I received word that a producer of a particular type of buckle that I really wanted to buy was going out of business. Seeing as how any opportunity that I had to buy these buckles in the future was gone, I had to jump on the opportunity immediately. They shipped from Romania 🇷🇴, and got to my location fairly quickly. This is the unboxing and initial review of that product.

I decided to do a review for a very effective compound that creates (IMHO) the best burnishing results in the compound. I have NOT attempted to use this product with powered burnishing tools (drill press, polishing wheels, etc.). I have no reason to believe that there would be a different result, but I haven't explored it for myself.

I good friend of mine was Selected to Chief Petty Officer this year. He asked me for a custom notebook cover that reflected his promotion. This video is the construction of this item.

I used a Slate Blue, Horween Legacy hide for the outer, and a natural VegTan Old Word Eurpean hide on the inside for the tooling.

Thank you for your time, and please feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

follow the instructions in the video, and you’ll be eligible to win one of the wallets in the video. the contest ends on 23-Sep 2019. winner will be announced on the 25th

Living here in Japan, coinage is a part of daily life. I wanted to make a wallet with a pocket for coins, without sacrificing slots for cards. I chose to go with Tannerie D’Annonay calfskin, and bourbon colored Ostrich leather. Please enjoy this video of the construction of that wallet. Thank you for your time an inert res Please Like, Comment, Favorite, or Subscribe.

Hello everybody. This particular project is near and dear to my heart, partly because I am a Firefly and Serenity fan boy, but mostly because it was done as a gift for a friend of mine. His wife contacted me for a Father’s Day present and I decided to put forth the effort effort into this one. She asked for something from Firefly, and I wanted to keep it simple but good quality.

This is a commissioned projected done in a beautiful shade of blue that I’ve come to call “Majestic.” The client loved it, and I hope you will too.

This is also my first project done in real-time, but with jump-cuts to shorten the total time. Once I get a better 🎙, I’ll do more voice-over/explaining.

Feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe 🤙🏾!

This is actually quite an old video. Some files were saved onto a hard drive that others weren’t saved to. I finally found them, and put them together for you all. I’ve been asked to slow down the video. A few comments afterwards have asked for commentary. I promise that they are coming, I just need to get a better mic.

For now, please enjoy the video. If you’re having fun, and getting something out of the channel, please feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe. Thank you for your time and attention.

Due to some files being corrupted, I lost a great deal of footage for the projects that are included in this video. However, what I did have was more than sufficient to create a compilation video. I hope that you all enjoy this, and if you do so please feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT claiming that these are Louis Vuitton products. These are products made of Louis Vuitton materials. They are upcycled projects. These are not a part of any Louis Vuitton catalog that I know of. Louis Vuitton legal team: please do not sue me.

Etsy has deemed that they “have reason to believe” I am counterfeiting and violating Intellectual Property. They won’t explain HOW, only that they’ve decided I can’t post these products, and that if I repost them, my whole shop will be suspended.

They aren’t enforcing these rules in then same manner across the board. They’ve also allowed for me to sell some of these items before on Etsy. Please Share this video. Their Legal team is ignoring me, but bad PR gets EVERYONE’S attention. Don’t boycott or harass, just help me get them to take notice. Thank you.

J. Renard

This completes the rest of the order I began oh-so-long-ago. This one was a bit more staring forward due to the abundance of straight lines and slight curves.

The leather is the Old World VegTan leather from Tandy Leather Factory.

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A young cousin of mine was doing quite well in academics and sports, so I decided to make him a gift. I think a young man’s first wallet is a significant step. It’s the point in time identifying that he’ll need more than a school ID and lunch money, and that he should have something to keep these things together. I didn’t want him to commence on that path with a low-quality piece of junk, of a similar brand. Things of a low quality, are usually given the same level of care, and have no real longevity.

He’s barely a teenager, so he doesn’t need much for now. BUT, I wanted him to have something that some thought, care, and effort went into, and that would last for long as he needs it to last. Below is the construction of that wallet. I used Horween’s Basketball Leather, and Ritza (aka Tiger) thread for construction.

Feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe. Please enjoy the video

Better luck next time to the other contestants. Mr. “Bellagio”, please contact me via Etsy or my social media to exchange shipping info.

#FathersDay #GIVEAWAY!!!! here are the rules:
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Living in Japan (and also in Europe), you will be using coinage A LOT more than if you were in the US, or Mexico. I was requested to make one of these by a client who both needed one, and who also absolutely LOVES the color and look of this leather. It went surprisingly well and quickly since I’ve gotten my Sailrite Stitchmaster Pro from Tandy Leather Factory.

Feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe. Please enjoy the video.

A good friend of mine is a very talented producer (link below), and is also one of the unique 1/9 of the human population that is left-handed. A little while ago, he remarked that having things like notebooks, scissor, etc being made for right-handed people was not at all insurmountable, it does get kind of annoying.

Well CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, my friend! 😈

while looking to buy several Field Notes books for future projects, i saw that they made Left-Handed books as well. As you can see in the video, the rest is history.

Feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe. Please enjoy the video.

(I have legal permission to use the music contained within this video. All music is either provided by YouTube.com, or I have received permission from the creator to use in video editing.)

in this video, I am constructing a passport case made of stingray on the outside and veg tan cowhide on the inside. I opted to go with a machine for the stitching due to the nature of stingray hide, and its capability of damaging tools used to punch holes. As someone who has had to replace tools that were either damaged by stingray hide, or have had pieces of stingray hide lodged in between the tines of the stitching chisels, having a machine that was capable of stitching through stingray was a faster and less stressful option for construction. The pattern for this particular passport case can be found via the Etsy shop of the YouTube user known as NiteKore. please visit his YouTube page to see the multitude of outstanding pieces of work that he has designed, and his patterns are for sale via Etsy.

I recently received three bits of skirting level from buckleguy.com. I received it in the natural, burgundy, and Chestnut colors. All three colors look outstanding! However, the chestnut colored leather had an outstanding feel to it. Of the three, The chestnut had the most pleasing feel to it. The natural felt great, the burgundy skirting was actually a bit dry to the touch. It required some treatment with leather balm and Chamberlain’s Leather Milk to achieve anything close to the natural leather. However, neither of those two could reach the pleasant feeling of the chestnut colored skirting.

Regardless of that, I strongly recommend the purchase of these levels. The quality was great, and they all cut and burnished quite well. And most importantly, the price is very reasonable and the shipping time was very acceptable. I live overseas and this package arrive to me in less than 14 days. Buckleguy.com provides excellent service, and have my highest recommendation.

Working so much with my hands, I can’t stand working with things that aren’t pleasing to the touch. I got a new mouse to make working on the Macbook easier. However, I just HATED how it felt in my palm. I broke out some painter’s tape for a template and got to work. Please enjoy the fruits of that endeavor.

I decided to do this spur-of-the-moment. I hope you all like this one.

What started as practice in doing human figures, turned into more and more detail being added. The next thing I knew, I’d added a woman on the front, then a DRAGON, kangaroo inside panels, and Ostrich Leg highlights. This was a long time in the making, but I’m VERY happy with how it turned out.

Feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe. I’d love to hear any suggestions for future projects. Thank you for your time.

I’m in such a good mood this week!!!!

CONTEST TIME!!!!!!!! the first person to comment the WHOLE NAME of the main character of my favorite author’s first book series (there’s only one main character) will win this wallet. #GoodLuck

I was looking to add some flair to a plain black wallet, without making it too conspicuous. I decided on Shell Cordovan, and it turned out okay. I did see that i should have skived down the front body portion, AND the Shell Cordovan piece much much more prior to gluing and stitching.

This is a gift an old friend asked me for as a gift for her husband. This is the crest in the center of that nation's flag. I still have to do the dyeing, of the flag's color, but that should be pretty straight-forward. I'll likely have this stitched up very soon.

Side-note: a good part of this project was done onboard the USS GREEN BAY (LPD 20)

After finishing a successful assessment, we were transported to shore on the LCU via the welldeck. This is that whole process. Please enjoy, and feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.


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