Every American has been they're with a new boss and new rules. Only the Democratic Party thinks it's completely acceptable to remove their boss through Impeachment. The democrats aren't trying to impeach President Trump, because it's the right thing to do. It's they're only hope of not being tried for treason and other crimes, against the United States of America. Schiff had all the cards stacked in his favor and despite rigging the entire hearing from start to finish. Poll numbers show the American people don't support impeachment. The American people get to decide the President not the corrupt Deep State run Democratic Party. Thankfully 3 of the DNC top criminals are now under Federal Investigation!
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In a week filled with shocking revelations from the Deep State confirming it own existence. To CIA whistleblower Eric Ciaramella completely exposed as the Deep State plant in the latest coup attempt. As well as shocking, but not so shocking revelation that Jeffrey Epstein notorious pedophile and host of Hollywood, British Royalty and former President was actually murdered. Patriot Joe M retires as 8kun attempts to get on online to provide communications with Qanon again.

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Before President Trump began the revolution, against the deep state. Colleges were turned into weapons of indoctrination and life long debt enslavement. Young people trapped in their parent's basements, working minimum wage jobs, with degrees that weren't worth the paper they were printed on. They have without any real knowledge or understanding of the free market or socialism have in their desperation turned towards the fairy tale world of socialism. Envisioning the world of Star Trek with free stuff pouring in from heaven. Millenials fail to realize that at every attempt under the deep state socialism has killed millions. They fail to realize that the people that enslaved them to debt are now trying to regain power, by promising free stuff. Free college, free food, free housing all you have to do is give up all your freedoms. Millenials in their suicide pact for themselves and our nation don't understand economics, history, capitalism or the on going shadow civil war being waged by President Trump against the Deep State. As long as we vote for Trump and support the free market capitalism, we can remove the Deep State DNC cancer at the heart of all of Americas problems!
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My fellow Americans Freedom and Justice are at hand! The John Durham investigation has gone from an administrative prob to a full blown criminal prob. The power is now in the hands of attorney general Barr and Durham as they can now impanel a grand jury, push for answers and seek criminal charges. The Deep State has to be in a full panic as they lawyer up and watch Schiff and Nadler hiding in the basement. President Trump calls this a lynching and he's spot on as he tweets out #StopTheCoup. Its up to us now to stay informed and demand an end to the secret impeachment to cover up for Deep State crimes against America.
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Hillary Clinton has suffered greatly from (TDS) Trump derangement syndrome over the last 3 years. Her latest breakdown took America and now accused Russian Spies Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein by surprise. Despite having no evidence presented Hillary Clinton knows spies when she see's them and isn't afraid to "create" evidence to prove it. Whats the point of all this insanity is the real question? Are Russians infiltrating the Democratic party or does someone need to put Hillary Clinton in a padded room? As Hillary roots our Russian in America Congress is determined to defend Syrias borders at any cost! However congress and the corrupt main stream media seem to have forgotten Americas borders and the Mexican drug cartels wars, just south of Texas. Congress may have forgotten our border, but strong independent Americans continue to build the wall to protect our nation. Please Support the Build a Wall Project:

The Corrupt main stream media is falling apart under extreme pressure of its own corruption. Pushing for unending wars with fake "war" Footage in Syria ABC has gone war wacky. MSNBC is the modern Sodem and Gamora. As they try to cover up their pro rape culture. CNN has been exposed by Project Veritas as being complicit in the Deep State DNC's Coup attempt against President Trump. All while feigning fear and disgust over a spoof video of the movie Kingsman. As President Trump takes down the corrupt main stream media. The Fake News and puppets of the Deep State like Kathy Griffin can't have people getting any ideas, like standing up to people that are determined to keep them enslaved. Thank you for you likes and shares and if you can please donate to my patron.

