Paint tested negative for lead.

Paint tested negative for lead.

Brent showing Josh and Ian the improvements he made to RobotJS and his prior D3 work. This was filmed back in August, and RobotJS subsequently got wider adoption.

At the end of a long night of Red Bull-fueled debugging back in August. Josh at the helm, Brent wearing the glove, and Ian filming.

Following repair of the fried IMU board, and Josh fixing a bug in the 3JS render, we are able to capture the shape of Brent's hand.

Magnetometer data is still not correct at this point, so it can only improve from here.

More video of Josh and Ian using the new tools to scrutinize data coming from the glove. This was filmed back in August, but it's fun to watch the problems we've nailed to the floor.

Josh put together a new 3JS render. Our first kinematic representation using the quat data!
This was filmed back in August, so things have come a long way since this, but it's fun to watch the problems we've nailed to the floor.

Digitabulum being used to visualize magnetic fields left in a piece of steel.


Brief discussion of Digitabulum's present capabilities.


Some things should be made on purpose the first time so they aren't ever made on accident.

Brent and Ian get the first sustained data streams and renders from Digitabulum.


Phalanx PCBs. General construction plans going forward. BOM costs of modularity.

Electrical isolation, CPLD use metrics, future design optimizations.

IRDa Discussion

This is the first in a series of videos describing the hardware design of Digitabulum.


Addressing and IRQ aggregation responsibilities of the CPLD, as well as some lessons from the POC.

This is the 2 minute video for hack-a-day's "go to space" contest.



Critique of PCB profile, minor part changes I would make.

I caught a hummingbird in a 5L Griffen beaker.



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