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Basically a funny old summary of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, before there was even was an Israel :)

Jazz Musician Gilad Atzmon introduces the theory of cognitive ability distribution to explain the development and preservation of Jewish high skills and Jewish elitism.

Zundel, considered the most active of holocaust deniers, sits down with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes. When asked to comment on documentation of Himmler's speech on the German systematic extermination of Jews, Zundel seems for the first time to be in a loss for words. Aired March 20, 1994.
Mentioned Himmler speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRO04q_lQi4

Shmemel is a 10 piece Israeli funk band formed in 2007. Here performing "Laughing at the Goyim" from their debut album.

It’s an ad we’ve all seen a million times. A saucy seductress sprays herself gently with an overpriced perfume. Except now the femme fatale is Israel’s justice minister, and the perfume is called "fascism". Israel's New Right party latest provocative election ad.

Condit points out how certain Hitler policies interestingly coincided with Jewish interests. These policies include the Nuremberg Laws, which define and preserve the Jewish bloodline in accordance with Jewish law, and The Transfer Agreement, which aided Jews to move from Nazi Germany into British Mandate Palestine.

An ode to the people of Israel by African-American poet, writer and activist Chloé Valdary.

Rabbi Meir Kahane on "The Editor", a round table news program from the mid 1980's. The three-way liberal assailment on Kahane well depicts the incontrovertible truths about the left-wing American press and their morbid stupidity, not only as it pertains to Israel, but also in regard to America. As it stands today, nothing has changed.

Rabbi Meir Kahane speaking at the Los Angeles Marriott Hotel, 1990.

Black South-Africans share their impression of Israel as an apartheid state.


Israeli girls say sorry for Israel's wrongdoing.

Latma, Israel's Channel 1

Latma, Israel's Channel 1

Street magician Julius Dean visited Israel and amazed some IDF soldiers with his magic.

Writer and philosopher Ayn Rand presents the no-nonsense common-sense viewpoint regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict.
The Phil Donahue Show, 1979.

Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson laments Muslims' very dull contribution to Mankind.

Lecture at the University of Washington, March 2011.

Host Adam Green refers to the Bible to find out.
Know More News podcast, Nov 20, 2019.

After failing to bring about the annihilation of the Jewish people by force, globalist Germany is now trying to destroy Israel by peaceful means.

In this bold talk held in Germany, son of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu confronts the German government about funding anti-Israel groups as part of Germany's strategic ongoing effort to destabilize and delegitimize the Jewish State.

Imagine what would happen if the Israeli government funded German organizations by millions of Euros, organizations which their sole purpose is to wreak division and havoc in Germany. How would you react?

The irony of history: Just 70 years ago, the German Arians held their proud ethnically-based empire, while prosecuting the homeless wandering Jews. Today, Germans dwell in a multi-national dystopia with their regretful ancestry and their shameful heritage, while Jews take pride in their strong ethnically-based homeland with their proud heritage. How things have turned.

The video shows how Germans are bringing about the demise of their country with their own two hands, and out of their own free will. Truly amazing.

Kuwaiti writer explains why it is unavoidable for Muslims to acknowledge that Israel is a legitimate sovereign state, and that there isn't, and never was, any occupation because when the State of Israel was established there was no state called 'Palestine'. Instead, he says, Jews are "a people returning to its promised land", as documented not only in world history, but also explicitly in the Holy Quran.

Al-Hadlaq is currently serving 3 years of jail time in his country for voicing opinions for normalization with Israel.


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