[Original upload Youtube June 2014] Audio recording of street interviews conducted on American citizens back in 1941 and what they think of the Japanese surprise attack in Hawaii and what to do about it.

Credits (Community Audio) WA4CZD

[Original upload June 2014] ('Early Edition' broadcast sample) Radio First Termer was an underground (pirate radio) station located in Saigon during the Vietnam War. RFT was manned and hosted by "Dave Rabbit" (Sgt. Clyde David DeLay USAF), his crew included "Pete Sadler", "Capt. Ivan Pansy", "Nguyen" and "Ralph". RFT played hard rock and psychedelic music that were popular with American troops but mainstream AFN radio stations and AFVN did not usually permit to go by the airwaves. Aside from playing 'hard acid rock' RFT injected their segments with anti-war commentary, military and dirty jokes. Dave Rabbit's mission was basically to entertain his fellow servicemen as he did later for the US troops in Iraq (2006).

This is a re-upload from the one made a while back but was removed because of a complaint. Higher quality audio this time around...kinda. I had to trim the songs down to avoid too much copyright issues. This seems futile because I immediately received content notification from one of the songs. :s

If you want to listen to the complete broadcast visit: [scroll down for the Vietnam-era stuff]


Station introduction. Narodno-Trudovoi Soyuz, Национально Трудовой Союз - NTS was formed in the 1930s by Russian youths having observed the defeated and cynical attitude of their elders who were exiles/emigres and White Army veterans. The younger generation believed this same attitude was responsible for the victory of the communists during the 1917 revolution. NTS members, most no older than thirty years old, began their campaign to awaken Soviet citizens to fight and free Russia of communism. These initially ranged from handling out anti-communist literature, encouraged defection (Operation SPAIN), radio programs (Operation RADIO) and training underground resistance movements in the USSR (Operation CARCASS). The group received western help particularly from the CIA after World War II such as the funding and installment of Radio Free Russia.

Soviet response to NTS agents were often violent. NTS agents who were caught were executed or suffer long-term imprisonment. NTS being a right-wing organization was accused by the Soviets of associating with the Nazis during World War II even though many NTS members suffered under the Nazi secret police (Gestapo) and one prominent member of NTS was a popular German-Jewish writer.

Radio Free Russia ceased operations after the Soviet Union pressured West Germany to shut down the station in the late 1970s.

NTS is also known as People's Labor Union and Popular Labor Union.

More info

Declassified CIA file on NTS operations - January 1952 (.pdf file format)

Audio (opening)
Song by Marya Emskaya (1917?)


* End of Radio Free Russia broadcasts (?)

[Original upload in Youtube May 2014] Station introduction. Radio Free Derry was a pirate station operated by the political party, People's Democracy. When the violent riots in Northern Ireland intensified in the late 1960's and early 70's, Radio Free Derry began to broadcast (on the AM band) revolutionary songs with anti-British commentary behind the no-go zone - an area fortified with barricades built by Londonderry residents.

* According to Radio Free Derry started as a pro-civil rights radio station but later became a mouthpiece for the rebellion and fell under control or under close watch by the paramilitary (terrorist) Irish Republican Army (IRA) during its sporadic broadcasts throughout the 1970's.

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[Original upload Youtube Feb. 2014] Radio station ID. The Sudan People's Liberation Army started as a guerrilla group allegedly sponsored by Ethiopia and Libya against the Muslim government in Khartoum. SPLA struggles for a secular Sudanese state under the ideological guidelines of Christian socialism. The following audio are SPLA's clandestine radio station ident "Voice of the Revolutionary Armed Struggle" and a clip of rebel leader, Lt. Col. John Garang's radio speech in the 1980's, during the Second Sudanese civil war. It addresses for Sudanese unity.

Radio SPLA has been heard on shortwave. The station was active from 1984 to 1993 and was likely transmitting from Soviet-backed Ethiopia and Libya. The station might have ceased broadcast after SPLA lost the town of Torit in 1992 which was the movement's headquarters and center for radio transmission. SPLA has received 'non-lethal' support from the US military in the 1990's. Conflict in Sudan is an on-going crisis.

SPLA flag

More info

[Original upload in Youtube, 2013] Audio sample claimed to have been blasted towards the Branch Davidian compound at night allegedly via special 'light and sound' technology. The noise is an amalgamation of various animal sounds (being slaughtered among the most reported), some drilling, loud machinery and chanting.

