A congressperson wants to have people like me thrown in jail

Cory Booker aka "Sparticus" has a problem with border security

The democrats are at it again, another woman claims Trump raped her 25 years ago.

Ilhan Omar thinks its okay to not say the pledge of allegiance at county commission meetings.

Dem. pres. candidate Beto O'rourke want to force all school to except transgenders in girls sports.

A catholic priest tells his congregation not to celebrate gay pride month.

The democrats are making asses of themselves again.

It may get hard to find ice cream in NYC these days

A couple of screwed up kids shoot up a Colorado stem school.
This is a must see.

Another loser who refuses to sing the national anthem pledge allegiance to the flag. She's the female version of Kaepernick

Alabama tries to pass a law to punish false accusation of rape.

President Trump is proposing that illegals may not live in hud low rent housing so that American families will be able to live in them instead.

Presidential wannabe, Kamala (camel toe) Harris outlines what she will do to the second amendment when she becomes president. Good luck with that Kamala!

Special Fathers Day Edition

The bubonic plague and typhus and tuberculosis are making a comeback in California, watch and find out why.

Converse shoe company hires an 11 year old drag kid to promote their new gay pride sneakers.

Kirsten Gillebrand is making an ass of herself again.

A judge is in hot water after helping an illegal escape.

The state house wants to teach our school kids about famous LGBT people throughout history.
I didn't know there were any gays that were historical figures.

Remember Stacey Abrams, the black woman running for governor of Georgia, well now she's blaming everyone and everything for losing.
She's obviously a super loon.

There is a new species, the trans species. Watch and you'll get to see an Elvin woman.
Ya can't make this stuff up!

Voter fraud is on the rise, a Texas mayor and his wife get caught as well as many other politicians.

Climate change is real, I talk about the fallacy of AOC's vision of the future.
What a bunch of loons the democrats are.

School kids are traumatized by art panels of President George Washington in school.

Be sure to watch this one, its a goody.


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