On May 22nd, the World Health Assembly — which is the governing body of The World Health Organization — will meet in Switzerland to discuss next steps for its ‘pandemic treaty [and its] quest to use public health to expand The WHO’s power over sovereign states,’ Daniel Horowitz reports for TheBlaze. He explains how certain amendments to be added to this treaty could ‘allow the director-general of the WHO to declare a public health emergency in a country and unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions.’ The far-left and global elite continue to destroy our sovereignty, Glenn says, and this is just one more step toward their desired global government.

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I think people are missing the real implications: branding in others words some might call it marking.
It's your last week before The UN takes over the world and the NWO will be erected above all nations. It might sound like hyperbolic, but it it just might be the real thing.

Why The U.S. Is Running Out Of Everything
Mar 16
The United States is experiencing a shortage in rubber, sand and people. Rubber is a critical raw material needed for car tires, personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and many more everyday products. Anytime you’re going anywhere, you’re using rubber. Now, supply chain disruptions have thrown the rubber industry into a tailspin. The global rubber market was valued at nearly $40 billion in 2020, but one analysis predicts the natural rubber market could be worth nearly $68.5 billion by 2026. Rubber producers are facing climate change, the Covid-19 pandemic, a destructive fungus and the fight for shipping containers. “We could be on the cusp of a rubber apocalypse,” Ohio State University professor Katrina Cornish told CNBC.

Even though sand can be found in nearly every single country on Earth, the world could soon face a shortage of this crucial, under-appreciated commodity. In the last twenty years, sand use around the world has tripled, according to the UNEP. That’s far greater than the rate at which sand is being replenished.

Additionally, the U.S. is facing an aging population, falling birth rate and economic recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. These issues will have huge implications on the size of the workforce and the consumer base.

00:00 What The Rubber ‘Apocalypse’ Means For The U.S. Economy
11:18 Why The World Is Running Out Of Sand
21:11 Is The U.S. Running Out Of People?

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What The Rubber ‘Apocalypse’ Means For The U.S. Economy


Why The U.S. Is Running Out Of Everything

This is the solution after the Reset.
Abundance for All, screw transhumanism.
It's going to be hard for people to give up technology, you may reject this at first, but once the old way has been taken away, this is the way to freedom. and there are so many more benefits. Humanity can return.
How would you like to live without bills, without money, your career is your talent, your contribution to the community, what your passion is goes to the community. As does everyone else's. It's an ancient way of living. It's the way God intended. It's a truly fulfilling way to live, it's this give and reward system. The evidence and science shows that the larger a society is, the worse people become, the more unhappy people become, the more inequality that becomes, they eventually become enslaved, everything is controlled outside of your control. Ubuntu everything is local. It's the counter to centralization one world government. Which is total enslavement, this is the closest to true freedom you can get, and all the stresses, pressures, and problems of our lives exist no more. It's the system you live in that is killing you.
Local Living Local Growing Local Everything.
This is not the same globalism of the elites, it diametrically opposed to it.

I don't know what happened to this movement or if they are still operating. Here is the website. I'm just keeping the idea alive.

Michael Tellinger's Website:

Much more on this topic in my lectures on my video channel.

The anti-christ will come as a savior to America a savior to the world. The anti-christ will do miracles and people will even believe he is the Messiah. Already is he at work in the world. I thought it was going to be Obama but I think now an even more populace candidate is ready to be taken in my the
Masses. For me I stand seperate, I am not a red or a blue, I have no label, I only stand on the Word of God, as I watch the world get overcome in all this foolishness. It's best you not get swept away by it too.
Another point David Wilkerson talks about, when you have given your life to the Lord, all hell will be thrown at you, you must take up the armor of God. Your life will be filled with supernatural events that you will not be able to share with others. if you talk about them, the whole world will mock at you and call you crazy. Trust me I've experienced all of this.
If you need someone who will listen you can email me. I've been through a lot, I've been attacked in all kinds of ways, I've had my friends and family turn on me. I've had experiences with dark entities and even more. I know how awful it can be. I'm telling you this because you will know you are on the narrow path when some strange thing starts to happen to you. Don't fear your faith in God will protect you.
It's part of your trial and training, God gives you the power to overcome for the kingdom that is to come by your unwavering faith.
Just know this, that you are right over the target. And everything will be waged to get you to fall away. Put all your faith in the Lord and you will overcome.
David Wilkerson talks about possession of even people who are in the church. This possession is habitation, it is the Anti-Christ spirit, it is the AI virus, its the dark spirit, it's all referring to the same thing. The falling away is the Darkening. It's a possession that takes over those who are non-believers, those who reject Christ. People are being tested right now which side they will be on.
If you have heard this message, therefore, God is reaching out to you as he did me. To accept Christ and allow Him to guide you protected through this tribulation. These things are no coincidence.
You still have a little bit of time but it's closing just as quickly. For those who have rejected God and even trespassed against me, you still have this brief time to repent and make your path strait. This may be your last warning. I hope and pray you make the right choice, no more sitting on the fence. You are either 100% in or you are left out. You hesitate you get left out. God's not playing grey's, it's black or white, it's light or darkness. Their is nothing in between. its either light or darkness. If your desires are so precious to you then God will cut you from the branch, then you can share your desires with the anti-christ. You must decide if the things in your life are more important that God himself. Surely those things won't go with you when you die, when you face eternity, you will have nothing. God's rewards are greater than any gift you can receive here, things here will be junk they won't even be desirable.

