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This is really messy, but hey, I won.

I go with my UAZ to a place I land often and see what's going on up there and try to give two people a ride

This will definitely make you cry

It's two people left, I throw a frag hoping to get the kill, but alas, it misses. I see the other player's head briefly peeking out and I set my sights on him with my SKS.

After being shot at, I take cover behind a UAZ and we take the other team out

In my last stand against the four people in the area, I spot a guy running down the path and a single shot takes him down.

Trying to get to my friend in time, I'm too late, but manage to avenge him against three or four people in the area with nothing but a shotgun.

Spotting a car coming up just perpendicular to me, I stop immediately, pull out my Vector, and fire away to get a double kill.

Continuing my storming of the area, I hide and reload my weapon to unexpectedly experience some network lag. Even with that, this ding dong appears to not have any peripheral vision and I own them easily.

An unfortunate barrier led to this person's unexpected end

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This is just my personal channel where I'll share stuff I want to show people, like game clips etc.