A great deal of controversy followed on its application. It is pointed out that the combination of loud music and various animal noise was to drive the Davidians out the compound and surrender while opposing view states that the sleep deprivation tactics initiated on the compound's inhabitants caused the situation to deteriorate to unreasonable conclusions and only fed to Koresh and his followers' psychology and beliefs thus pushing them to resist further.

Various Waco related images of the raid. David Koresh founder of the Branch Davidians holds a Bible up infront of an Adventist(?) church.

Including La Bête de la Mer's Tapisserie de l'Apocalypse (Tapestry of the Apocalypse) and other Medieval woodcut inspired from the Book of Daniel and the Beasts of Daniel's vision which David Koresh frequently referred to in his prophecy of the End Times.

The Cuban broadcast heard throughout the world via shortwave. The Communist regime of Castro through station Radio Havana attack President Kennedy and the United States' reaction - after the discovery of a Soviet missile construction site in Cuba - as an imperialist aggression and inciting Nuclear war with the sole purpose of invading Cuba.

Images from newsreel archive depicting US naval group activity, the spyplane, images of the missile site, anti-aircraft batteries and rallies with Castro across Havana during the crisis in the Caribbean.

[Originally uploaded in Youtube, 2013] WGU-20 civil defense emergency broadcast sample. By mid 1970's an automated voice began transmitting on the 179kHz longwave band with looping announcements, save for the current time, some weather updates and greetings that switch from "Good morning" (starting at 12 midnight), "Good afternoon" and "Good evening" 24 hours a day. The station was similar to earlier civil defense formats in preparation of a nuclear attack and catastrophes like severe weather condition. The station used the longwave frequency as it is purported to be immune to the effects of atomic blasts thus earning WGU-20 it's forbidding moniker as "the last radio station".

For more information:

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[Original upload in Youtube, Dec. 2013] Some programs go way back to 1965 and 1967 but have undergone name changes throughout the years. Voice of National Salvation was known in 1967 as Radio Station of the South Korean Democratic National League for Liberation, as Voice of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification from 1970-1985 then Voice of National Salvation until its closure in 2003.

The cease-fire treaty that put the halt to the Korean armed engagements in the 1950's never officially ended the war. To this day the two Koreas have attacked each other through various psychological or physically harmless means; one is by radio propaganda. North and South Korea operate clandestine stations wherein both counties counter the broadcasts by jamming the signals or by legal matters. The effectiveness of these laws vary. It is reported that owning a shortwave radio is illegal in North Korea but there have been instances of smuggling them. Meanwhile South Koreans are prohibited from listening broadcasts coming from the 'Hermit Kingdom'.

Audio credit:

Info, references, images @
Andrei Lankov
North Korea Handbook(Yonhap News Agency) M.E. Sharpe
North Korea Country Handbook (US Department of Defense May 1997)
Wikimedia Commons

Marked * are unclear.

[Original upload in Youtube, Dec. 2013] Interval signals of some shortwave radio stations that came about in the late 1990's at the start of the Falun Gong persecutions. The stations are currently active save for Radio Free Tibet, and the 10-minute program Voice of China Reborn that seem to have gone off the air. These programs are aimed at Mainland China through shortwave and though several of these stations are religious or by a religious organization the topics are usually political in nature with the intent to influence public opinion against the policies of the Communist government. The religious group Falun Dafa is the most active broadcaster after the practice of Falun Gong 'Dharma Wheel' got banned in China during the 1990's with its members reportedly rounded up and thrown in prison. Allegations of torture and organ harvesting sponsored by the CCP have surfaced.

CCP's reaction to these transmission is the implementation of the hour-long classical music dubbed the 'Firedrake'. A jamming signal that can be heard throughout shortwave blocking even legitimate broadcasters such as VOA, BBC and others.

These stations are transmitting from neighboring Asian countries but this would include as far as North America and Europe, with transmitters in places like Bulgaria, India and Tajikistan.

- Thanks to David Kernick @

- Sample (studio) version of the Firedrake music serving as PRC's signal jammer.

* undetermined

[Original upload in Youtube, Nov. 2013] Introduction for Radio Liberación La Voz de la Liberación (Voice of the Liberation) was a radiostation that operated during the 1954 Guatemalan coup. It was manned by a handful of men funded and trained by the CIA. The mission was for the Guatemalan society to fight communism and against the leftist regime of President Jacobo Arbenz and to support the "Army of the Liberation".