I also believe the anti-christ is the NIV and other Bible translations. They deceive by false doctrine, they are antichrist Bibles. Find yourself a KJV. The other translations are counterfeit and talk about a counterfeit Jesus. It's not the true Jesus. The NIV switches Lucifer with Jesus. I made a movie about it, it's on this channel and it proves this very thing.

Search "JourneyOfAdam rfid" on Bitchute to see my rfid videos. There are 26 or more.

How to receive God's seal

If you have the seal of God you don't have to worry about the Mark of the Beast.

I am one who was lost and had so many questions, I was so confused about how to get saved and about the world in general. I dedicated my life to research for a solid decade to find the answers. I used all the money I saved so I could do this all day everyday. Through a long Journey God finally showed me and answered my questions. I share my journey of my truth on this channel. This channel was made for those looking for answers, that perhaps my journey would help others get saved.

The truth led me to Jesus Christ.
At the very base of all our knowledge exists Jesus Christ, no matter what subject you study. Their has been an incredible attempt to cover up and hide that name.
Everything is made to be a distraction, to mislead you and to take you away from that discovery.

I have no groups or affiliates nor am I sponsored or answer to anyone, I have no other agenda, I am not a part of any secret society or club. I am just simply me, I don't sell anything. In fact I pay a premium so you can have access to this information. I've never made a penny off any of my studies or videos. In other words, I am the real deal. I never sold out for fame or fortune or any other reason.

[email protected]

Upcoming Major Storm To Cause Pattern Shift As The Tropics Come Back To Life…
May 13
Download Radar Omega

In this video we are recapping the recent severe weather outbreak in the Midwest. After that, we are jumping straight into more severe weather as the SPC has put out elevated outlooks for tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday! Also, there are some major signals for some really interesting stuff as we go further into May that you do not want to miss…

#weather channel #ryanhall #ryanhallyall


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Severe Weather Threat Moves East: 6:24
Sponsor Segment: Radar Omega: 9:36
The Pattern Ramps Up Moving Forward: 10:18
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Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

He meant Eastern SD
The weather is nothing like we have seen in my lifetime.

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Preparing To Rule | Tipping Point | End Times Teaching | Jimmy Evans

Unstoppable Artificial Intelligence Invasion | Tipping Point | End Times Teaching | Jimmy Evans

Also the trucking industry is breaking down. What solutions will save you? The solutions God already has for you.
I'll post more on this in the future.
Have you heard of Ubuntu? It's a system, where no trucks are needed, no baby formula needed. No neural link needed. None of this garbage they are trying to scare you of. it's local-living-growing. The family is the stronghold.

I will win against the AI because I can do what it cannot, I can unplug, I can take myself offline, and I can survive and live my life without it. And the system that will support me is the system God had created for me. He was there through it all. He will catch you if you put your trust in Him. God's seal will not allow you to be overtaken by AI. The chip is already in everybody. Silent Weapons for quiet wars document says they will slowly increase the weapon. Like its a volume control. It will increase it's affects.

Search "JourneyOfAdam rfid" on Bitchute to see my rfid videos.

How to receive God's seal

I said you will have to sacrifice, willing now, or forcefully later. I'm going through this with you. And this reset is also God's plan he is in control. You will understand this in the future much better. Never let a crisis go to waste, God's people will take control. Do not fear have hope and faith, your redemption is coming.