The stark contrast presented between Trump and the Deep State was on full display at President Trumps Minnesota Rally. As President Trump embraced local officers and spoke about how much he appreciated the police and their efforts. The Deep State Democrats and Antifa threw bottles of urine at police officers and their horses. Trying to intimidate Trump supporters knocking hats off heads and surrounding people and cars to threaten and instill fear. One thing all this insanity does is make sure nobody votes democrat ever again.
In other news California continues its third world death spiral with mass black outs to "prevent fires". The NBA sells out America for Communist China. Lastly Trump and Pence keep hitting back against the whistleblower and the Deep State tries to intimidate Rudy Giuliani-good luck with that. Thank you for you likes and shares and if you can please donate to my patron.

Want to know what America would be like in 2020 if Democrats win the election? Tammy Bruce guest on Tucker Carlson nailed it on the head "America will be the movie Escape from New York" with Kurt Russell. A dystopian nightmare where major cities have been turned into inescapable prisons that are run by the criminals. AOC, Biden and Beto are all pushing for emptying out the prison because they're racist. Making sure you can't defend yourselves they are going take you guns away on top of it. If you don't want to have to walk your streets with a baseball bat with nails driven through it to get gallon of milk. Pay attention as Schiff and the deep state plans for impeaching President Trump keep blowing up in their face. Special Thanks to Kurt Russell for a great movie and a great teaching aid.
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President Trump has been fighting the Deep State for 3 years, however the questions persists. "If the Deep States real President Trump has to be a part of it. Otherwise why wouldn't they just have killed him like JFK?" The other question or statement is "President Trump is a zionist puppet." Now you can understand why Trumps still alive, fighting a war of the world against the Deep State and free of Zionist control. Please and Thank you for any contributions you can make to help me continue making these videos.

Nothing happens in Washington that isn't planned. Just as Impeachment heats up, Hillary Clinton's back in town. Calling for investigations into President Trump because he last coup attempt failed. How will Hillary deal with Barr and Durham investigations into her and the Deep State. Will Hillary suddenly run for President or develop a tumor? Little Adam Schiff is linked to Ukrainian arms dealer with ties to George Soros. All while New York and Chicago continue to crumble with attacks on the First Amendment and Ice. Thank you for any and all donations to my Patreon.

We may not know his face, but we do know his connections. The Whistleblower is a Nazi CIA asset and registered democrat. He adds himself to the long list of CIA assets like CIA Director Brennan a well know Communist and his right hand man Clapper to try to overthrow the President. This nameless whistleblowers hearsay document that some lawyer typed up for him to hand in. Is funded by George Soros who has got to be one of the evilest men to ever walk the face of the Earth. Please if you like the information provided go to my Patreon page and help support me to continue making these videos.

Lets expose Shifts hearing for what it really is in Congress, as they are nothing more than a cover up. A distraction of Jeffrey Epstein's and his billionaire buddies and hollywood scum flying to Lolita Island to have their way with little children. A level of desperation has clearly set in as Pelosi push's a narrative, before any facts are even presented. What this is an effort for criminals in congress to attempt to impeach President Trump. On anything they can before he gets to them! Please check out my Patreon to help keep these videos coming.

The Deep State leaps without looking, headlong into the lions mouth pushing for impeachment. No High Crimes have been identified and in fact no crimes at all have been pointed out. What has been made painfully obvious is the Deep State DNC can't win the 2020 election. They would rather steal the election through impeachment than risk another four years of Trump. This is of course completely contrary to America's system of Government and elections by the people. Pelosi and the Deep State signed their own death warrant and the 2020 map is going to look very red.

President Trump and the Alliance are flipping the script on Biden and the Whistle Blower, Stacy Abrams is under investigation. Trump and the Prime Minister of Australia are living it up and touring the country. Showing off American and Australias strong connections and business ventures. All while the Deep State fake news is stuck between a rock and a hard place, as Rudy Giuliani pummels Biden and Fake News. The Deep States big win was to put a team of cheerleaders in NC on probation for a year for waving a Trump 2020 banner. Then shutting down another football game to stop Patriots in NC from waving the American flag in support of the Cheerleaders. I'd like to suggest to Deep State actors that surrender might be a whole lot less humiliating. God Bless you and God Bless America.