(Not to be confused with the station of the same name operated by Nicaraguan Contras in 1980's.)

Che Guevarra was reported to have been impressed by the station and overall radio's effectiveness that he initiated his own Radio Rebelde four years later in Cuba.

Additional Info from (
The programs consisted of mosly political commentary, with musical, and comic elements rounding out the shows. The political propaganda broadcast the virtues of the liberation movement's cause, the evils of Communism, and the treason committed by Guatemala's leaders. The broadcasts were in Spanish.

"Sherwood" was the Central Intelligence Agency cryptonym assigned to the clandestine radio operation "Radio Liberacion," which aired from May 1 to July 2, 1954.

Newsreel archive & Google images.


[Originally uploaded in Youtube 2013] Modern Chinese history lecture by Dr. Yangwen Zheng on the origins and consequences of the Communist revolution in the 1950's-60's and the difference between Mao and Deng. This is only an excerpt. To listen or download the entire lesson please visit:

Audio credit goes to, images: Google, Wikimedia.commons

[Originally uploaded in Youtube, 2013] Excerpts from Radio Londres. These messages were inserted with the radio program in the form of personal greetings, they were often peculiar and obviously had hidden meanings intended to a specific audience. The last two messages (taken from the poem, Chanson d'automne) was to inform the underground movement that Operation Overlord (D-Day landings) was to commence in 24 hours.

For more information:

Image credits: (artwork: Jean Moulin, Hero of the Resistance w/Cross of Lorraine, Free French Flag) (Georges Begue, S.O.E. operative)

Audio credit: (Français)

[Originally uploaded in Youtube 2013] More 60's sound bites from AFVN; radio segues, jingles and public service radio announcements heard throughout or at some point during the Vietnam War.

Images belong to their respective owners.

[Originally uploaded from my Youtube channel 7 years ago.] Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos officiates ceremony of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) with the Asian Allies (South Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, including the United States, Australia and New Zealand) to support and administer military aid in the effort to resist Communist aggression in South East Asia and to review negotiations of peaceful settlement of the Vietnam war.

General Douglas MacArthur and Philippine president Sergio Osmeña return to the Philippines and initiate the liberation of the country. After a series of island hopping campaigns, naval and aerial battles the Americans land in Leyte followed by a speech held in Tacloban.

[Originally uploaded in Youtube 7 years ago.] U.S. Army Filipino Infantry regiments training at Fort Ord, Camp Roberts, and Camp Hunter-Liggett, California during World War II. The video shows the training and routine of the soldiers, mostly comprised of Filipino American volunteers and veterans during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines and are preparing for the retaking of their homeland during Gen. MacArthur's return.

[Originally from my Youtube channel uploaded 7 years ago.] US 182nd Regiment Americal division lands on Cebu, Philippines. US landing crafts approach Talisay beach and begin mapping the drive to the city. US troops advance toward Cebu city amidst various obstacles and Japanese resistance. They sweep for land mines and traps on their way. The last part shows a colored footage of the troops interacting with the local population.

More info here:

For details of operations, participants and first hand accounts visit:

[Uploaded in my channel 7 years ago.] Witness Mang Tasyo's plight under a hypothetical Communist regime in the Philippines. This public service ad was made and probably went in rampant broadcast during the height of the global Soviet aggression in events leading to the Cold War as the country initiated a large scale anti-Communist campaign.

After WWII relationships between the Allies and the Soviets deteriorated, countries that were under Soviet influence were quickly occupied through political reforms or the military. The West would not tolerate this and the event lead to the division between the Free World countries and the Communist Bloc - the veiling of the "Iron Curtain". The Philippines being in close relations with the US and the West was greatly affected and underwent several Communist insurrections under the banner of Leninism, Marxism and Maoism in what is called a protracted "People's War". This in the pretense of independence, anti-imperialism, nationalism and equality. This ideology is still adhered by many, mostly by younger individuals who are led or are attracted to this rhetoric and are represented by various organizations and politicians that does not necessarily or openly portray themselves as communist.

The film is somewhat caricature by today's standards but is still spot on regarding the transitional life of free citizens to a totalitarian government.