Im not telling you what to believe, however, it is wise to have a plan B in case plan A doesn't pan out. I believe Jesus knew there would be a story about a rapture and this is what I believe He meant by filling your lamp with oil. In case the lights go out, you will not be sitting in the dark, if you prepared your lamp and have oil, you will have light. It would just seem wise, if you believe in the rapture, to prepare just in case. Better safe than sorry. If the rapture is false, it would make sense why the devil would spin such a story.
The Bible says that the terrors or the wicked will be rounded up and bundled to be thrown in the fire FIRST. Gods chosen will last. This is why I chose the band from from first to last and I say I will be left behind or be of the last, and this was another reason I believe I was shown to read with emphasis Jeremiah. Told to stay behind.

Evil’s Last Days: What is the “Post-Tribulation” End Times Theory?
The end times discussion can be a heated one. There are various interpretations about Christ's return and the events that will surround it. Pure Flix is here to help!

The Pure Flix Insider has hosted a variety of end-times scholars this past month to talk about different interpretations and theories of what may happen during evil’s last days. Our goal has been to provide resources and inspire conversations about what the Bible says about the end times so you can make your own decision on which theory is more likely to occur.

This Thursday, we will sit down for our final end times interview with Dr. Michael Brown, author and founder of FIRE School of Ministry to talk about the post-tribulation theory, the rapture, and the antichrist.

You can find our discussions on pre-tribulation and mid-tribulation here:

To learn more, click the link to download your FREE End Times Movie Guide:
Pure Flix is a Christian entertainment platform working to provide a safe place for all ages to stream content. Our content is pure, wholesome, and family-friendly!

Go to

My subscribers number keeps going up, overall yes, but it also has gone down too, it's not just accumulating. People have unsubscribed. So don't let them fool you. Hi Tucker!

I'm already shadow banned. Why don't you just let things be fair? It makes people not trust you.

Tyranny is a 2 headed eagle.

What would i like to do? Defeat slavery and poverty worldwide. I will never be able to achieve that, certainly not alone. But one day it will happen, when all the evil people are removed.

That used to be the core of the American Dream in some aspect. That everybody had a chance to be saved, or to save themselves. That their was opportunity, not man made artificial scarcity, and which billionaire will it be today? Support them and send them your money and they will enslave you, I mean save you. They made it at the cost of all of you. They want it all for themselves so they create scarcity so you will not be able to have anything.
Is that not what you are really seeing, behind their pep talks and false hopes? Can't you open your eyes and see the scarcity happening all around you? Ontop of the government sits the billionaires stuffing the pockets of politicians. George Soros, Bill Gates, and they pay the media the same way, Trump, Elon, etc. The good cop and the bad cop. It's a 2 headed system. They need a hero and a villain but under one system. The checkerboard, they play both black and white. It's a game and it's theatre.

Elon Musk's Last Warning 2022 - "I Tried To Warn You The Last Few Years" (BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!)
In this eye-opening and educational video, Elon Musk – an entrepreneur and business magnate gives his final warning about the rise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) He shares some important points about A.I. and the dangers of it if we collectively decide to create digital superintelligence. Musk advises everyone to be extremely careful in the next following years of the A.I. advancement.

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Spoken By:
Elon Musk

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How come when somebody says the AI will be used as a weapon against you, he's not guessing, he knows it will. And then when someone gets attacked by this AI nobody believes them? Their are all the evidences if this AI out there, it's in the news.

That is the question, go watch Elon for yourself I'm not going to spoon feed you like a baby. I'm not speaking to my viewers of course.

Perhaps that's why Trump said he's not going back to Twitter. ?? I'm just asking the important questions.

I have to say, he says something's that make sense. He leaves out that the science supports that social media makes you unhappy, more depressed, and more lonely.
I'm a neutral party. I don't hate Elon, I dislike his transhumanism, it does mean he can't change for good. I always give people forgiveness for their second chances to turn things around. And that requires actionable proof, things I can witness with my own eyes.

What will Elon do? What if saving Twitter actually destroys humanity? Because social media is actually destroying our actual social behavior in the real world. And what If by deleting social media, we can relearn human contact again? What if it brings us closer together in the real world, where you can touch the other person and spend time again with friends.

Perhaps people are trying to tell you something but we are just not listening.

When we are so certain we are right about something, we take on a closed mind and cannot listen to other evidences, anything that may go against what are so certain of. They will not listen. They refuse to listen. And that is my definition of someone who is asleep.

Contrary is an open mind and open eyes and they are awake. They juggle all information. And therefore they are open to listen. They are alive and awake.

But why does this guy seemingly get to decide what is for all of us to decide for ourselves. Why does free speech hang upon what Twitter does? It's a null argument. You have free speech, it cannot be taken from you unless you allow it. When you test it on the shoulders of another person, you wave it away.

