I’m finally done with the bag construction. This thing took almost as long as the Wonder Woman & Supergirl Steampunk tote bag project. Please Like and Subscribe, then let me know what you think down in the Comments Section. ✌🏾

my case for my leather been multi tool came up missing, so I decided to make a Nother out of a much sturdier material. I decided to use some hippo that I had on hand, as it was too small a piece to make a larger item out of four instance a wallet. I made the entire piece almost completely at one sitting. It took me about 2 hours, start-to-finish. Please Like, Favorite, Comment, and Subscribe.

Enjoy the video.

I was asked to make a replacement belt for an NCIS agent. He REALLY like his belt, but he'd had it for about a decade, and it was starting to give up the ghost. He asked if I could remake his belt. I'd never done one like this before, but I was intrigued by the challenge of a new design. The belt is constructed from 100% Horween Leather horsebutt strips, with the exception of the belt keepers. I decided to keep the buckle and keepers as an homage to the original belt. I'm glad to say that he was pleased with the final product. Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe. Also, feel free to use the comment section to let me know if you'd like to see me try something out.

Thank You,

J. Renard

This was a commissioned project that I finally got around to knocking out. The owner wanted something very unique to her, and sent me the artwork that she desired. After a ridiculous amount of caffeine, the project came together, and the owner was pleased with the final product.

All music was acquired at www.BenSound.com

Luly Barbershop in Orlando hooked me up. To bad I’ll have to shave off the 🧔🏾 when I go back to work.

This is an anniversary present I completed several weeks ago. I was asked not to post the video until it delivered, which occurred recently. It's entirely constructed of Horween Essex leather. Due to a loss of some files due to a corrupted memory disk, I lost the video of me adding the name, and the stitching together. I hope you all enjoy it. Please Like, Comment, and Sunscribe.

I was out-to-sea onboard the mighty USS Antietam, and decided to use my spare time creatively. I like the roses tooling pattern. The dyeing was a last-minute decision. Please Like, Comment, And Subscribe to my channel. Thank you 😊

This is the stitching and burnishing of an 8-pocket wallet made of black Avantcorpo horse leather from Shell Cordovan in Italy. It's an AMAZING leather, and it burnishes like a dream. I hope you all enjoy this, and as always: please Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

I had a unique request that i just couldn’t turn down. Please enjoy this video. I had a great time making this project 🤗.

Please enjoy this project. I was given an image, and I zoned out doing it. Let me know what you all think. (side note: the first person to comment with every item displaying my nerdiness and the time stamp that it is displayed will get a free cardholder.)

Here is the entire process of me making the Wonder Woman & Supergirl Steampunk tote bag. I hope you all enjoy this project, now all in one video.

mHere is the basically the entirety of the shoemaking process. Please 😉. 🎤😎😏🙅🏾‍♂️

I got a request for a laptop sleeve, and honestly I needed a win recently, so I was THRILLED to get this project. I decided to use calfskin as a liner, and chose to use a French binding on the lower portion.

I’ve made this type before, but never with two different types of leather. It can easily hold 4 cards and several bills folded to fit the cash straps on the underside.

Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, and enjoy the video. thanks 🙏🏾

The title says it all. I got a request for the Willers in black stingray, and I was feeling motivated.

I’m almost done tooling. just one more to go and i can FINALLY start stitching 😅

My camera died when I cut the pieces, but i got home charged it, and recorded this for you all. Please tell me what you think in the Comments Section. Thank you, and enjoy the video ?

These are shoes are made from American Bison, and was tanned at the Horween Tannery in Chicago, IL. They feel damned good, and are very soft and pliable.

I was asked to make this by a man's son. His father was an Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Navy Hospital Corpsman. He's retired now, but his son wanted something with his old unit (the 3/7 out of 29 Palms) on it. Please enjoy the video of its construction.


I was commissioned for a Hippo Leather Card Wallet. As much as I have 3 MAJOR projects in front of me, I couldn't resist a project I could actually complete in a short sitting. I swear: Card Wallets and Keychains are the leatherworker's equivalent to junk food :-)

I felt like making a bigger version of my earlier Instagram post. I’m using Horween Dearborn in a natural VegTan. This leather feel GLORIOUS 😇👍🏾✊🏾!!!!

The title says it all. Please let me know what you all think.

Music produced by Soul Over Sound: https://soundcloud.com/souloversound-1


The title says it all. Please enjoy this one, folks ?

I finally wrapped up the dyeing and stitching on the Norse mythology wallet. It was a labor of love, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

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I'm an Active Duty Sailor in the United States Navy. I'm embarking on a journey of creativity and progression as I move continue on teaching myself leather-crafting. Please join my on my journey!