"Are We Playing Right into Their Plan?" written by Garret Geer was an early piece of the puzzle, showing the new and dangerous direction of the Democratic Party. Obama and Hillary Clinton wrote their college thesis on the modern day communist conversion of democracy by Saul Alinsky. By dumbing down the public into useful idiots and gaining control of 8 aspects of society 1) HealthCare, 2) Poverty, 3) Debt, 4) Gun Control, 5) Welfare, 6) Education, 7) Religion and lastly 8) Class Warfare. Deep State Actors like Obama and Hillary could recreate the nightmarish world of Communism that Stalin inflicted on the Russian people. The only equality Americans can expect from surrendering all their Freedoms to the state is equal misery and death.

Whose got investigation fatigue from the left? Just about everybody right, especially since the left is wrong again and again. What is this new Whistle Blower against Trump all about? Is the Orange man bad again or is the Deep State trying to cover up for the Crimes of the Biden family? Of course the Deep State is trying to cover for Biden and his son Hunter. Who were using the power of the office to profit and commit crimes! Biden said it live on video, if you don't fire the lead investigator into my son than no aid to your country! Now the American people are supposed to get all hot and bother because Trump asked 3 times for the Ukrainian President to provide evidence of those crimes hahaha. Now the left wants investigations into why President Trump is investigating the real crimes of the left. For decades no one has challenged the Deep State and they have been untouchable, until now thanks to President Trump. Make America Great Again.

The pressure has to be tredmendous on the Deep State. As people are throwign themselves from 4th story windows at Facebook Headquarters. Democratic Donor Ed Buck and Corrupt Republican Senator Mike Folmer beign arrested for Multiple Murders and Child Porn. Crazy Maxine Waters is brought up on 3 charges of Violating House Rules and Federal Etchics codes. Bye By Maxine we hardly knew you, let me just say you won't be missed. Violence in Chicago has reached over 2,000 dead, including a 9 year old boy today. Executed for his fathers crimes and gang affiliations. The Deep States destruction of Chicage is a example of what will happen to the rest of the country, if we don't keep our guns and resist the corruption. Call Colt Fire arms and tell them to continue producing AR 15's 800-962-COLT (2658). Special thanks to heroes like John Keenan a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge passed away today. As well as a Special Thanks to Katie Pavlich for always fighting to get the truth out at Fox, against Deep State misinformation.

Our boys are on the front lines of the Deep States gender confusion war. They don't want strong, independent and courageous man that will stand up for what they believe is right. They want gender confusion, toxic masculinity and shame at being who they are. As Men we have to big responsibilities today to help guild these boys to a positive and productive future. As we stand up as Men do against the tryanny of a corrupt political system that has been rigged against us since the day we were born. We won't leave this mess for our boys to have to worry about. This fight won't be fought with weapons or muscles. it will be fought in our homes, schools and at the ballot box. Using our heads our hearts and love for our boys. The Democrat satanist and terroist will no longer make our boys feel small, uneccasrry or like they don't fit in ever again! Being a man, a father or role model can fell tricky, but being their for them is what matters.

Humanity's past and future are inexplicably connected to Non terrestrials. We often watch movies of invading armies of aliens and the soldiers or patriots that fight them off. The invading army took over not with ships or laser, but by wiping out our ability to communicate. It goes all the way back to the biblical story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis. When humanity spoke one language with few words, but we lived in harmony. Even today the Deep State greatest weapon is division through language, race, age, politics and the dumbing down of our education system. Only know as we regain our humanity and come together again. We can free our world from the Deep State and the Non terrestrails that use it to manipulate our world from the shadows. President Trumps creation of the Space Force is the soft disclousure of what has been hidden and what is to come. The Alliance and Deep State are in a battle for disclosure and only you can educate yourself to avoid falling for more twisted distortions of the truth.