May 12
AWESOME VIDEO The storm rolling in Sioux Falls South Dakota 4k AWESOME VIDEO
Live Weather link below

Tree goes down at the end worth the wait!

Central America Weather Outbreak

PLEASE like and share get my views up!

Wind blowing 80-100mph. Not a normal event. Never seen this before in SD

One of the towns hit my a wall of dust and tornado.
That strange squeaking noise was the windows under stress. The wind was breaking through some peoples windows.

My subscribers number keeps going up, overall yes, but it also has gone down too, it's not just accumulating. People have unsubscribed. So don't let them fool you. Hi Tucker!

I'm already shadow banned. Why don't you just let things be fair? It makes people not trust you.

Yesterday at work around 5:30p we had a severe weather event. And I mean severe. In SD A really really windy day is gusts of 30-40mph. We had constant 80-100mph wind and also had tornados. SD is one of the largest states in the nations and our population density is right behind Alaska. Like 600,000 people live in this monsterous state. It's very rare for tornados to even hit human made structure it ever go through a town. The town I live has never been hit by a tonado for as long as I've lived. For that were to happen is like shooting an arrow from a bow aimlessly into the sky and it coming down and hitting a prairie dog. But there were three towns hit by three tornados. So imagine shooting three consecutive arrows into the sky and each hitting a prairie dog. Furthermore, the business I work at, one of the buildings we're destroyed, luckily I was not in that one. There was also a school destroyed close to where I live. Kinda funny coincidence wouldn't you say when on wed someone signaled a 72 hour time limit. Anyway, since yesterday's storm I am still without any power in my home.this is owning the weather by 2025. Not climate change. And another thing to think about are why are all the alternative content creators all pushing for billionaires to rule the world?

The video is not from the event, I just used it because nobody in SD knows how to record a tornado apparently. I was locked in the bathroom at work.

As people are running short of baby formula, Bill gates milk is about to take it's place.
Do you not know the ingredients in mother's milk cannot be replicated? It holds God's light, baby formula is void of life. God's milks sets up the immunity for that human being for life. Baby formula ensures that person will be robbed of their health. I have a Del Bigtree video about breast feeding on this channel, you can also find it on the Highwire that explains other concerns about formula milk, it's not human it's synthetic.

God is trying to get mother's breast feeding so they can be a child of light. Why are God believers fighting Him? It will only be Bill Gates of Hell Milk.

As The Devil looses his power he will have to find other ways to get it.

It's a crisis that God gave mother's everything they need for that baby already?

It's a crisis that we have lost touch with reality with nature and replaced it with silicon technology.

Why aren't they promoting breast feeding?
Cause that is the best solution to the problem?
Ask yourself.

What do you think nano technology is going to do to those babies?

People are so swept in fear they can't see Gods solution is already prepared and they are rejecting it for something far lesser.

The seal of God is light that shatters glass.
God shares his power and He is ready for His Saints to take it up and unleash it. Will they? Will they take their birth right, will they take the Authority of Christ? It's the only name that which ye will be saved.

I had to destroy everything in my life to give you these messages, please don't waste them.

Following man leads to slavery, following God leads to freedom. Find the Power & Authority of Christ is within you, not in someone else, that leads you to slavery, while He leads you to freedom.

It's all in the Bible. Everything is laid out, it's the guidebook. It holds all the solutions.

Those who say I make a mockery of God want you to follow them while I point you to Christ.
Therefore, who wants you to be free?

It's a THREE SIXty win with him. You can buy his Lucifer lightning bolt Tshirt. You can listen to the prince of the power on the AIR. you can know things before they do them. Tomorrow's News Today. Is that your leader? You know 666. It's all right in your face. The one BANNED from heaven.

If the church won't rise then it is slain.
It's impossible to get people to listen.
The answers are in the 2 previous videos.

Jimmy Evans
You can go on YouTube and search Jimmy Evans Habitation and find this video. He called it habitation. I have never heard of this guy till this morning.
This morning I opened my browser and went on YouTube. This was the first video at the top and it gives me goosebumps. I have to get this over there, this is the meat and potatoes on my movie The Authority of Christ. This encompasses everything I'm talking about and this is God's message to the world right now. I had to move this up and get this released because of a 72 hour time limit someone has put on me.

I am using #TwoBiggestStories to lump all these like videos together

One thing you need to know about the Rapture, you need a plan B if you want your lamp to have oil.

Check back later I will fill this description up.
I have to get God's message out. I use pieces of this video that is what is to be in the Authority Of Christ movie I am making. This has to do with The 2 Biggest Stories Ever. I am uploading a second sermon by this gentleman that is also in my movie. That one is extremely significant and important. I can't finish this post right now so check back because I'll fill it up.
I'm using #TwoBiggestStories to lump all these together.

