used under S30 of the CDPA 1988 for purposes of criticism and news reporting.

Yes, we really need to have a talk on why our Self-Defense laws in Scotland and the rest of the UK are absolutely useless and the mad PC reaction to a certain empowerment poster that you are not meant to say out loud or else.

Dumbarton man furious at punishment over attack:
'It's OK to be White' Poster condemned in Perth:

These screenshots were shared under S30 of the CDPA Act 1988 for purposes of criticism and news reporting.

In this episode of The JR94 Report, I talk about Scotland's Smacking, Fireworks and Marches/Parades Bans (and where that will lead to), the latest on the pro-independence front, the 1 year anniversary of the Gilet Jaunes, Catalonia and have a right laugh at the latest virtue-signalling exploits including white people being banned from speaking at an anti-racism event, XR protester claiming that 'Climate Denial is Child Abuse' and Rolling Stone Magazine claiming that Bowl Cuts are a symbol of White Supremacy.


Smacking Ban Spiked articles:
Fireworks Ban Consultation Results:
UN Arms Trade Treaty:
Conventional Weapons:
Telegraph article on Anti-White Event:
University Trigger Warnings:
Nicola Sturgeon speech at Glasgow rally:
EU Arrest Warrant issued against Carla Ponsati:
European Arrest Warrant:
Plan B Jason Michael article:
SNP 1997 Manifesto tweet:
Commonspace Plan B Conference article:
Sturgeon Clyde 2 Report:
Sturgeon tried cannabis:
Sturgeon backed decriminalising cannabis:
Stuart Basden Article:
Rolling Stone 'Bowl Cut' article:

The screenshots, clips (thanks to Ryan Allen) and pictures were used as fair use for news reporting and criticism under Section 30 of the CDPA 1988.

In this episode of the JR94 Report, I talk about the latest on Brexit and the Supreme Court's ruling on prorogation of parliament, Hacked Off now pushing for press censorship once again, Flamingo Land withdrawing their application, Children being upset by the SIGHT of alcohol (no joke here) and the Named Person's Scheme being scrapped but just like Flamingo Land, it ain't over yet.


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In this 2nd part, you'll learn about how both the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Green Party are intertwined with UN Agendas 21 and 2030 in the Scottish education system and how they are not exactly in favour of democracy as they claim to be.

Educational Institute of Scotland:
Education Scotland Agenda 2030 plan:
John Swinney booed by teachers:
EIS SEJ May 2019 article:
Children to be told 'your gender is what you decide':
Sturgeon apologises over benefits fraudster:
Sturgeon not paying taxes:
Assange Grady and Javid debate:
WSWS article on Patrick Grady and Assange:
Named Persons Scheme:
UKRantsVid video on JK Rowling and Natalie McGarry:
Ms McGarry jailed for embezzlement:
SNP knew of MSP's violent past for 3 years:
SNP donates to Islamic Foundation:
Osama Saeed Caliphate Guardian article:
SNP opposed EU Referendum:
Refugees to have the right to vote in Scottish Elections:
SNP reject alternative indyref2 option:
Sturgeon dismisses Wings over Scotland party:
Flamingo Land Consultation:
26th June 2019 meeting lock out article:
Full GoPro Video:
24th June 2019 public meeting:
Indycamp loses legal fight:
SNP 'interfere' in election:
Angus Robertson accused of trying to silence businesses during Indyref1:
Majid Majid EU article:
Mark Blyth Athens Live on Brexit and Scotland:
St Rollex Railworks closure:
Scottish Government State Aid Guidance:

In this rather long JR94 Report special, part 1 of 2 exposes how the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Green Party are not as they seem to be to the average eye, despite their progressive and seemingly anti-war and anti-establishment promises.