The Democrat mind is a delicate thing, being as brainwashed as they are. Angry at hearing the truth and unwilling to quesiton MSM authority. How many will Fall for the new Fake news story about Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh? Why the Deep State attacks now is Ruth health failing or has it failed? How should the Alliance respond to such attacks? How many liberals still can't figure out Trump won't let the Deep State force his hand into war! Will Warren's Karma earn her a special place, as Trumps punching bag for the 2020 elections? Boy I hope so!

The man who would eat dirt, that wants to be your Preident of the United States of America. Beto Boozo O'Rourke wants open borders, and to disarm the public of any weapons they might use to defend themselves. This is a blatant threat to our democracy and freedom, as any God fairing gun carrying American knows. This man that believes in full term abortion and writes poetry about the murder of children is on stage with the other deep state democrats for President. If that doesn't speak to the quality of the Democratic candidates, for even the most brainwashed of liberals I don't know what does. In good news Michael Horowitz has turned in the IG report, so disclosure of the FISA report is close at hand. Best of all CIA assets and actor Hamza Bin Laden got a one way trip to GITMO for trial and apparent execution.

To add insult to injury of America's Education system that has failed more kids than its helped. Felicity Huffman who pleaded guilty and claimed she did it all for her children. Will have to serve 14 days in prison the lenght of a long nap in prison terms. Pay $30,000 dollars in a fine when with just one episode of Desperate Housewives she earns $390,000. All the while claiming no one was hurt, so she shouldn't serve any jail time??? Any red blooded American kid that has applied for college is a victim. Why is her husband William H Macy not charged??? Why do our kids not know what Socialism is and what Communism is and why the 1st and 2nd Amendments are so important. As corrupt Deep State puppets like Beto are trying to take all guns away. Our education system has been costing more and more and teaching less and less. That isn't by accident thats by designto control the population of the US. As parents and stundents and as Americans we should all be royally ticked off. At our lack of education system and the mockery the deep state elites make of it and our justice system.

Freedom my friends on Facebook I have returned victorious once again. Standing my ground against the tryanny of Zuckerburg and his facist Nazi /CIA created Facistbook. The easiest way to find the truth isn't going to Snopes another Deep State minefield. Its being thrown in Facebook Jail when you know you are over the target. Before I get my next 30 day ban my friends come find me on Bitchute and MeWe and join in the uncensorced arena of freedom. Its glorious and together we will take down Facebook and Twitter and all the rest by refusing to use them anymore! Stay tuned to the end of the video for updates on Warrens plan to destroy the economy, Nadlers tight rope act and McCabes downfall is good news for America.

War is never as fast or ends as quickly as anyone would like. Let no doubt enter your mind we are at war with evil and Hillary Cliton and all the rest are going to face treason trials. People forget that their are two opposing sides in a war and the Deep State Obama, George Soros, Clintons etc haven't been sitting on their hands. Staging a coup attempt as the Russian Collusion hoax and staging mass shootings every time the media reports on something they don't approve of. President Trump has made tremendous progress against an enemy that has controlled our planet for a lot longer than you or I have been alive combined. Now that the Russian coup attempt is done and over, the reports that will dam the Deep State to a life sentence in GITMO are coming! In the mean time lets take a look at the progress President Trump has made while under attack by the fake Russian coup attempt. Don't forget to check out for the latest from Qanon. 8chan should be back up and running in hopefully a weeks time.

18 years have gone by and the 2.3 Trillon from the D.O.D is Missing. Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney haven't been brought to justice for orchestrating 9/11. Obama spent his presidency covering up and suiciding those that fought to speak the truth. The Twin Towers and Building seven were brought down by controlled demolition. No planes were involved and what people saw hit the buildings were holograms timed to go off with the demolition charges. In other news Deep State puppet and lord of war John Bolton is fired, and the latest fatality from the latest drug craze. Thanks for checking out my video and for your shares and comments. God Bless you and God Bless America.


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Our nation is in a state of civil war. The Alliance lead by President Trump and the military, against the Deep State. It is up to every America and person around the globe to wake up to the evil running our naitons. We will no longer live as slaves being taxed into slavery. We will not fight in endless wars and accept poisoned foods, water and air. The Great Awakening is upon us and the future is filled with light and love.