We live in some crazy times. Where is the Love for each other as human beings these days?

Babylon will be destroyed. What are you doing to get out of Babylon?

These Morden day Pharisees would kill Jesus again if they could. How about you are you supporting them?

Yes of course we need to obey what Jesus taught. Luke 14:33

Your Freedom is being taken while you are worried about the Coronavirus. And when the Coronavirus goes alway your Freedom will not be given back. So in this video we look at what the solution to this problem is?

8 Ways to hear from God.

Interesting events that are yet to happen. Check it out.

The End Times are coming are you prepared?

Do you believe in Jesus or Religion?

The End Times are coming. But we don't know when the end will be.

The one world government agenda is making some serious moves.

Cashless society will give the government a lot of control over your life. Is that what you Want?

The WYTH Myths are spreading all over the world. Help it be exposed!!

Would you die for your FAITH?

What does the Bible say about the last Seven years? Watch and See.

The World is filled with Evil. Watch and See how bad it actually is.

Many people have been lied to most of their lives. You are in a matrix WORLD.

Do you have monsters inside of you that come out every once in a while? How can you get rid of this monster? Watch and See.

Are you going to destroy Greed before it destroys you.

We need to get the spirit of Jesus Christ. Not the spirit of Religion.

Do you believe in money? Do you believe in Truth? Our lives reflect what we believe in.

What do you think about all this Religious activity?

So many Religious leaders are making a fool of themselves. Sadly people believe them.

Do you LOVE the Truth? You either love it or you hate it. Don't play with fire, because you will get burned.

What do you believe about speaking in tongues?


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