Sources include:

SNP Wikipedia page:
Scottish Green Party Wikipedia page:
Global Greens:
Sturgeon 'fangirl' of Clinton:
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UK Privy Council:
Nicola Sturgeon CFR speech:
Sturgeon rejects calls for inquiry on US Military use at Prestwick Airport:
Annie Borjesson:
Stewart McDonald on Ukraine:
Stewart McDonald called 'Piece of s#%1' by Dennis Skinner:
Stewart McDonald hides from Tommy Robinson:
SNP Call for NATO to be in Scotland:
Sturgeon Kissinger AI tweet:
Mel Kelly article on Scotland's water sell-out by Sturgeon, Salmond and the SNP & the Greens:
Scottish Parliament Archive on Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005:
Water Act 2014:
Irvine Times article:
Kev Baker Show episode:

A question so obvious that it seems nobody dares to ask it.

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In this episode, I talk about the SNP voting down amendments for independence (does this mean a No for IndyRef2?), Remainer MEP changes his mind about the EU upon discovering how it works, Glasgow about to ban traffic, UK Government about to make 'online homphobia' a criminal offence, new revelations surrounding the Barcelona terror attacker, Jeffery Esptein's assistants and Extinction Rebellion denying a son the chance to see his father pass away.

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In this episode of the JR94 Report, which I haven't recorded in a long while, I talk about what has happened with the Scottish teenager who got suspended for saying, "sir, there are only 2 genders", snowflakes on the Isle of Bute wanting a memorial bench of a murdered child removed because it gives them nightmares, the dissent regarding Citizen's Assemblies, the Greek Election results, the new (unelected) EU Commissioner and EU Council leader, Scottish Family Party now (as of this video) has more Facebook likes than the Scottish Liberal Democrats (Fact: there are actually 14 political parties in Scotland, not 5), Climate Change 'researchers' now going after your BBQs and Glastonbury littered despite David Attenborough's message on Plastic Pollution.

2 Genders Teen:
Alesha Bench snowflake facade:
Political Parties in Scotland:
Scottish Family Party:
Scottish Liberal Democrats Facebook page:
Do note that the screenshots on the Facebook page likes were taken on 18th July 2019, sorry for the inaccuracy in the audio.
BBQ Climate Change article:
Glastonbury Article:
Mel Kelly Articles:

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On 16th June 2019, I decided to phone-in to Ally Baly's show Scotland's Talk-In, which is broadcast every Sunday on the Bauer Media Radio Network (Clyde 2, Tay 2, Westsound, Forth 2, MFR 2 and Northsound 2), to discuss the then-recent outrage about the BBC wanting to scrap their free TV Licenses for the over-75s. I openly advocated for the scrapping of the TV License and explained why the media must be privatised and the customer must have a choice in what they watch along with how they pay for it.

The show can be called during it's live broadcasting on +44(0)333 20 20 401

This clip has been edited and broadcast under S30 of the CDPA 1988 for purposes of Criticism and News Reporting.

Wednesday 26th June 2019

After being left out of the main meeting where Councillors would eventually vote unanimously several hours later to oppose Flamingo Land's proposals, the people left outside due to the public gallery being full stormed (well, sneaked in via the doors) into the hall of West Dunbartonshire Council's HQ in Dumbarton. I was also asked to leave for filming but the lady backed off after the other protesters stopped her from doing that.

Please note that even though I am not a member of Independence Live and that this content is not mine's, I am keeping this video on Bitchute until Independence Live sets up an account with them.

On the evening of Monday 24th June 2019, a public meeting was held at 7pm BST in Alexandria Parish Church in Balloch to discuss the upcoming Council meeting at 6pm BST on Wednesday 26th June 2019 on whether to approve or reject Flamingo Land's proposals for their project in Balloch close to Loch Lomond Shores which attracted 1169 objections to 54 supports on the official consultation. In this meeting, shocking secrets were revealed as to how exactly Flamingo Land, Scottish Enterprise and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park kept vital information secret from the public. A Q&A session was held after the statements. 267 people along with 2 dogs filled out the hall.

Guest Speakers included Councillor Jim Bollan (West Dunbartonshire Community Party), Councillor Sally Page (of the Scottish Conservative Party), Ross Greer MSP (Scottish Greens), Jackie Baillie MSP (Labour), Maurice Corry MSP (Scottish Conservatives) and Nick Kempe of Parkwatch Scotland.