One thing you need to know about the Rapture, you need a plan B if you want your lamp to have oil.

God has a very important message for everybody and not even the devil himself can stop it. If that view counter says 0 it means nothing. God's word will be done. And their is nothing to stop it.
If you watched the Alex Jones show today there was a message directed towards me. I said I would show you examples. There are many throughout but here is one and the one before or after this one played their was a man tattooed as a serpent who stuck out his tongue and it was split in two. Very important. They are using double speak in everything they do. He is mocking me. This clip is in reference to my video the 2 Biggest Stories Ever having to deal with AI virus. Alex closed the the 3 hours with a sales pitch of B12 with him smoking a cigarette This is important as well because it was in reference of my message which was, you throw like a pull and burn like a cigarette in the same vide Biggest Story. This is all super important I'm leading everything up to a major message that will prove I am no mockery of God.
My next movie is what Alex is so scared of.. It's about the authority of Christ. There is much more but I am working right now. And remember if you accept Christ you will be givn the seal of God on your forehead and you will be protected from the AI virus which has been let loose from the Gates of hell. Those who do not the virus will take over your mind body and spirit. Don't reject Christ. Get saved today. i can't possibly get everything in the limited space I have. I have the authority to walk over serpents.
God's message will be heard no matter what it cannot be stopped.

Russel Brandt
Elon Musk’s latest Twitter controversy has seen him slammed for saying the antidepressant Wellbutrin should be taken off the market, whilst lauding the effectiveness of psychedelics. So, is Musk now taking on Big Pharma?
#ElonMusk #BigPharma #Twitter


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Don't trust this guy, it's Russell Brandt. He's one of those truth telling kind that wakes people up to blow the cobwebs out the old attic. Who wants people to think for themselves when you could keep them forever under mind control! What ha ha! Do you like Russell? I think he's got pleasant energy and his positivity is refreshing, he's one of the few who can maintain a constant composure, do you ever get grouchy? Im just asking, you deserve to be heard and you do good work. That guy. Im sorry I didn't mean what I said about not trusting you, I say things wrongly I don't finish, my heart likes to remain unseen but it only has love. It always has love unless you got billions, oh boi! Red Alert! Watch out for Satan's minions.

All right, I know you want to know what Elon is up to, I don't know specifics, but I have the overview. Elon is not taking on Big Pharma, the only charity he like doing is sending you lightning bolts to your brain, nice guy! you want me to believe that hui juice? What part of the body do you these pills target? The brain. What his agenda again? to hack into everyone's brains. He is removing the competition of the drug so only the one he wants, is the only option.
We've seen this before:
We got to get rid of HCL because it was causing 'heart attacks'
because we can't have treatment getting people better now we won't be able to give everyone the Trump vaccine.

He's not going after big pharma, or pills, he's going after children. And they dress him up like he is Superman coming to save the day with his satanic plan. Why is he sticking his nose and focusing on a anti-depressant pill that kill how many every year?
1 million die from fentanyl in America annually.
Suicide rate of Wellbutrin is 11 in 100k
Opioids kill 136 people per day.
Wait! Of all the problems in America Wellbutrin is #1 OR is it all the way towards the insignificant bottom?
Do you know why the media is covering this?
Because it's all their plan.
In less than two weeks the country is going to be owned by Bill Gates and China Tricons. Might the media report on that? Why doesn't the HERO report about that?
He has his priorities strait.
he's worried about Wellbutrin.

Elon is just a sexy leg begging for some attention.
As distraction.
Who cares if China takes over America, Elon Musk cares about antidepressants.
We need to stop even paying any attention to the mainstream media and make our own narrative, then they would lose all significance, they would just be forgotten. I can live with that. if he was broke like me nobody would listen. That's a sick society.

I am only trying to protect my country and my people and our future!

Look for it Everytime, the playbook is used and is pattern.

By the way after I posted my last video my cell phone service was cut.

I think I have a theory about Bitchute, I think the algorithms are based off of what's fresh in the news, and it's more complex than that. I like doing my own thing on my channel, I don't care what CNN or FOX or any other news is hot that day. This is not a news channel, it's an information archive. It's feels as though it's training me to upload videos that are the narrative, I reject the mainstream narative. I don't like jumping through those hoops.

Habitation Bloodbath
Believe it or not. You can't stop it
He's coming

Greg Reese's latest report about Albert Pike's vision of WW3 and the bloodbath.
I figured out what it is.

