Star Wars Rebels introduced a very sloppy time travel mechanic in its final season. This video will explain why it doesn't work, how it creates plot holes, and the dangers it poses to Star Wars as a whole (ie, the Rey-Shmi Theory).

Pulled from my YouTube page. The final confrontation between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader is dramatic, well written, well executed... but it doesn't work. There are severe, fundamental flaws with the build up and motivations of the combatants that make their fight contradict their histories and characters. Find out more in the video.

A follow up to our Solo - A Star Wars Story political analysis and review, this video focuses on the political aspects of Disney's marketing and movie making, and why they are failing with audiences. We will also be comparing and contrasting Solo, The Last Jedi and Black Panther with the 2015 Disney Movie Tomorrowland.

Our second episode of Brain Bucket. Part political review of Solo, part examination of the failures of Disney Star Wars and why. This will be eventually followed by an examination of Tomorrowland, the Disney movie that started their politicking in movies.
Features a ton of memes from Star Wars, Warhmmer, and more. Enjoy!

Welcome to Brain Bucket: a new podcast comedy review show me and my dad came up with after we watched Infinity War. Aside from generally being a review of the movie, we'll also be talking about aspects of the movie (ie, Thanos), its connections to real life aspects, and a political discussion of certain things in the movie. We hope you enjoy.


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