Time to meet up in the Church Street Council Offices in Dumbarton before 6pm BST to say bye bye to Flamingo Land and have the Councillors do the same.

Nearest Train Station: Dumbarton Central (via the Glasgow Queen Street, Helensburgh Central, Edinburgh Waverley, Airdrie, Cumbernauld and Oban/Fort William/Mallaig train services).
The town can also be reached via the frequent 1A and 1B First Bus Services.

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In this rather controversial episode, I speak about the Scottish lad who got kicked out of class for stating the obvious about Genders along with why our schools are becoming indoctrination camps rather than educational institutions even at the youngest Primary age and I also discuss the motives behind Paige Doherty's murder, in particular about what would happen if John Leatham did NOT kill Ms Doherty and what he claims about her did happen. This is where the discussion about Feminism (and how it has been hijacked by Cultural Marxists) comes in too.

Scotsman article:
2 genders classroom clip:
Paige Doherty:
Man falsely accused killed article (can't be viewed in the EU):

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Do watch this video blog as I discuss what Rawstream would mean for the free movement of information on the internet in any public place with free or paid internet including WiFi. I also discuss why the need for orwellian type measures to tackle public nuisances is wishful thinking.

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If you're a UK Citizen, please go and complete the Online Harms White Paper and object to a new internet regulator:
Rawstream's website is
Evening Times nuisance article:
Evening Times crime article 2019:

The EU passed their final version of the Copyright Directive on 26th March 2019 by 348 to 278 votes against the will of so many people including yours truly who were against this from the beginning. Looks like we will have to use VPNs from now on. Bring on the real kind of Brexit and Scexit.

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Important update on the #EUCopyrightDirective. MUST SEE. Vote scheduled for next week. E-Mail your MEPs all over Europe and Protest NOW! #CopyrightDirective

In this video, I talk about the recent protests in Glasgow by a group called Extinction Rebellion and why their objectives for what they want are not as genuine as they seem.

P.S. The Congestion Charge proposal was made by Labour Councillors, not the SNP as I mentioned. In fact, the SNP who control an overall majority of Glasgow City Council, helped to vote down the congestion charge proposal with the Conservative Party. Also, the SNP have 11 councilors, Labour have 8 and the Conservatives as well as the Scottish Greens have 2 each.

Extinction Rebellion: (don't cross the line when objecting to them)
Protest Event:
Parking Charges proposal:
Council goes ahead with the charges:

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The screenshots and photographs are being used as part of Section 30 of the CAPA 1998. I acknowledge that many of the photographs belong to STV and The Evening Times.

Please note that I fully acknowledge that the clip belongs to Kevin Baker but unless he sets up an account on Bitchute, the video will remain on this site.

Originally aired on 22nd May 2017.

"In a historic broadcast on The Kev Baker Show i welcome Iain Tough, Cheryl Scott & Mel Kelly to cover the shocking truth about the SNP that Nicola Sturgeon does not want you to know.

We get into how the SNP hijacked the independence hopes of an entire nation, and find out just who the SNP are, and who it is that Nicola Sturgeon serves.

Independence is not confined to Scotland and we have two guests, David Raventos & Delia Forrest, joining us LIVE from Catalonia where there is a similar fight that ties right back to the Scots indy fight."

Mel Kelly's website:

I give my full take on what happened today and why the movement might fall as quickly as it rose. Apologies in advance for the bad audio.

Got approached earlier by 2 officers from Police Scotland who wondered if I was effectively going to cause disruption at the protest. They asked for my flags and luckily they weren't offended and went on their way.

Uploaded on 17th November 2018 elsewhere.

In this episode of The JR94 Report, I talk about Safe Spaces and the scandal surrounding Julia Hartley-Brewer, the EIS (Education Institute Scotland) planning to teach Scottish kids about 'The Far Right' (hint: it's not what you think it is) in schools and the sex scandal surrounding former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond.

The photographs are being used as part of Section 30 of the CAPA 1998.

For more information, please watch the video. It’s a big shambles that our TV License payments have to go to this rubbish. #AbolishTheTVLicense #ITV #STV #ITVTonight #WWG1WGA #USA #Trump


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