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Here's a little tune with an 80's esque synth vibe.

Here's video of the sun rising on the first day of Spring 2021 and two ambient meditation tracks. Wait for it...The sun will pop up! Captured in rural Missouri.

The first day of Spring or as it's called the Spring and/or vernal equinox. The north pole is more pointed more toward the sun. Spring also signifies a rebirth of nature and during meditation today, focus on the cleansing of the soul and mind. Some Spring rituals include spring cleaning, yard sales and preparing your garden.

"The Chorus of Zeta Reticuli" And "Leaving Roswell" both are from the album "Vague Memories" You can find it on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music and wherever else digital music is sold.

Side note:
This almost didn't happen! I had issue recording the camera kept cutting out and not wanting to work. I managed to get the part I wanted, but just soon as the sun rose above the horizon, it quit again. Whoo, at least I managed to get the best part or else this would have been a wasted trip. I was excited to see the sunrise and watch it pop up from the horizon. The sunrise occurred at this location around 7:23 AM CST

A New Age ambient track with some piano.

A New Age ambient music track titled "Awaken the Subconscious"

Take an animation from the 1930s (The Peanut Vendor), slow it down, change the color to red and give it some ominous horror ambient music and voilà! Yes, this stop motion animation film in its original form frightened children back in the day. I saw it and knew instantly I had to bump the creep factor up. You should be able to find the original version of this all over the net and video hosting sites.

Indeed, the original looks something like the cross between a demon or a devil. Something straight out of hell for sure. HAHA.

Hi y'all here's one of them guided meditation for all you folks out there. Can I get a yee-haa?

Former documentary talking about the upcoming ice age. Only decades ago scientist believed we were headed for an ice age. Now that has changed.

It's always been a dream of mine to compose a soundtrack for a video game. Ever since playing the NES I wanted to compose music for a game. This is my chance to do such. What game you may ask? Well, it doesn't exist just in my head.

This is the original version of "Digital Sunrise"

Horror ambient music set to some footage of nuclear bomb test.

No beats, no melody, just some mellow harmonious synths and some visualizations of deep space. It's great for a little quick relaxation if you're stressed out or want to fall asleep.

In order to rule the world, one doesn't need to be a part of the elite or deep state. You just need some good old creepy music and a dastardly evil laugh! You'll have your enemies begging for mercy as you rise to power!

Disclaimer: By listening you agree not to hold me responsible for the following; Russiagates, seeing red, admiration for Putin, the love of vodka, the binge watching of Bald and Bankrupt, old Soviet architect, poorly impersonating a Russian accent, the sudden urge to own a Volga, the over use of the word "babushka" or the urge to visit the Ferris wheel in Pripyat.

This was shadowbanned by YouTube. Go figure.

A haunting piano tune.

Yeah, just some ambient synths with some CGI scenes of nebulas. I find this relaxing, so figured I'd share this. If you'd like to hear more of my music, check out my page. If you'd like to be informed of future uploads, then please subscribe.

Ambient EDM Here ya go. "2021 Stuff"

Here's a demo version of "Fire Bass Seven." I was working on it in the past. When I get back to it, a few things will be changed up, including the percussion. I also may add a few additional chords on the piano and change the tempo up a bit too. The genre of this music doesn't really fit into the EDM category therefore I didn't call it as such. In the video you can see the waveform of the music. Please subscribe. In the words of Elvis, "Thank you, thank you very much."

Instrumental version of "The Lost" Acoustic solo guitar.

Guitar, cello and piano. Set to some aerial scenery. Please, like and subscribe if you enjoy this type of music and please check my other tunes out as well. Thank you!
Song title: "Above"

Casper better watch out! Just a funny little vid...Well, I thought it was funny. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Ghost hunting." HAHA

Gay Parita Sinclair Gas Station is located in Lawrence County Missouri. The gas station is now a tourist attraction. I stopped by to see the Christmas lights. Figured I'd share. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This New Age Science Fiction Album, "Vague Memories" tells a story of an alien encounter. Everything from the visit, to traveling aboard the alien spaceship to visiting the alien's home planet. This album is a culmination of a year's worth of work. Please support my work by subscribing to this channel. Thank you.
Track listing:
0:21 "The Visit"
1:55 "Inside the Ship"
7:24 "Leaving Roswell"
11:48 "Galactic Journey"
18:47 "Chorus Of Zeta Reticuli"
25:04 "Anti-Gravity Engine"
28:04 "Grey Encounters"

Hello. Take a listen to this cool little instrumental tune, "Mushroom Kingdom." Relax and take a minute for yourself. Drift off for a bit and take a little journey with your mind. Headphones are highly recommended.

I personally think the Minecraft composer Daniel Rosenfeld AKA C418 did an excellent job creating the music for the game. As an homage to him, here's an original short piano and flute tune that I composed. If you liked this then please subscribe and checkout more music on my channel here. THANKS!


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