Working so much with my hands, I can’t stand working with things that aren’t pleasing to the touch. I got a new mouse to make working on the Macbook easier. However, I just HATED how it felt in my palm. I broke out some painter’s tape for a template and got to work. Please enjoy the fruits of that endeavor.

I decided to do this spur-of-the-moment. I hope you all like this one.

What started as practice in doing human figures, turned into more and more detail being added. The next thing I knew, I’d added a woman on the front, then a DRAGON, kangaroo inside panels, and Ostrich Leg highlights. This was a long time in the making, but I’m VERY happy with how it turned out.

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I’m in such a good mood this week!!!!

CONTEST TIME!!!!!!!! the first person to comment the WHOLE NAME of the main character of my favorite author’s first book series (there’s only one main character) will win this wallet. #GoodLuck

I was looking to add some flair to a plain black wallet, without making it too conspicuous. I decided on Shell Cordovan, and it turned out okay. I did see that i should have skived down the front body portion, AND the Shell Cordovan piece much much more prior to gluing and stitching.

This is a gift an old friend asked me for as a gift for her husband. This is the crest in the center of that nation's flag. I still have to do the dyeing, of the flag's color, but that should be pretty straight-forward. I'll likely have this stitched up very soon.

Side-note: a good part of this project was done onboard the USS GREEN BAY (LPD 20)

After finishing a successful assessment, we were transported to shore on the LCU via the welldeck. This is that whole process. Please enjoy, and feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

While on a trip to San Diego, I was asked if I had ever worked with “vegan” leather. Previously I had tried to acquire some, however the companies that I contacted never got back to me. Initially I was a little discouraged, however I did eventually find a seller on Etsy who was selling vegan/synthetic leather. The price was quite agreeable, and I gave them a shot. This video is a review of the “vegan” leather that I received.

I recently received this beautiful blue ostrich leather and I had to put it to use immediately. I wanted to choose a smaller project and something that had a bit of used to it as well. The leather that I used was from the edge and it was very thin. As such, this gave me an opportunity to practice utilizing liners in my projects without adding to the bulk of the project. The video that you see here, is a good example of the progress that I’ve made in incorporating different types of material into the projects that I do. I chose to hand stitch this particular project even though I have a sewing machine, primarily because the sewing machine doesn’t have a stitch guide yet, and I don’t want to run the risk of errant stitches until I can assure that it will follow along a straight line. That will come later.

The Horween Deerborn is, BAR NONE, the softest leather I’ve ever worked with. I feel a little guilty putting a blade to the hide, but the end-result is always a great product, and it feels amazing. Please enjoy the video. Feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

All. used provided by Bensound.com

This is the first time I’ve combine two projects in one video. I was attempting sheathes, but wrapped in exotic hides in the style I learned from John fong. I didn’t see the point of making two video of basically the same. These sheathes were made of Horween horse butt and wrapped with Cape Buffalo and Alligator tail respectively. I had to use a drill to make the holes in the scabbard, as I don’t have chisels long enough. It actually made it MUCH easier to stitch these areas.

Please enjoy the video, and feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

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I’m surprisingly less busy than I thought I’d be for this Valentine’s Day. This was the first of the V-Day orders that I filled. It’s a 38mm Apple Watch band ⌚️. It’s made from a burgundy Elephant Ear leather with a wine-colored liner underneath, and stitched with Rita (Tiger) Thread.

I hope you enjoy this video. Feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

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Rules for the giveaway are in the video, BUT if your YT account has privacy settings set up, so that i can’t see you subscribe to me, I won’t be able to even have your name in the list of participants.

I've been a fan of Stock & Barrel's YouTube channel for good while now. Once they put a few patterns for sale, I had to give one of them a go. I used Cowhide with Cape Buffalo accents.

I also tried my hand at a more thorough skiving effort. I gotta say: it was quite worth it. i may get a better skiving knife so as to make a better and faster job of it the next go 'round.

As always, enjoy the video, and feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe, as it really helps the channel grow.

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I was told about an art/cultural showing in Osaka, and I told the coordinator about what I had to offer. They accepted, and I brainstormed about what to send in. I decided to send in several of my already completed exotic leather projects, but I wanted to add a new piece as well. The following video is the construction of that project, minus the adding of the interior lining. That decision was borne of insomnia, but turned out well. Enjoy the video, and please feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

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In order to keep my tools from Damaging the thread and materials on my pockets I decided to give this pattern I’ll try. It’s made by a guy named Tony See. I will put his YouTube channel information in the description box below. I choose to use cowhide, but accented with Cape Buffalo hide on the outer pocket and back piece. Please enjoy the video. Also feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

Tony’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tovlade

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More practice with John. This time, it’s a sheath for a knife that was made a few days ago. Please enjoy the video, and feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

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I decided to spend some of my off-time with leatherworker-extraordinaire, John Fong. He’s got nearly 50 years of skill and expertise in the custom leatherworking industry. He offered to show me some methods to improve my technique and speed on some of the items that I haven’t made any/much of. In this video, he is showing me the process that he goes through to make alligator skin belts. The information and the experience was invaluable. I’m so thankful that John took time out of his day to show a young rookie the ropes. His contact info is below

All music is copyright-free and provided by YouTube

John Fong
Custom Leatherwork & Repairs
1610 Hyde St.
San Francisco, CA 94101

I’ve completed the remake of a previous project that i made a pretty big mistake on. Please enjoy, and feel free to Like, Comment, or Subscribe.

all music in the video is copyright free, and provided by YouTube.com

this project is a watchmen made out of vegetable tanned cowhide. It was done on a whim, primarily because I wanted to replace my own Apple Watch band. I had initially decided to not stitch the sides, due to the strengths of barge glue. However I decided that the watchmen would be better off being reinforced by the stitching. Since the stitching was spur of the moment, I didn’t have the camera set up. As such it was not filmed.

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free to make requests below.

This is the second Louis Vuitton UpCycle project. I decided to go with a standard bifold but with some custom tooling on the inside. I kept it low-key by just using cowhide, darkened with neatsfoot oil. I used a complimentary colored Havanna brown thread from Ritza. Please feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

All music used in this video is copyright free and provided by YouTube or bensound.com.

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I’ve never done a bookmark before, so when I was asked to create one for a client, I was quite intrigued by the project. They gave me the artwork that they wanted for it and I began it immediately, and I saw that I underestimated what would be involved with it. I thought that it would be quite easy to construct, and that it would honestly be a smooth project. However I found that a large constraint on the project was the size of the project, the artwork therein, and the design elements of said project. I actually had to use more effort and resources that I had initially intended when I begin this project. I’m actually quite glad with how much I learned and how well the project turned out giving it sized and my initial approach to it.

Enjoy the video, and please feel free to Like, Comment, and Subscribe.

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This here is a Louis Vuitton project. I used a 25+ year-old LV bag to create a 6-pocket, vertical wallet and a keychain. both are handmade, and saddle-stitched. no machines were used to create this project. #HandsNotMachines.


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