J.P Knight


This video breaks down Donald J Trump's path to the White House, his constant battles against the DEEP STATE, and his quest to Make America Great Again!

Tucker exposes the TRIBES dirty little tricks.

Music videos from various artists, about Kyle Rittenhouse... AN AMERICAN PATRIOT HERO [email protected]@!

Video of looting, and violence in Kenosha Wisconsin

The Mandalorian, with Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Night-Call Music Video [email protected]+ DRIVE TRIBUTE :)

Video of Kanye West, Joe Biden, and Farrakhan... PS this video got banned on Youtube in 15 min!

Ken breaks down the ZOG control of the U.S., and the concequences of getting burned by the "man".

A Tribute to Darth Vader, and the movie Star Wars... before Disney turned and twisted the series into a NWO BLM/ SJW FREAK SHOW!

My German Shepherd Dog stole the car during the BLM / ANTIFA riots, has anyone seen him? He likes fast cars, fast women, and WATERMELON!

Man defends his wife against hostiles... SPARTANS NEVER KNEEL!

B.P. breaks down the source of the World Wide Colour Revolution, George Soros, and why White Christians are their Targets.

J.G breaks down the tactics of asymmetrical warfare, conducted by the Communists around the World.

Colin Flaherty breaks down the hoax of black victimization and those who enable it.

Video breaks down the possibility of a Civil War in the summer of 2020.


Minnesota Riots and Joker plot twist.

Renegade : a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.

Michael... err Michelle the first lady, on the Ellen show.

A.J. the Devil Dis-Info Agent compilation.

Big Brother 1984 is here, according to VEE!

Shot funny music video of Jim Carey as Pet Detective.

S.A. guy breaks down the predictive programming on the Corona Virus, AKA CoV-19 BIO WEAPON.

B.P. speaks about the Chi-Com cover-up of CV-19.

Video breaks down several ways the U.S. can be dragged into World War 3.


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Posting videos banned on Youtube, Enjoy ;)

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