There's a big fuhrer over the American flag painted on a California city police car.
Patriots unite!

There's a lot of talk about reparations for the slaves of old.
But there may be a problem!

The petty democrats at warner bros couldn't take the chance that a 2 minute video might convert anti Trumpers into Trump loving voters in 2020

I talk about drugs, both legal and illegal.

It's all about illegals crossing our southern border.

Today I talk about robo calls and phone scams.

Today I talk about the state of education and the latest college scam.

No more greyhound racing come 2020, I talk about the impact on the dogs and other animal sports.

to vaccinate or not vaccinate, that is the question.

The Mueller report is finally done. Find out whats in it and what I think should happen now.

I talk about the differences between male and female athletes and how letting male transgenders effects female sports.
Its an interesting topic that is sure to open many questions about fairness and equality.

There are way too many democrat candidates who are vying for President in 2020.
I talk about the lunacy and BS in this mad clown show.

I talk about the realities of socialism, the dark side that the Democrats don't want to talk about.Fortunately, Venezuela is showing the world how not so great socialism is.

The democrats have passed a bill in the house to let illegals vote, and Oregon wants to let 16 year olds vote.

Today I talk about the horrors of abortion

I talk about the 2nd Amendment


I talk about AOC yet again and the neutering of Americans

I talk about voter fraud and rigging the ballot.


I talk abouy Alexandria Occasio Cortez aka "Occasional Kotex"

this weeks podcast talks about transgenders


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