For more information about the truth about Elon musk
Scroll down till you see the button that's says truth about Elon musk or 28 questions.

Go watch the whole video and tell me Owen is not already consumed by it. All his rebuttals has no basis in any truth evidence, or proof he provides only what's off the top of his hat defending Elon.

We are at the end.
I love what Alex Jones did and I would never consciously turn against any of the truth or conservative movement, but Alex isn't Alex anymore that is what I'm telling you.
It's sad, it's scary, it's unbelievable.
It sounds crazy I know. I know it's crazy. It gets even crazier.
You are thinking I must be under the ai control, but that's a deception. Why would I make myself look crazy,
I will try to piece together some of these things in a video.
I had a trial and the message was clear. You follow man, you will get slavery. You follow God, you get freedom. That was the message I was to give to Alex. But he rejected it.
Because he couldn't believe it he rejected God, so God rejected him. And so I got caught in the middle and God broke me out. And it made Alex or whatever this spirit is even more pissed off. And God has given Alex over. And everything became very clear what Alex was up to. Very bad things and the whole lot of them ontop have a right wing tyranny over the people not allowing us creators reach any people. They have muted us. They mock us while doing very wicked things. Alex was given many chances to turn things around and That's why we are decending because we are caught in an echo chamber of all the same people. All the same creators share the top and it's rigged for them. They are in it for And so by revealing this to the people, God is trying to free is out of bondage but everybody keeps rejecting him because they can't accept how off the charts crazy really are. It's frightens the hell out of people to reject what they see, and therefore God rejects them. And now we have a virus of ai taking over humanity. It's going to be over soon.
I don't know how long, but it's coming soon.
If you have God in your heart and accept him you won't be taken over by the Ai. You have to have the seal of God. I have a movie about it on this channel rfid. The Ai is taking people over as Satan's army. And all of this is happening right under peoples noses. While everybody is worried about What they are going to eat for lunch or what to wear. Theirs a lot more going on but that's the overview. I thought we would have more time, they moved it up on us. What's left is not going to pretty. It's going to be horrific. Their are many conservative creators that are wolves. The ones thay are good get snuffed out. Just like in Hollywood. Just like in Washington.
I gave multiple solutions for all the problems were facing. They were quick simple and easy, and we did all the things that we've already been doing that haven't been working. We just kept repeating the things that fails over and over. Save the truck rally and jan 6 but we went to the people who created the problem to ask them to fix what they were never going to undo. It's the same thing over and over. They think Trump is going to save everbody, they still don't get it. It's like the vaccinated still believe in the vaccine. The trump supporters still believe in Trump, and they still don't get it or see it..and I'm like how...can't you see it. It's the exact same thing, except this time you know in advance what are going to get, and it's not what your dreaming in their heads.anf you can't get through to these people. Choose anything else and you are going to be better off. But they won't do it. So if you had a million people who were willing to go door to door without phones but with documentation in large
Groups knocking on doors the way I used to do it as a kid. In 12 days with a million people going door to door you could up 10s if millions maybe even 100million. But we would rather hope for a trump that means the right wing is about dependency, not independency, and there is your problem. They want to be democrats. A dependency = slavery. The solutions I raise would solve the problem, I help the big guys out but they just make sure I'm blocked so everybody can't see me. That's the truth. The conservative leaders have snuffed out the grassroots because they have people funding them against our interests. Your favorite shows working against you and putting on a plastic smile and selling you merch telling you it's going to save the country, but it's used against you. They hurt us more than the Democrats ever could. They are actually far more clever and deceptive. I know it's a twisted mess. The best lars rise to the top.