[Originally uploaded in my Youtube channel 7 years ago.] Recordings from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Using the SOSUS system - SOund SUrveillance System operated by the US Navy to track Soviet submarines during the Cold War. Many military-tech like sonar have been handed in 1970s for civilian use. The SOSUS system today serves the scientific community.

The video is separated into four parts.
Part 1 - Sounds of Marine Mammals (ie. whales)
Part 2 - Man-made (ie. boats, ships)
Part 3 - Natural (ie. earthquakes, tremors)
Part 4 - Unidentified Sounds

The recordings are usually sped up 10x-16x to be audibly discernible. Part IV unidentified sounds are recordings containing unique audio signatures that are uncategorized and are inconclusive. They are only given nicknames.

Audio and Image credits:

[Originally uploaded on my Youtube channel 10 years ago. Its about time to put these videos here because Youtube is deleting war-related videos because of their crappy "community" guidelines.] Audio excerpts from different Vietnam War era related radio broadcasts. Most are American reporting and one particular from Radio Hanoi or Radio Peking. 'Show more' for list.

1 - A famous line in the 1961 JFK inaugural speech.
2 - "Soldier Boy" by the Shirelles.
3 - Excerpt of the American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) signing on introduction. With information of the Chieu Hoi "Open Arms" Program.
4 - Vietnamese radio station.
5 - Hanoi Hannah/Radio Hanoi broadcast from a communist gathering with the People's Republic of China to resist "traitorous lackeys" and in the intervention of the Allies.
6 - Dawn breaker "Gooooooood Morning Vietnam!" introduction.
7 - News report of terrorist attack in Vietnam harbor (Baton Rouge Victory bombing).
8 - "I'm Fixin' to Die Rag" - a comical anti-war song.
9 - US General Westmoreland interview.
10 - "If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time" - a song said to be critical of the war.
11 - News report on the updates of Communist activity in Vietnam from Saigon to the Mekong Delta.
12 - Pirate radio station introduction secretly manned by air force personnel in 1971.
13 - More information of the 'Chieu Hoi' program.
14 - Opinion of the law and order in 60's USA as a result to various protests.
15 - "Why Doesn't Someone Write To Me" by the Lonesome Valley Singers "Hello Vietnam" album.
16 - AFVN 'Mail Call'
17 - AFVN reports a young conservative organization back in US withdraw support for President Nixon.
18 - South Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu ask US to remain in Vietnam.
19 - President Richard Nixon signs 'Paris Peace Agreement' to end war in Vietnam.

*Note: Listening through a headset is recommended.

Audio credit:

[Originally uploaded on my Youtube channel 10 years ago. Its about time to put these videos here because Youtube is deleting WW2 related videos because of their crappy "community" guidelines.]
A collection of arranged audio excerpts from different World War II Pacific broadcasts arranged chronologically as possible.
'Show more' for list of broadcast.

1 - Pearl Harbor is attacked.
2 - Empire of Japan declares war on the Allies.
3 - Japanese airplanes bomb Manila, Philippines.
4 - Great Britain shows support with the USA in war against Japan.
5 - USA declares war with Japan.
6 - Great Britain declares war with Japan.
7 - Radio broadcast on bombed Singapore.
8 - One of the many Japanese war songs. *This was probably dedicated to the conquest of Singapore as it is labelled in as 'Singapura'.
9 - Nimitz on the Battle for Guam.
10 - Allied War Bonds song.
11 - Broadcast during the Battle of Iwo Jima.
12 - Announcement of the use of the Atomic Bomb.
13 - Gen. MacArthur remarks on the Surrender Signing Ceremony.
14 - Pres. Truman's remarks on the Surrender Signing Ceremony.
15 - Announcement of the V-J Day.
16 - "Tokyo Rose" reenacting one of her propaganda broadcast.

Audio credit: World War II Multimedia Database (

Sixth part of a short clip series about the Vietnam War. After the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) lost the first offensive, the NVA reassembles and conducts another major offensive at the US base in Khe Sanh almost a year later.

(Mission cut scenes taken from Men of Valor.)

Fifth part of a short clip series of the Vietnam War. This focuses on the New Year offensive conducted by the North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong on what is to be known as the Tet Offensive.

(Mission cut scenes taken from Men of Valor.)

Fourth part of a short clip series about the Vietnam War. This shows the first North Vietnamese army offensive at US base Khe Sahn.

(Mission cut scenes taken from Men of Valor.)


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