It turns out I discovered my first Hummingbird Moth. Birds don't have antenna. Very cute though.

Some scarecrows that they make every year in downtown Woodstock Georgia. Really it's just an excuse to advertise your business.

Shredding the Kennesaw park. Tricks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

Finally putting my trucks on my board. I didn't get much footage bc there is this young punk kid that, for the past 2 years, has been flexing on me to not record him skating. Each time he yells at me, I think he thinks that I'm doing it each time. But, I stopped as soon as he asked me way back then. This dude has some skills and a little ragtag group of followers and butt kissers. But, I'm old enough to be his dad. I would hate to have to squash him like a bug. I even took down my old videos on youtube that he was in before he asked me. I don't want punks like him in my videos. People like him just need to get off of their high horse and stop acting like I'm some kind of paparazzi dude. Dude needs to stop tripping. It's ruining the vibe for the whole skate park. There's always one bad apple. That's why the world can't have anything nice.

Finally got my trucks and wheels in the mail. skate, bmx scooter.

I got online and ordered some new trucks and wheels.

Went to Zumiez at the mall to buy a new truck. They didn't have any titanium trucks that I wanted so I got something else. I will probably buy another one online but get the one I really wanted. skate, bmx, scooter.

An epic compilation of all the tricks since my last best of video. Lots of skate, bmx and scooters. If you like my videos please subscribe, I could use some subs. Thanks!

Having fun today with some spray paint and my wheels. Just showing you some ideas on how to customize your board.

Welcome back to SK Live. Xgames level skate tricks in this episode. It's all about the flips. skate, bmx, scooter

Another hot summer Friday riding with a guy who does stunt double work for The Walking Dead and other shows. skate, skateboard, bmx, scooter. for the over 40 crowd.

Catching some big fat BS ollies out of the bowl today.
Skate, skateboard, scooter, bmx, sk_live.

New fresh footage at both parks.

Summer video at Swift Cantrell in Kennesaw Georgia.

Found a giant moth outside my backdoor. It's so cool looking.


Scooters flying at the park.

I filmed this thinking this is never going to get any views. It's just a dumb bird in a tree. But, apparently everyone wants to see this bird sitting in a tree. I thought this was going to be my least viewed video.

Bringing in some of my old videos out of order. It's raining here so I can't make videos. This was my first time going to this park. It's called Veterans Park and it's in Canton, Georgia. They let bmx bikes and scooters ride here. Lots of great bowls. Locals are very nice and supportive. Can't say the same for other parks.

More footage at the park. Lots of high airs. Just wanted to give a huge thank you because I get a ton more views on Bitchute than my youtube channel. With youtube censoring free speech and certain channels trying to shove their advice down my throat it's good to have an alternative website as backup. So many people on youtube are afraid to say what needs to be said to certain youtube creators for fear of losing subscribers or being kicked out of a group. Peer pressure definitely rules youtube. High school all over again. Bitchute is the cure. Thank you so much for watching my videos. Stay cool!

Another double park Sunday. Please subscribe to my channel if you like my videos. It helps make me want to make more. Thanks!

All the best clips from fall 2018. Enjoy!
skate, skateboard, scooter bmx, sk_live.

All the best clips from my first year and a half of making videos. These are a year old.

A look at my front yard. Everything was landscaped by me over a 2 year period.

Driving down the road today and I saw water shooting up into the sky higher than the telephone poles.


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