Why are Most People Cowards? | Obedience and the Rise of Authoritarianism
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Huge MOCA Gala party of the Rich and Famous
I'm sure you'll spot some familiar faces.
Your choices, your support, are you certain you don't regret any of them?
Well, that may tell a lot about you.
Do you think God is pleased by who you let rise to the top?
Who get to be on the tv screen for all to see.
To set the trends, fashion, and to influence your children.
I wonder if that is what they are fattening them up for?
What do you think they will do once they remove all your rights people?
They like to hunt like a pack animals, like wolves closing in on a sheep.
Have you seen battle royale?
Do you know what took place at the colloseum?
Do you know who Nero is?
Do you understand they want to watch it across the world on primetime view. Sure is handy with 30k satellites Elon is putting up.
Do you understand who they plan on having over for dinner?
This is the same sh*t that happened in the past, over and over and over. They like to sacrifice the flesh and blood to their god.
Wait! They never taught you about this?
You know, like hunger games but much more twisted sick and wicked. Like Battle Royale but with satanic ritual sacrifices added into it.
What will it take to motivate you to protect and save your rights if this won't do it?
Maybe going around door to door doesn't sound like such a bad idea, compared to this.
Maybe that sounds like a good idea!
Maybe if we had a million people we could wake up the whole country.
This ain't no joke, you had no idea they were this many? This is only a few, there are lots more.
Your surrounded by wolves and the only thing protecting you is your bill of rights and constitution, and they are working to bring the that down this month.
I don't like showing this stuff, but I do it so people realize we are not in Kansas anymore, we are merging with hell.
As I said in my video you are either light or dark, their is no twilight, you get caught out their and the darkness takes you.
I pitty the fool who doesn't listen.
It's either light or darkness.
Only the light will save you.
I pray to God you listen, we don't have to go into this. We can get ourselves out of this but it takes a change inside you.

Elon going to the Met Gala. Gala, you know what that is? Do you know what it really means?
Proof positive he's a force for evil.
Why don't you disclose all the satanism?
This is the login page at I was going to login but then I saw ministry...bigbro? Wtf. I took a snapshot, here you go.
I dont this funny after what just happened to me or that I found out my phone and computer were broken into by Alex Jones or is pretending to be.
So I'm still waiting for an email. I would think they would want to talk to me about this. But I got tired of waiting and went to go try to speak with them and then I saw this trying to sign up. What do you make of it? Perhaps it's designed to look like a joke. It's a very bad joke, people shouldn't be laughing about their rights being taken away and silenced. That's just not funny to me because I'm fighting to retain our rights and freedoms, I'm against the NWO, I'm against war with any nation, I'm against vaccine mandates, I'm against a iligitimate government who are enslaving it's citizens. No this is not a funny hour, we are on the very point of what becomes our fate and losing this battle is going to be something we will always and forever regret. It's the end of our way of life, it's the death of our culture, it's the impoverishing of the people, it's bondage, dispair and suffering like we have never experienced that is coming, I don't think that is funny. I against the NWO what are you?!

Transhumanism is an abomination to God. They are going to force it on us just the way the did vaccines. The future of humanity is not transhumanism, we win this if we go back to nature, their technology doesn't work when your not using it.

If you haven't seen the 28 questions by Clay Clark you need to see how deep into satanism Elon Musk is. Go to
>Scroll down and you will find it.
Elon says Elon says, look at who he was, look at his actions. His actions are satanic, who thinks he can play God. What's wrong with the bodies God made us? Nothing. We don't need chips and computers in our brains. Do you really think that's going to fix your problems or make them worse?
Why fix something not broken? Means something else is at foot.

Transhumanism is the NWO 2.0.
Are we rolling over for the NWO? No
Why would we roll over for NWO 2.0?
When that is a nightmare worse.

It's obvious Elon is a poster boy. If you do any research.
I'm trying to find answers, and their are a lot of scummy people out there. We need people we can trust and not have to worry about our backs. I need people I can trust and I have a really bad feeling going on. And then their are lightning bolt tshirts, we all know Lucifer fell as lightning. Is this because Elon is funding Infowars now? Now supporting Elon you support all of his NWO Companies and affiliates CERN, mRNA Nano companies, brain chips, neural link, D.U.M.B. digging machines and on and on.
Are you trying to drive people away?
Have you sold out?
Or could we just do what we set out to do in the first place, to destroy the NWO?
I really want it to be the latter.

Wernhem Von Braun was a Nazi Aeronautical Engineer who worked for Hitler, that's Elons daddy. Wernhem came over to America under operation paper clip and was instrumental to building the rocket for NASA space missions. The only problem was Wernhem said that you would need a rocket bigger than the empire state building with something like 20k more tons of fuel to get to the moon -more than what they used. And said it was an impossibility to get that much fuel up in space. He knew the world was flat. The guy who built the NASA space rockets knew the earth was not a ball. You would fall off if it was. And Elon knows his satellites are balloons or coming from airplanes and he knows he can't get to Mars, he is a phony pony. I don't know why but I don't trust him. I can make rockets land too, I push play then reverse. Get a life stop trying to decieve everybody. Certainly billions could go towards something more important than to trick people. And I feel bad for Owen falling for it, cause I like Owen. And I don't like seeing him tricked!
If good billionaires exist why don't they try saving the country that made them wealthy? Especially cashing in during the pandemic, doubling their fortune as 60% of small biz owners lost their businesses and their livelihooods, many becoming homeless. Oh but the billionaires are living it up with lush dinner parties with fine wine and Champaign with hotdogs and pizza and walnuts and human cake. I got ketchup on me could you pass me a knapkid I mean a napkin. I'm going to trust those blood drinkers? Disgusting.

If you don't know who to trust, the Word of God is the only thing that never changes. It's where you build your foundation because it's rock and does not get washed away. In these insane times it will keep you on firm ground.

Im using metaphorical signaling as well as showing things in the present that will lead to an unfavorable future. I'm giving my viewers some introspection or a sample on what it is like but also sending a real message. In other words I'm trying to get them to understand how this signaling works. Since, people didn't thumbs up I'm guessing they didn't catch on?
So I'm writing this so people know their is more to it.
If you can figure out what the message is and who it is for, the surface layer is for those who are trump supporters, I'm not attacking them, I'm just showing them an angle or perspective they may not have known or seen. I show you my perspective which I feel deeply about and maybe I come off too strong, but again there is a lot more I know not in this film. And my argument is that many Americans are dying suffering or have died from this vaccine campaign and I hold Trump partially responsible, and if that blood is his responsibility, then his supporters and voters also have blood on their hands. God will hold you accountable because God judges nations, He judges the people by the leader they erect to power for without them, the leader couldn't rise.
The second half is a plea to Obi-Wan Kenobi of course!
Will the Jedi rise to the occasion?
What is the message exactly?
Well, I am pleading for a reset of the original mission or objective. Which needs to be the only focus, to defeat the enemy. To defeat this authoritarianism of the elite. To overcome slavery. Transhumanism is slavery, that is it's intent.
That's my big secret I don't want people to know about.
I believe in freedom, but that doesn't give you the freedom to own other people. I know it's so radical!
I'm absolutely out of my mind! And crazy!
What do you think about the WHO power grab?
But it's only for emergency situations?
Let's look at the Patriot Act, how about the NDAA, and the cov2 pandemic EUA, all emergency powers acts all of them still active, so this WHO emergency powers act will be in affect as soon as it's signed in. Because we are already in an emergency. And then it is permanent just as the others. As soon as it's passed it's going to be in affect, which means we will be in a permanent state of medical tyranny, outside our ability of vote and outside our control completely.
You think you will have the option to vote in the primary?
Ha ha oh that's a good one! If they do have a vote it will be totally rigged.
Because the agenda will be to open the door for the UN and it's tentacles to completely take over. As they have planned this for a long time.
The WTO will partner with the WHO and then CODEX ALIMENTARIUS will be in affect. Which means they plan to starve 2 billion people to death, another 1 or 2 billion with disease from malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies due to the engineered foods that will be rid of all nutrition that they will feed us. This is in their plans people. And that is just the WTO, they don't want more than 1/2 billion population left.
That means a lot of people have to go.

I wish I were lying but this WHO power grab, it is a really big deal. It's the most significant thing that is to happen in your lifetime. You will no longer be considered a citizen and you will no longer be considered a person. You will be property, nothing more. Of course they won't tell you this it will be dressed up, something like you need a universal pass. A health pass, a vaccine passport. That will strip you of all your constitutional rights and make you merchandise or property. Once you are no longer considered a person, they will have no trouble in doing anything they want to you. Endless possibilities. And you won't have rights to hold a trial. The law will not come to your aid however it will be held against you for anything they accuse you of. Sounds fair doesn't it? It's called capitulation, those who allow anything to be done to them will have it done to them.
Once you realize you are a slave it will be too late to fight back. And you are really not going to enjoy any of it. To put it mildly. (It's better you don't have to find out)

The Michelson–Morley experiment was an attempt to detect the existence of the luminiferous aether, a supposed medium permeating space that was thought to be the carrier of light waves. The implications of the findings mean much more then they sound. The experiment was performed between April and July 1887 by American physicists:
Albert A. Michelson
Edward W. Morley

What's that shiny thing up in the sky?
A bird, a plane, a gondola?
What's that?

Sorry I don't have much information about this video i cut it out of another video

Chaplain Bob Walker
Published on 01 May 2022 / In Conspiracies
Max igan?
Who were roommates? Who were friends? It's a circle of friends, you might have seen them before somewhere. Do you recognize them?

Gates, Fauci, Soros and Epstein and Moderna = circle of death

Now that we know, done how we always knew this was the fact. At least I did. The first time Fauci was on TV for the cov2 pandemic, the first time I ever laid eyes on him, I spoke, that man is a serial murderer. I looked over to my mother, and she was looking at me as if a deer in headlights.


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